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  1. You'd have to check his weight against a few guys like Graham Hicks... but he may be. Also the fastest to 200kg+ Like that clean on 214 is what gassed him, he has the shoulders to press it.
  2. Thanks! I kinda of gathered that but just wanted to make sure.
  3. So what is the half life of this compound? Looks interesting but wondering the frequency of use.
  4. Didn't get a chance to review them on my last interaction. I love their test, I used them years ago and it was ok. they have done so well to upgrade everything. I am amazed with the quality. Also I am in love with Madol. It may be my preworkout of choice for a long time. 10mg does wonders for me. Slight boost of agression, but comes off as just being amped and strong.
  5. As everyone stated, just look up local feds that have a Pro division. Honestly, I went that road before I wasn't clean. I just prefer not having to watch exactly what I put in my body and fail a test. Imagine failing for a banned substance in a pre workout. CPF nationals should be fun. I'll probably be there watching and helping out.
  6. Part of me wants to hate him, but that's all jealousy. Honestly, when he first came into strongman I thought he wouldn't do overly well. The thing is he listens. He works with pros and just learns everything. If he wanted to, he could do well in the sport. there just isn't the money in it. What he is doing is the smart way about it. Do impressive shit, maybe get a few big shows under your belt. Get a WSM invite, then move on. His overall size is just against him. When you are up against guys like Thor, anything that height is needed, he loses out fast. He will be fun to watch and give a lot of pros a hard time.
  7. Thank you so much! All what I had thought but this just put a medical seal of approval on it. Thanks again much appreciated
  8. Hey kids, It's been a while so that means I have hurt myself. I know my left shoulder is probably a shoulder impingement. As I have had them before and it feels the same. Ok on bench after warm up but once heavy my left tricep feels pain and the shoulder gives out. I've also been dealing with knee tendinitis in both knees. For years it has been an issue. I have tried many things but none worked. Recently I looked into what may be the cause and I feel it may be due to flat feet and over pronation on my feet when I walk. Any tips for rehab movements or things to tell a physiotherapist when being diagnosed?
  9. I would hate this. Luckily I can go to a place close by that's a medical supply store as well. Have to get by the 100s though.
  10. Both but I'll go ass over tits if I have to choose. Depends on which I'm playing with.
  11. I think only top few got the invite to worlds. Though friend of mine got an invite to that as well. She finished off in 8th. Not bad for her! Heavy contest for the women.
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