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  1. To me it’s funny timing with the recent legalization of weed. seems to be a hidden agenda to push one from having a drink to having a puff....
  2. I really like DNP, doesn’t give me much in the way of sides. I enjoy the increased body heat. cant wait to see it back on the market
  3. Your memory is better than you give it credit...lol that was me, here is a copy of the email from back in 2014: We offer two separate line ups under the Kaizen brand name. Kaizen Protein Drink Mix is an exclusive to Costco which can be found on this website. This is generally the most affordable per gram. It can only be found in Costco locations. www.kaizenprotein.com Kaizen Naturals Protein Powder is carried at GNC, Alive Health Centre, Capers Whole Foods, Choices Market, Lifestyle Markets, Thrifty Foods, Price Smart Foods, Save on Foods, Loblaws, Superstore, Rexall, and Sobeys. This can be purchased online at Amazon.ca, fitshop.ca, gorillajack.com and is generally the sold in biodegradable container. www.kaizennaturals.com The Kaizen Protein Drink Mix sold at Costco is primarily a European based protein while the Kaizen Naturals Protein Powder is sourced from New Zealand Whey. Kaizen Naturals also solely contains Stevia as a sweetener. Best Regards, Drew – The Kaizen Naturals Team –[email protected]
  4. I also am not sure of my status other than I wasn't a vet. Was a member for a few years tho
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