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  1. Thanks for all replies everyone appreciate it im glad to know I’m setting myself on the right track with this cycle! I don’t think I need to run anything after my cycle except really watch out for any masculine changes because of the Var although it’s not gonna be run very long still better to be safe lol but I will probably take some milk thistle
  2. Hello thanks for the replies No I will not be using test. previously I used Anavar on its own and it was half of the 20mg dose at first 2 weeks 10mg so 5am/5pm then I moved onto full dose of 20mg for the remainder of my course for 3 weeks which once again was split into 10am/10pm saw great results but I didn’t incorporate any fat burner then. Currently I would like to run both var and torch(albuterol) which would be a substitute for clen because that mofo messed with my heart) I will be running 20mg of var and 80mg of torch(albuterol) I wonder if I start off half dosage the first couple of weeks at 10mg var and 40mg torch(albuterol) and then work my way up to the full dosage in the remaining weeks would that be acceptable? thank you
  3. Hello, im planning on starting a stack of Syn Labs Torch(combination of Caffeine 40mg, Green tea extract 25mg, Vinpoectine 9mg, Yohimbine 3mg, Albuterol 3mg) & Syn Labs Anavar I am a 30 y/o F and my main goal is to lose fat I put on and build muscle & my strength back up. Its not my first time using either but I have never combined the two together can anyone give me insight and perhaps advice if the pair will work well together? I plan to run it for 6 weeks hopeful with minimal sides (also if there is anything I should be taking with it pls let me know.) Thanks
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