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  1. @bobtheoldlifter sorry I should clarify, this is pre-donation (the pin prick test the nurse gives you) - I seem to recall hearing that levels drop about 10 points after donation and re-hydration (important component). @Ryujiin I do supplement curcumin but will try looking for this IP6 you speak of. Diet is pretty clean, I also take fish oil caps and daily baby aspirin. I do feel like a million bucks after donating! The nurses also like my iron rich blood as most patients are anemic, they just don't need to know why my blood is rich : ) I would like to repeat the question posed above, are there any PED's that do not increase hemoglobin to the same extent as a nandrolone? I love the gains but I love my health allllmost as much.
  2. I've been cycling on and off for so many years, but only now that I am in my late thirties am I starting to notice some of the toll it takes on my health, and I would like to minimize risk. So I have been on TRT since an injury when I was 17... lately it's been 100mg/week which TBH feels a little low but it's for health not for gains. HOWEVER, as soon as I step on the gas a little my hemoglobin skyrockets. For reference, prior to cycle I was 160. I cycled for 8 weeks 160mg Test/wk and 450mg NPP/wk - I go to check my hemoglobin and it is 200! Do you guys track your levels, and have you noticed this happening this fast for you as well? Also, for those of you that have noticed this, how much of a concern is it to you? I don't know if I am blowing this out of proportion, but the nurse looks at me like I am about to die from a stroke (which I suppose is possible). I would love to have my cake and eat it too, but when my hemoglobin spikes so fast, even donating blood doesn't seem to slow it down. Oh, and yes I donate every 56 days or whatever the minimum timeframe is these days.
  3. lol that is the definition of OCD. For me it's my Sabo Deadlift shoes most days, UA shorts and T, snapback and bose headphones. I tried earbuds but found people always want to chat, this way I can't hear a G Damn thing and people leave me alone. Also just upgraded my knee and elbow sleeves to SBD, these are the bomb hands down best I've tried.
  4. Ohhhh myyy some serious body dysmorphia going on here. Thanks for the share!
  5. I slam one of these every morning: 1 1/2 cups almond or oat milk 1 1/2 - 2 scoops Canadian Protein whey isolate 2 TBSP natural PB 1/2 Banana or frozen fruit Pinch of unsweetened shredded coconut Sometimes I'll throw in steel cut oats if it's gonna be a physical morning
  6. Yes! This and deadlifts. Last week I hit a new personal PR in the deadlift, the next day my everything was sore, chest, abs, back you name it. Training legs can suck until you train them consistently and start seeing major progress moving bigger and bigger weight. But if you always take the mentality of "leg day sucks" and you only train legs once a month or not at all, you'll never progress to that level that makes leg training enjoyable and rewarding. The first time I could squat 315, I was hooked on training legs! Not too many guys in the gym that will be consistent enough to get there so once you do, you feel encouraged to keep going and hit 405, then maybe 495 (not quite there yet). Or maybe that's just me, LOL.
  7. Yes his name is exposed as well as using a hotmail account - I am surprised the rep even replied?
  8. Ordered some goodies a couple weeks ago - after a Canada Post mishap and a couple other little hiccups we are all good. Incinerate - a warning to those of you who are not used to stimulants - start with half a tab! I took a full tab off the bat, and I admit I do not use preworkout or any other kind of stimulants, but I was shaking and sweating profusely! Half a tab and it's a great preworkout but I can't take it past 1pm or else I won't sleep at night. Your mileage may vary. DNP is legit, T3 is hard to tell so no comment there right now... And the oils are great! Thanks BT for helping this guy get ready for a February vacation!
  9. Well not sure if it was the tren or not as I made some diet adjustments, but things seem to be more on an "even keel" for now, so that's nice! I really cannot imagine a life without tren... but as we age I guess this is part of the fun lol. Thanks for the insights guys, truly appreciate it!
  10. Where is bluesteele when you need him...
  11. I think lots of guys do this as a joke. Just outside my gym the other day I saw a chevy with flesh coloured truck nuts and the license plate said "NUTS 4U" I just about died LOL
  12. Since you seem to be stuck on wanting to cruise/blast. I would cruise at no more than 125-150mg per week. When you blast go as high as you want, 500-800 mg if you like with ancilliaries to match the dosages. Once, I tried cruising at 200mg/week, ended up with high hemoglobin (195), and high blood pressure, among other issues. Decided a year round pump wasn't worth an early death and have been running 100mg/week since with great results. YMMV
  13. Hey all, I am going into week 7 of a short 14 week mild cycle I was using to get ready for a holiday trip. 200mg Test E/week 200 mg Tren E/week 200 mg Mast E/week I have ran this cycle several times. In the past I have used varying dosages of the above and the only sides I had were heartburn, night sweat and insomnia. This time around I seem to be getting a lot of IBS like symptoms and I am not sure if it is the Tren causing it or something else in my life. Like watery farts, lots of gas, etc. If I feel a fart coming on I can't just let'r rip as I don't know what else might come with it. It truly fucking sucks. So anyway, I have dropped the Tren but it takes some time to leave the body. Just wondering if anyone has ever had this before?
  14. Hey @eightyeight14 sorry to hear what happened there. I can only imagine how many young guys are in the same situation as you from those orals back in the day. I am guilty of it as well! Please do yourself a favour and talk to your doctor. Get bloodwork. Ask your GP for a referral to an Endo or Urologist who are more open to trying things like clomid therapy, HCG restarts and the like. A GP is likely gonna know only one route and that is TRT. Which isn't a bad route, but at 23 you should try and restart first before you become a TRT lifer. I have been on TRT most of my life and I wish my doc had tried restarting me instead. As I am now primary hypo and cannot function without exogenous T. And every time I pin my glutes it feels like putting a spoon in a bowl of corn flakes from all the scar tissue. Good luck whichever path you choose.
  15. Short answer here is, everyone's different. You're not gonna know until you go down that road! FWIW, wife and I have been trying (unsuccessfully) for 5+ years now, my urologist pointed me to research that shows HCG is much more effective when there is not a negative feedback mechanism involved i.e. TRT replacement. Once I came off and was on HCG my count and mobility went sky high. However we have since learned that I was not the problem, so now trying to fix the wife. The difference between resolving fertility with a woman and a man seems comparable to working on an old carburetor car vs. a modern diesel. Women much, much more complicated! Good luck on your journey, I hope you are much more successful than we have been!
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