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  1. the only carbs i get are oatmeal and leafy greens. i dropped from about 265 down to 155 in the last year. and i retained a lot of muscle so now my bodyfat% is low i am rebuilding using protein in a positive nitrogen state. no sarms or anything just good nutrition. i take supplements that contain oil for fats.
  2. Definitely gonna try citrulline maleate - its been years since i bought any. i agree with Leucine +1 when taken with meals
  3. Anybody have a recommendation for a Nitric Oxide booster with at the least Arginine + Ornithine + Niacin + Black Pepper ? at popeyes i saw a black pepper/turmeric combo, but would prefer the other ingredients to be included.
  4. my physician had me on 7grams of creatine mono for the last year and i begged to stop it because the gut bloat was too much to handle. Was gonna try HCL but don't wanna feel like garbage again. I miss the pump but it's not worth it right now. maybe next fall.
  5. egg whites. then the next meal: eggwhites. and for dessert: eggwhites! guess what i asked santa for? you gussed it eggwhites I managed to cut really well last spring, but my trainer went offline because of situations in his country. he has me back on... eggwhites. Zero red meat. No chicken. No rice at all this time. instead lower glycemic carbs.
  6. Been a while since I seen many of you. Diet's still on point. Low weight high rep training for the past year or so. Dropped body weight to manageable numbers. Hoping to step on stage in June.
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