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  1. Sweatshirts have already been ordered, I just have to add some code so that people can pick sizes ETC. We will be shipping internationally as soon as I work out shipping costs, PM me if you'd like and I can add shipping to wherever you are!
  2. If I even threatened to strike with my clients (if I could) I would back in within days, because shit would be on fire. Just accepted and printed your label, should be on the way soon ?
  3. Yep, it's a crown corp, it's about time they did.
  4. Hope the strike is done before all the product gets here and I have to send it out.
  5. Don't be silly, I probably won't be shipping Canada Post, depending on when the big order comes in and the strike is over or not. I left a personal note with your order, for being our first customer. ? If anyone else is interested, our merch is available here: https://northernlifters.com/store/ I'll be adding more merch soon of course!
  6. Thanks so much guys, I really appreciate it.
  7. Hey ladies and gents, Small announcement with some important changes I wanted to cover. We've come a LONG way since the inception of this board. It may have only been a few months, but the growth has been exceptional, and we couldn't be more happy with the progress everyone here has made. With this growth, it means we've gotten a more powerful server, provided by yours truly. Back in the day, we didn't have a lot of storage space to offer members, so each account had a limit on how much stuff they could upload GLOBALLY. Meaning that if you uploaded too many photos in your posts, you might hit a limit that stopped you from uploading completely in the future, due to hitting your account limit. With all of the new storage we have, I thought this rule was a little bit on the limiting side, so I got rid of it. However, I realized there was many inconsistencies with some groups and what access they had, and there was a lot of issues between groups on what people had, so I went through all of them and gave everyone pretty much standard access across the board, but obviously more perks for users who have higher ranks on the forums. Here's a list of upgrades I've given to most, if not all users: All users now have unlimited global storage, but can only upload 10MB per post/ comment / reply, Vets, sponsors, supporters, mods, and admins all have increased limits as well to give them incentives for reaching those titles. Everyone has unlimited storage for PM's which was locked previously to 50. There are still limits on SENDING PM's, but receiving and STORING Pm's is now unlimited, so you don't have to delete old messages. Abusing the new PM limits will surrender your rights and mods and admins can disable your messenger privileges. You can now react to however many posts you want, if you agree with posts, you don't have to run around like Simon Cowell and only give out your 10 reactions, it's unlimited. For those of you hitting limits when trying to upload your super cool ULTRA HD muscles to your avatar, the file size limit for your avatar has been lifted to a whopping 10MB (it was previously 20 times smaller than that). So your avatar can now be better looking than a flip phone picture! The size of the picture can also be 1000 x 1000 now, instead of 150 x 150 Name changes are now allowed, however, you are only permitted to change it once per 30 days, and members can track your name change history on your profile. In the future, you will be able to purchase name changes with the point system that will be implemented very soon. Personal cover photos for your profiles can now be unlimited in size, rather than 2MB. For some reason, some groups had limits on how many times they could post in a day. All groups and users can post as many times as they want in a day, there will never ever be limits on that, we love the content our community produces, and this was a configuration error, and will never be enabled again, post to your hearts desire! You can now edit your posts up to an hour after you post them, some users only had 5 minutes before, now it's drastically increased. Gif avatars! You can now upload gifs to your avatar and have an animated profile picture! Many many more limits were also raised, and you may notice them day to day, but they were too minor to post about here. Once again, we are so happy with the growth of our community since it's inception, and we are excited for the future of this board, if you have any other ideas or limits you want to see raised for regular members, please reply below. Thanks again NL, and thanks for having me, it's amazing to be here, Cheers,
  8. Jake

    Talon's Corner

    This is great, we need a forum just for storytime with Talon ?
  9. Congrats everyone, well deserved in my books.
  10. Welcome aboard, happy to have you here.
  11. I'm a big man myself so I'm making sure our suppliers will have plenty of the larger sizes, as well as all the main sizes. I'll make sure the hoodies are zip up if we have our designs on the back.
  12. Jake


    Welcome to the board, brother
  13. I'm in the process of getting some stuff created, and I'll pin this topic for now so people can keep track of our progress. I got a few ideas out to an artist and got a few previews of what stuff COULD look like. If you have ANY other ideas for what could be made, let me know and I can get a preview made for it. The white logo might need a little bit of a touch up, and we may add the URL to the logo in the final version, but we aren't sure just yet. How does everyone feel about these, so far?
  14. Alright, I'll see if I can get it done.
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