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  1. Received my package the end of last week and any anxiety I had with ordering from a new lab quickly left me. Everything was perfect and exactly what I ordered they even sent me a cialis I thought was a mistake so I contacted them and they said no mistake just give it a try. The rep talks to you like a person and not a dollar sign they really care about their customers and a good experience this is some of what I ordered.
  2. Do you guys offer bloodwork credits for posting results ?
  3. Wow These guys have great reviews going to have to put them on my radar for sure.
  4. Hi I just thought I would say a few words for these guys. I placed and order for a few items and the responses were quick. The person I was speaking to was very tolerant to some of my ridiculous questions. The package came very well packed as it’s glass and I think the mailman could have kicked it down the road without breaking. I got RAD 140 and LGD 4033 so I’ll let you know how they do at a later date but I will use them again in the future.
  5. These guys are fantastic to deal with, Super fast responses. Second order with them rep is patient explains things well their test seems to be on par with my script test. I’d highly recommend them.
  6. I’ve had the opportunity to use BodyTech and I have to say from ordering to shipping was flawless. The interaction with the rep was very professional and helpful. I ordered just the basics Test-E , Proviron , cialis and a product called incenerate. Shot the test and very smooth and painless. The cialis had me standing at attention quite well. Nobody should ever have second thoughts about these people professional all the way . I will be ordering again.
  7. Thanks hope to meet some new people
  8. Hi Guys old fella here just looking for some new tricks and tips, Being an older guy I’m trying to focus on better health and safer responsible gear use for the long haul. I’m currently sitting at 6’ approximately 235- 240. Like to make it to 225 with nice tone and slight muscle mass.
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