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  1. Hurry up and wait brother ahaha
  2. That's awesome, I love sust but I always suffer from the bite but love the results I may try one day
  3. I've been chatting with GENETEC the last few weeks and placed my first order yesterday. Very easy going guy, answers you right away and doesnt mind what the question is (rare), most guys play nice but are assholes!! I've never done bloods for forms always for myself to see what I'm using and my levels but I'm going to do bloods at 5 weeks then 9th week. MY PERSONAL opinion that bloods should be done twice in a cycle because how levels fluctuate from start middle and end of cycle also my cycle is test, superdrol n deca sp I wanna make sure the test n deca is loaded in me. I will give the results to GENETEC to post, not that I'm hiding anything or worried bout results. To me it's a respect thing. I'll share my true experience for this lab, my order,cycle, what I feel during cycle, and end results For my mutual respect NL brothers and I just like the person behind the scene Cheers!
  4. So in the end if I take 80 mgs of dbol oral wise, I'd inject.80 mg That's where my knowledge questions is daily or weekly dosage
  5. I'm curious on the reviews and knowledge on what people think of injection against orals
  6. Well I love.my weed, best day to smoke is leg day, just cruise control and focus but bring food!! But all I can say is know your supply just like your lab you know!
  7. Very smart.move! Specially If youve read studies on anti depressants and estrogen spikes
  8. I like cialis at.small doses, 5mg every other day. Great for keeping test levels balanced also great for keeping blood pressure down when your cycling like tren, dbol, halo ect Viagra I've never used and never would, look on how it's designed and effect and long term my personal opinion but everyone body reacts different
  9. I'm excited about this lab, good to see this lab is being noticed, label is perfect. I cant wait to run a full cycle of this lab
  10. Jr.


    Well no fake snow here, fuck I woke up to 13 inches in my drive way, had to roll one up jump on the quad and plow it all, came home that night had another 4 to 6 inches. I'm using there test right now I switch over.from another lab no issues, if anything my veins like more expanded and full. I did notice it was very smooth only labs I know who make t400 like this are top notch ones, and im a big t400/sust guy. I've talked to the person behind the scene of CanMed I love the feed back I got for his future vision. If he speaks.the truth and keeps his word you'll see top notch quality products but not a diary full of products which I personally like cause the chemist can focus on point!!!
  11. Jr.


    Oh yeah boys, my wife is holiday crazy, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, canada day, Easter....you name it my house will be covered in it. Save Me
  12. I'm not sure even how to answer that but sure whatever works for you! But no I wont send you pictures of me in my gown sorry.
  13. I'm popping off a veil of there t400 right now, smooth n clean injections
  14. I'm glad to see pareto on this forum, I ran few cycles a 5 years back give or take. GREAT superdrol 100%, dbol was great. Remember shipping was quick, I have a few guys I train with love them and very loyal to them. What they have become today I personally cant speak up but I hear decent things
  15. Looks really clean and simple. LOVE them putting in leaf and manufactured in Canada!! WAY IT SHOULD BE!!
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