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  1. Another good looking packaging from Genetec, nice, clean and safety include. The hologram is a great thing to overcome counterfeit product. Well done!
  2. I can relate about that it can be done, i'm not sure exactly how it was made but it has been done. I'm currently begining a Genetec DHB (100mg/ml) run and i'm 100% sure it doesn't have guaicol, pretty smooth product. MCT is great for holding compound at higher mg rate so i think it's a reason why it can hold dhb at 100mg, I don't think going higher than this would work well by the way, Even Test base can hold at 75mg/mg in MCT without super solvent
  3. Not sure if you're reffering to the genetec dhb thread, but @NorthernLifters talked about using guiacol/super solvent and i was the one telling it could be done without them
  4. Glad to hear, how much you plan running it and how long?
  5. I may be wrong but iirc i read somewhere about normal/high e2 leading to the little soldier hanging lower and vice versa with low e2.
  6. Planning to run around 450mg per week soon for 10-12 week if i don't get too much pip problem. Pinning will be M/W/F with 1 to 1.5ml shot depending on how i react. Should be a good summer compound without the tren side i think. I'll maybe lower my test dose to really let the dhb be the work horse.
  7. Hey guys, how your E2 reacted to those big test dose shot?
  8. That's some pretty big shot. Biggest so far is 500mg
  9. 25mcg in the morning and 25mcg in the afternoon. t3 level concentration drop really fast after you take your dose. I would rather split the dose through the day than taking all the 50mcg at once for even use of the hormone. I had blood drawn 15 hours after a 75mcg dose and my t3 level were low.
  10. If you only had the possibility to run just one other compound (injectable) with your Test forever, what would it be and why?
  11. Without reference range it's a bit harder to tell much, but seems like Liver value are high and Lipds aren't that great.
  12. I think that using 2/20 ratio with test cyp in mct would hold at 250mg/ml but maybe it have more trouble to hold in GSO. Test Cyp have more difficulty to hold than Test E. A 200mg ml ratio could be better when using GSO i think, with less risk of crashing. I would try to add 10ml of GSO, that would bring your mix to something approx 210mg/ml with a a 1.7%ba/17%bb ratio. if it's still doesn't hold adding 1ml of BB will bring you near 19% bb and 200mg/ml approx
  13. A little more detail about the brew would help to get a better picture of the situation and helping you.
  14. Tren color depend mostly of the temperature used in the brewing process and sometime from different batch of raw. In no way the color of your tren can be a good indicator of it's potecy.
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