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  1. Just got my hands on some TnD and it is very thin plus PIP free. Quality product as always!
  2. Hey guys, I have some Tbol unused bottles from 5 years ago and it doesn't have expiry date on it. Wondering if I can still use it or better to toss it out?
  3. Yeah I ran it last prep and running again now. Very smooth and did what it supposed to!
  4. Can you please share your experience with this product if used in the past and how it compared to enanthate/ace (aggression/strength). Thanks!
  5. I'm not sure if it's wise to run DNP during PCT. I personally don't have experience with it but I've read it can cause muscle loss that's why people run it while on cycle. Maybe someone more experienced can chime in and give you better answer!
  6. If you want a preworkout boost then you should look into test base. Madol was decent at 30mg for me. I think dbol works better at 50-60mg and ofcourse test base. I only used base before my heavy workouts but don't expect to turn into hulk as it will only help keep your endurance up which can lead to get more volume in.
  7. T400 and NPP is very smooth and painless. Bodytech is hands down best lab I've tried mainly because I do not get any pip from their products.
  8. Sex drive was normal for me when I ran it.
  9. Sweet! I'll definitely give this a go in near future. Thanks for your detailed input!
  10. Thanks man! I'm gonna give this a go. Seems like a harsh compound on paper.
  11. j00ce

    Animal cage

    Wasn't this before the bicep tear? I think this was after his knee surgery ....
  12. No one here talks about Yury ? he has been dominating for past couple of years. Also, Joe Sullivan is underrated. Odgin Myklebust is another to watch out for.
  13. Sapir is strong, yes. But he also squats pretty high in backyard meets to get those world records.
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