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  1. Congrats on getting preggers. I wanted to share my experience even though it’s like 2 years late. I was on UG trt dose to combat my low test. I was taking roughly 125m test e with hcg and no ai. After trying to get pregnant my sperm analysis came in at under 5 million/ml and did not register on any further tests. The fertility dr put me on prescribed clomid from only 1/2 pharmacies that can provide clomid in my city. She gave me a 6 month prescription at 50mg a day. I went crazy at about 2.5 months and we decided we could not take it anymore. About 4 months later I had another semen analysis and 2 days before going back to the fertility dr we were pregnant. My numbers were 40million per ml. About 6 months after the first kid was born I slipped one past and we have another one currently in the way. Lol oops I think ug clomid is under dosed as the prescribed clomid felt like the flu immediately and I went bat shot crazy. My balls were huge and still are lol. In short hcg with trt still had me “sterile” and I believe a hcg protocol while coming off test while taking real clomid brought my numbers back up through the roof. It also restarted my natural test to a low shitty ass number that is not considered low enough for treatment but low enough for me to put on 30lb of fat. Fuck being average. Thanks for listening. I hope this helps someone.
  2. Hey there. I used to be on here 2-3 years ago getting my trt dialled in. I had to stop after trying to have kids. im now back looking for assistance on helping a torn labrum in the shoulder. Tb500 and bps 157 did help but not fully. Any suggestions? Thank you
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