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  1. GF, a comod at WCBB, told me to use bands. What do you think?
  2. Superfoods protein powder Powdered peanut butter MCT oil I usually mix all this with plant based Greek yoghurt or cottage cheese
  3. I bought a bench on Marketplace for 20€. A bargain!
  4. Salt and carbs intake in balance should help you as well as natural diuretics (nothing harsh or there is a risk of rebound effect).
  5. I have mostly cardio equipment (treadmill, recumbent bike) but also a bench, dumbbells (being injured I can't do anything but legs at the moment). @a_ahmedThere are many bodyweight exercises that you can do. It's better than nothing.
  6. What a cool companion you have there! He looks in great shape.
  7. Before my TKR I used to do bw exercises (air squats, wall sits, pullups, push ups, dips between chairs, box jumps, mountain climbers, bear walks, high plank, low plank to name only a few...). I still do some of them now that I have a rotator cuff injury.
  8. The Pacifier with Vin Diesel. So funny My favorite part was Vin Diesel in the shower
  9. Watch your carbs and salt intake and you should be fine. Stay away from anything harsh like Furosemide (because of the rebound effect).
  10. Anavar was the best and safest AAS I ever ran. No need to take a lot of it. Start with 5mg and build up accordingly. I wasn't a fan of Primo which had too many sides. Winny was OK except that the injects were painful.
  11. The black and white upper right. Where's the H of Nothern on the other ones? if you want to include a maple leaf, the logo should be red and white.
  12. I had blood work done last week and the results are not good. Hematocrit, red blood cells, ferritin, uric acid, total proteins are too low, GOT (AST) and GPT are elevated. I'm very worried
  13. Good job @eightyeight14 Being consistent and serious is the way to go!
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