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  1. Always forget to post but what can I say quick easy service. Order every month from these guys can’t say enough about the quality of service and product. Here’s the pic of my latest order
  2. No pics this time but just received another nice order from BT. Again service is phenomenal. Canada Post does not hand deliver packages due to Corona so that was the only issue. Thanks again guys
  3. Here’s a nice little order I just received from BT. Out of 46 items Only one missing. Quick response time from the guys and the missing product shipped instantly. Only use the BT they definitely take care of there clientele. Thanks BT
  4. Been using BT now for just about 2 years. Decided to switch to test 400 for a change no pip what so ever. Been running just 400 test a week and and 60mg anavar both products are phenomenal
  5. Ordered last week. Quick and I mean next day package arrived. Couple items missing. A quick email had new shipping number next day missing a couple surprises arrived. Top notch service and products. Tried test 400cyp no pain at all. Stanolone water base inject awesome and well.
  6. Been On BT Test250 cyp the last 3 weeks. Was previously on TransPharma. Huge difference with quality. Only doing 500mg a week.
  7. Hey started Dnp powder two days ago. 200mg a day to start. Feeling the heat already no other sides. Today gonna rum it up to 200 in the morn 200 in the afternoon. Found eating it with a meal helps it go down. Eating maybe 20grams of carbs a day. Will run 400mg a day for 8 days for a total of 10 on. Will take a week off and repeat. I followed Olympics post I believe who’s it was with doing 3 days no carbs prior to starting day 4 big carb meal then 5th day started Dnp. So far so good
  8. Well what can I say placed the order yesterday. Received the order today at noon. Everything is there. Package nicely wrapped in bubble wrap. Thanks a lot
  9. Ahhh ok. Was just curious. Thanks
  10. What a good read. Gonna follow this my next Dnp cycle. Thanks
  11. Sounds like I’m gonna have to try and get a hold of Orion. Does anyone know if they have inject var?
  12. Hey guys, been using TP for the last 2 years. Service has been great and quick. As for quality def not top of the line but seems to get the job done. Only product I found to be under dosed was DNP which they no longer have.
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