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  1. Good to know, ahah I was wondering. Any idea when the website will be back by chance?
  2. Yeah, I actually tried that lab like in 2016 if my memory is correct. IT is an okay lab but don't expect like crazy result out of it. I mean the oil was definitely clean and sterile but I'm pretty sure it was underdosed. I can't prove shit because I didn't do bloodwork while running it but for the price, honestly there is better out there.
  3. Is it true that you guys went private :O, I was going to jump on the bodytech train as soon as I have a bit more $$$ in my pockets I'm kinda sad
  4. Is this from Letsgetchecked.com ? How did you get insulin checked as well?
  5. Did you draw the blood yourself or you asked a nurse to do it? I'm interested in trying for myself even though its pricey but I was wondering?
  6. It's probably Post Canada's fault, they have been on strike right on time to ruin everybody's Christmas... A BUTLOAD of packages have been delayed due to it.
  7. Wow I was looking for exactly this for a while now. I prefer paying than having to go through my doc, thank you very much.
  8. I can't chose, I need both on a women. I prefer a huge tits a bit but I would definitly go for a women who has both.
  9. 1mg of Adex ED is a bit strong buddy, be careful not to crash your estrogen as you will feel like pure shit. I would lower the dose if Adex if I were you dump the Nolva and add that Parmi protocol Roided suggested. That should help a lot. Are you having troubles with your libido? Do you have any other prolactin related symptoms? ED maybe? Nolvadex is a blocker, not an AI, by the way, AI are preferable during cycles because of they inhibit aromatization. Nolvadex is neurotoxic so if you feel like your brain has been kind of foggy lately that might be caused by the Nolvadex. I know I'm late on the post ? are you feeling better now?
  10. Maxg2k11

    Justin Trudeau

    The only thing he did that I consider good was legalizing marijuana even if they instrumentalized it in my Province and our dear provincial liberals branch corrupted their way into selling the license to their liberal friends... because what else would a liberal do right... EHHH
  11. Wow all those good reviews, I have to admit I'm tempted to try the lab now ^^
  12. I haven't done a whole cycle of TP yet but I am using them for my current cruise and the gear seems to be doing what it has to do. Maybe it was my rep but my experience in terms of client service was very satisfying. I get my order in a few days and so far 0 mistakes in any orders. Pip is normal even for the prop. I can't tell about their orals though as I haven't tried them yet. Prices seems reasonable and gear is clean(well as far as I know ? ). My 2 cents. Anyone tried their deca?
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