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  1. I watched the Dr Ox show the other day while doing cardio and he recommended Ashwsganda but I can't remember what the properties were.
  2. How many times a year do yountakema break from training? How long is your time off.
  3. Pantomed 40mg for me. Apparently eating bananas would be beneficial.
  4. Interesting post. I'm 5ft3 and 136lbs. I never bothered counting the macros to be honest. I struggle to eat but what bothers me most is that I'm a carb addict. I want to keep them as low as possible but after reading a lot I might not be a good candidate for keto.
  5. I'd like to follow a low carb/keto vegan diet but it seems impossible. Any help would be appreciated.
  6. She is .... French are tired of Macron. And in Belgium the Flemish nationalists are doing good too. We are supposed to vote in May 2019 but I doubt the actual government will last that long .... When I was still working, 52% were deducted from my overtime
  7. The movement is quite important in Europe (France and Belgium in particular). We are tired of the government .... We pay more and more taxes and the wages and pensions (retirement money) are lower and lower. Soon there will be no middle class anymore, scary.
  8. How much cardio is too much? Can it make it worse considering I had TKR in July?
  9. II stick to the Weider Vegan protein. Taste is great and it mixes very well.
  10. I do 4,2 km treadmill at a speed between 5.5 and 6 km/h on a 15% incline ... Do you mean that I'm not burning any fat?
  11. That's what I'm gonna do next week. muscle_n_blood recommended it ? can't do weighted hack squats or weighted squats because of the TKR.
  12. I have been doing the same split for 3 months now and I'm bored. I don't want to hit the gym every day. Thise who read my log (cough cough) know that this is what I do right now Monday - Chest and back Tuesday - Shoulders and arms Wednesday -- circuit training Thursday -- Chest and back Friday -- Shoulders and arms I do cardio twice a day and it's the only thing that I like doing to be honest. Any idea of a 3-day split?
  13. What pisses me off is that being still in pain (ear, throat) I went to see another specialist today and when she checked the back of my throat she told me that acid reflux was causing the pain. Apparently it burned the mucosa of the oesophagus and damaged the nerves. She has put me on Vit B and told me that it will fix the problem within a month or two.
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