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  1. I work at a General Hospital and we have what’s called a sleep lab. I have had insomnia for years, can’t sleep without a pill but there’s no way I would be able to sleep at all if I was wearing a hat with wires connected to a machine. That said if you have sleep apnea (like one of my X’s when he was running tren), it would be safer to have it diagnosed.
  2. I was always told by the pharmacist to keep it refrigerated.
  3. This is how my lower leg looks like for the next 4 weeks ... I have been struggling with a bad tendinose of the left Achilles for over a year now. I tried everything but nothing worked so the orthopaedic specialist took a drastic measure: a cast for 4 weeks. It really sucks but it doesn’t stop me from working out!
  4. I used to be a vet at BOP. Then the board went down and I haven't logged in since then. I've "known" DirtyD for years.
  5. Wait ... is the Affliction you're talking about the vet at CJM? I don't understand.
  6. Half an avocado, romaine lettuce, grated Parmesan
  7. GF, a comod at WCBB, told me to use bands. What do you think?
  8. Superfoods protein powder Powdered peanut butter MCT oil I usually mix all this with plant based Greek yoghurt or cottage cheese
  9. I bought a bench on Marketplace for 20€. A bargain!
  10. Salt and carbs intake in balance should help you as well as natural diuretics (nothing harsh or there is a risk of rebound effect).
  11. I have mostly cardio equipment (treadmill, recumbent bike) but also a bench, dumbbells (being injured I can't do anything but legs at the moment). @a_ahmedThere are many bodyweight exercises that you can do. It's better than nothing.
  12. What a cool companion you have there! He looks in great shape.
  13. Before my TKR I used to do bw exercises (air squats, wall sits, pullups, push ups, dips between chairs, box jumps, mountain climbers, bear walks, high plank, low plank to name only a few...). I still do some of them now that I have a rotator cuff injury.
  14. The Pacifier with Vin Diesel. So funny My favorite part was Vin Diesel in the shower
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