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  1. Why spread out if one amp once a week is enough to replenish or maintain your vit D levels? For me (I hate slicking pills) it is much easier.
  2. I'm a woman -- tribulus terrestris might work for you guys.
  3. I tried it when I started lifting and it didn't do s***.
  4. Thank you so much for your reply. I am a vegetarian. Do you think I can do this?
  5. Belgium makes the best beers, chocolates and waffles. The Netherlands NEVER made good ones, their specialty: weed and genever
  6. Dnp is dangerous. I want to start keto on Monday. Any help would be highly appreciated.
  7. It is not in a test phase. Adenuric is widely used worldwide.
  8. I know but this one is supposed to improve heart function.
  9. Come to Europe. I need a home cook who can prepare healthy vegan meals.
  10. I just took part in a study about Adenuric. It lasted 3 weeks and don't know if they gave me a placebo or the real stuff. I like that kinda studies, very interesting.
  11. The fastest you lose the fastest you will put it back on. There is no easy way: cardio, a clean diet and maybe some Clen (stay away from dnp).
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