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  1. Update: 3 weeks post nolva 40 40 20 20 bloods came in normal, test was in middle of Normal range as was fh and lh. morning wood returnee a week ago. it can be done the taper protocol works
  2. I can say subjectively the taper has been a success. i pretty good, not on good but good. some morning wood, I jerk off if I don’t have sex. Sex is still very interesting to me. i will get some blood work now.
  3. I was running Btech Test E for months at 400mg/week. Took a whole week of with out pinning. Test levels came in at 49 so the SHIt is legit. Now what I want do know is hows the HCG based on user feedback?
  4. Hey man, thanks for the reply! my e2 spiked to 167 and my last bloods as of this week at 100mg prop/ week were just right. My e2 levels have fallen by more then 60%. im in a taper right now a couple weeks at 100mg then 80,60,40,20. ill start nolva at 80mg/week and add clomid when the taper is over at 25mg eod.
  5. Hey man I appreciate the feedback. I’m very fortunate my dr is watching all my levels on whatever interval I want. I’m getting bloods every 2 weeks etc. inam also visiting with a psychologist to work on the underlying anxiety issues! I’m taking this issue head on! ive also incorporated your suggestions and trust me they do work! Acceptance is the first are to defeating it!
  6. Ok people the panic is well over. I’ve slept 4 days full nights and I’m back to normal as per anxiety. Sorry for my pollution here! now, I am going to end this 2 year endeavour, and I don’t regret my decision. I finally got the body I dreamt of having and it was amazing. now I gotta work hard at keeping what’ve Gained or atleast as much as I can. I’ve actually already lost 5lbs which I’m sure is glycogen and water. But with the 2 weeks of anxiety I was barley eating. so going forward bump up calories and keep working out hard.
  7. All my issues, I believe, right now are because of high e2. its enough to have scared me away from aas for life
  8. What would be the best way to control it? I don’t want to crash my e2 either.
  9. Hey man I’m just scared shitless of e2 sides. I believe I’m suffering from a little higher e2 right now. my levels are 167
  10. Hey you think I can do this without hcg? I just don’t want to f around w my e2z was thinking low dose nolva pct 20/20/20/20 to avoid estrogen related mental sides
  11. Hey Guys I need your help so please pile in! I can't sleep, its been 10-days getting 3-4 hours sleep night split into to 2 hour segments iwth a 2 hr waking period inbetween. My anxiety is sky high during the day. My Dr. has perscribed me beta blockers for my my Heart Rate which is helping some with the anxiety and ativan for sleep. The ativan is not giving me a full nights sleep. I can fall asleep no problem but then 2-3 hours later I jolt out of bed. Then I read and pace for 2 hours and try to sleep and give up and take ativan for another 2-3 hours. My Dr. thinks my COristol levels from the extra test is high and therefore sending false wake up signals - this really sucks the lack of sleep is producing tons of anxiety and I need help. THese are the reasons I want to get off - can any of you guys help me?
  12. Hey I already started tapering! i took a 400mg injection in December 21st and then skipped a week and tapered to 200mg. how was your recovery?
  13. Hey all, I’ve been blasting and cruising at approx 400mg/week for the majority of the last 2 years: I started in March 2018! During this time I’ve taken a few cruises at 150-200mg/week for 2 month periods. i also ran evil at 30mg for 3 weeks in September and October -December I ran 600mg test e and 300mg prop for 9 weeks. im fatigued and not in a good mental place anymore. I’ve gone to my doctor and he suggested tapering off - which we all know is not good form. i have nolva and Clomid- what should be my plan?
  14. Have any of u guys ever told your family dr u use? how did it go? i have no reason but planning to do so!
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