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  1. Well I had a great experience with MedicusResearch, They were good to work with me understanding I’m a female with a stubborn go big or go home attitude. I was quite shocked that they wouldn’t sell me some of the items I wanted they told me some aren’t for females and would cause me to get masculine and they rather me have a positive experience. And said the money didn’t matter it was my health. What I ordered was primobolan and anavar which they told me was safer for females and tolerated well and even told me what to ask for on my bloodwork. I’ll post a picture of what I received when I figure out how to post it. I want to thank MedicusResearch for not allowing me to go down the wrong path.
  2. I had a rough time also after vaccination but there was no other way to be allowed in the places I frequent.
  3. Is there a board coach ? Someone to help with diet and programs ?
  4. You have a lot of dedication and drive you will have your up and downs but keep going hun
  5. A woman’s photo thread might be great motivation for other women that want to get into health and fitness something like a before and after and how long the process took or see the works in progress.
  6. I’ve read the rules and fully understand
  7. I love those dogs I especially love the chocolate labs so beautiful
  8. Thanks for the warm welcome guys
  9. That is excellent pricing I find CBD has done wonders for my sleep and inflammation.
  10. Hey guys I placed an order with Sarms Central and it came very quickly I was a bit nervous as I found them online and didn’t want to get taken advantage of as a woman. The person I was dealing with was very nice and put me at ease as I was nervous of losing money. But that all went away with the professional conduct they had. This is what I ordered. Ostarine and Cardarine they worked with me on proper dosage for a woman and offered support if I had any questions or concerns.
  11. Hey guys a little late starting my fitness journey but here to learn what I can from you guys. Currently just about to start running some SARMS. If anyone can help me along I’m open to opinions.
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