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  1. Keto or low carbs? I'm vegan and it's very difficult for me to get enough protein. I have a sensitive stomach and find it hard to eat high fat foods (except avocados). My question: is eating low carb as effective as keto? Could you give me a sample vegan keto menu/diet?
  2. Before leaving my old gym a few months ago (see my rant) the owner (a former Mr Europe) and I had a disagreement about cardio. I do fasted cardio and he pretends that it's useless and not burning more fat than regular cardio before or after your workout while I read years ago that cardio first thing in the morning turns your body into a fat burning machine by increasing the metabolism. What's your input?
  3. Probably because you will end up drinking more water. You might as well add slices of ginger. It's not the lemon that will do the trick IMO. Unless you add lemon juice to warm water and have a glass on an empty stomach first thing in the morning.
  4. I have had it for 2 weeks now. I thought it was a frozen shoulder and asked my GP for a Diprophos inject that didn't relieve the pain. Maybe it's peri arthritis. Getting old sucks.
  5. 1 scoop Vegan protein 1 tsp almond butter half an avocado Plant based yoghurt
  6. I used to have a thick double chocolate whey protein shake (more like a pudding really) after my workouts at my old gym.
  7. I prefer salt to sugar. I add Himalayan salt to everything but in moderation.
  8. I buy ready to eat golden paste. I love the taste, I mix it with veggies and put it on vegan feta and tofu.
  9. millenium girl

    Gym idiot

    I quit the gym in April because of an idiot who was a real pain in the ass. He kept chatting about soccer or the weather while I was doing legs, used to come and say hi when I was benching, .... the gym owner threatened not to renew his membership but the guy begged him and promised to behave. He kept harassing people. Anyway I decided to quit and work out at home. I have a bench, a barbell, kettlebells, dumbbells, a threadmill, a recumbent bike. That's all I need.
  10. millenium girl

    King Pooh

    I rescued him in 2013. He's the boss around here.
  11. My pill isn't on the list. I wanna live healthy 20 to 25 more years
  12. Thank you. It is demanding but rewarding at the same time, both "jobs" being completely different. I had no idea how tough nursing was but the contact with patients is very rewarding and the staff is very happy to have me. And patrolling hospital grounds is great cardio (I haven't used my treadmill in a while). I have done a total of 16 kilometers today ... I fell asleep watching TV earlier lol.
  13. If you don't see much of me it's not because I don't like you anymore but because I do a lot of volunteer work now that my knee is a bit more functional. I work as an assistant nurse at a General Hospital once a week and as a security guard twice a week at an University Hospital. Both jobs are very demanding but rewarding. Patrolling involves a lot of walking (12 to 15 kilometers) and the nursing is standing hours at a time, changing mattresses, serving meals, etc. When I get back home I crash ... I still manage to work out -- basically cardio and 3 full body workouts or alternating upper and lower body workouts. Voila.
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