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  1. I thought I'd start this topic because these are stressful times and not all of us have someone to talk to when they need to get something off their chest. And even those who do sometimes don't know how to ask for help. For all those who have shit going on in their life and just need advice or someone to lend an ear this topic can be a place to reach out ok.
  2. Yeah bro if he just brought his conditioning I could easily had him for the win
  3. Well deserved victory, I laughed at blessing doing that too. Was a little confused on why ppl were saying Justin wasn't close, sure his conditioning was off but structure wise they're on the same level imo
  4. Who has the full results from last night's NY pro?
  5. I'll go first, I gotta say quads, and go........
  6. Thanks bro, yeah not all the plates are in the pic either, the second half showed up a week later. Loving it though, might stick with home workouts even when the gyms open
  7. Couldn't take these lockdowns anymore so me and my wife bought ourselves a nice little home gym, what do you guys think?
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