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  1. I get a little sick if i dont drink enough water when i take it. 500ml is the min i take with it. Usually 750 ml
  2. Imo if someone was just looking to put on size using b and c over a extended period of time, then test at different doses is really all you need. Yes there are other compounds that work well too but test will do the job just fine. Coming off a cruise at say 250/week i would ramp it up to "your" max dose over whatever time frame you gave yourself. Then go back to a cruise and rinse repeat
  3. I personally think 200 for 5 days only is a waste of dnp. Especially since you wont be in the gym I like the low dose approach, but my runs are at least 2 weeks long with regular weight training and cardio 5-6 days a week
  4. There is no 1 dose of test that is best. Its extremely individual therefor you could get a lot of different opinions.
  5. I just finished capping about 25 at 200(ish) each. Only took me about 10-15mins
  6. If you like tren then really nothing is going to compare. But you cant run tren all the time and npp is good too
  7. I personally would just leave the tbol out. I think most of the tbol out there is complete shit but thats only my experience. I dont really have any issues with ramping doses but i honestly dont see any big difference between 500 and 700 mast e. So i say pick a dose and stick with it. I do like ramping tren tho
  8. One time i was pinning while on the crapper. The cough started and it was a bad one, then my abs cramped up at the same time cause i was also on clen. I wont fo into anymore detail but that was the last time i pinned while taking a dump
  9. I agree with the halo and methyltren but i found drops fucking awesome.
  10. high doses of anything feels like shit eventually. Its the price we pay
  11. Its a taxing movement that works a shit ton of different muscles, so you got to train yourself for higher reps. Saying that i always prefer to stay in the 5-8 rep range with deads. I gave up on the singles and doubles a long time ago
  12. 245-250 depending on day of the week. At 5'7
  13. 2500 was my highest i think. Im at 1800 now but its test only. When im trying to look pretty, i take it down a lot
  14. IMO anyone with a good amount of weight to loose would do well with a keto style diet or palumbo. And a meal is not a meal unless its protein based
  15. Anadrol has been a part of my life for a very long time. I like sdrol but if i had to choose then its no contest
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