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  1. I always heard that EQ would make you eat like a horse
  2. Hey, I don't drink enough water (bloodwork shows signs of dehydration). The only supps that I take are magnesium, a vit B complex, turmeric and ginger. I also add spices to everything I eat (miso, wasabi, pepper, fennel, cardamon, you name it, I use a lot more than I should).
  3. It might lose some potency after a couple of years but still safe to use.
  4. I used to order from them but shipping costs were a bit too high for me.
  5. A special tshirt would be nice
  6. A few years ago an anti aging doctor gave me a prescription for somatropine. Pharmaceutical is the only and safest way to go if you ask me. There are too many fakes out there.
  7. Order the Proactiv acne products, google them, they work and have no side effects.
  8. Thank you for your input @Corey5150. I'm not bloated upon waking up but around noon it is so bad that it's as if I've put on weight I think that carbs and too much (Himalayan) salt are the culprit. I have been diagnosed with a gluten sensitivity but I love bread so much that I eat some twice a week
  9. Not sure which foods are causing this but it looks as if I've put on weight. It is pissing me off. I'm vegan and eat veggies, fruit, plant based yoghurt and quark. I recently added fermented foods like kimchi and drinks (Kombucha).
  10. Excellent. I'm gonna stick to my early cardio routine. Thank you all for your input.
  11. I used Adequan for my horse back then. Intra articular injections are tricky, play safe and see a nurse or orthopaedic specialist.
  12. When peptides didn't exist Adequan was very popular among bodybuilders. Before my TKR in July 2018 I had intra articular injections of hyaluronic acid.
  13. I must say that this is terrifying. I work in two hospitals and we use antibacterial hand gel all day but it contains hormone disruptors Do you imagine what this can do to kids?
  14. I have Beats by Dre and am really happy with them.
  15. I'd rather stop reading the labels. Even in cosmetics for kids there are paravens or ingredients that play havoc with our hormones
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