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  1. I suffered for 3 days after my second vaccination, Bad headache and sick with chest pressure and after that it all slowly went away. I’m not sure how to feel either way. All I know is our economy is shot and we have a delusional prime minister that doesn’t realize he is the problem and pushing everyone into poverty due to his fixation on climate change . Look at the money the oil and gas industry is bringing into the government as the amount of jobs it creates .
  2. Picked up some LDG-3033 and some RAD-140 Great stuff does as it should and they are friendly and fast. Check them out if you haven’t yet.
  3. Seems right that I post up a review of Sarms central , The communication is on point they gave me a crash course on SARMS as to make sure I had a good understanding. The bottles are very professional and a dark blue to keep direct light out. I ordered 4 of their RAD 140 as well as 2 of the GW 501516 was all in a a very smooth seamless process start to finish.
  4. Where to start MedicusResearch is aces in my books. There rep is beyond professional and very knowledgeable and trustworthy he isn’t in it to just sell you what he can. There was items I potentially didn’t need for my goal so they look after the customers best interest. Ordered 6 test 400 , 6 Tren-e 2 anadrol as well as aromisan to my surprise when I got my pack there was a free cialis. Dont hesitate these guys are legit.
  5. Hey NL I have a question I have a test-e base and it’s my first time running Tren and I’m loving it but my cardio is suffering . My question is, Is it normal to be a sexual savage on this stuff because my woman can’t get a break and everything I look at makes it stand at attention.
  6. MedicusResearch hasn’t done me wrong yet. The rep they have is a nice guy. The test 400 is excellent and the Tren is potent I’ve already got insomnia and I’m sweating like a pig my wife has to change the sheets constantly. And the aggression in the gym is there .
  7. Hey just found this place lifting on and off as long as I can remember always had the bug I guess . I was around when M1T was New and popular man was that shit hard on you. Just here to pass time and see what I can learn.
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