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  1. Fullblown

    Damn snow

    Jesus! Here we go again! Fml
  2. I agree here. I like the var around 60mg per day. However with the rest you dont even really need the var
  3. Either way your doc xant withold your results from you. You have every right to see your results as his/her patient.
  4. I second all of this. Reason being i went through this myself a couple years back. I had random bloodwork done and my creatinine was through the roof high. I went to see a nephrologist and he did the bloodwork again, also ordered a CT and ultrasound of my kidneys. Function of kidneys were excellent. However the creatinine was still high. not as bad for second round of blood panels but still high. I kept up on my bloodwork for approximately 3 months and eventually my creatinine went back to normal. Since then i've continued to get bloods done every 3 months on my own with a nephrology panel like rhyno said. All good now! However if the Doc is suggesting a biopsy, i'd definitely strongly consider it brother. Keep us posted
  5. Beautiful picture. That's awesome!
  6. Fullblown

    new pic

    Be goddamn proud brother. Keep pushing hard. You're doing fantastic!!!
  7. Agreed. Read up and proceed cautiously in this respect
  8. Thanks for helping me out brother when we spoke via email. Nothing but awesome customer service. To me that part of the game is huge. If you have the quality control and customer service nailed down you can be in this game for a very long time!!
  9. Fullblown

    Cyber Monday

    I saw a good deal on some iPads at bestbuy. I was a few clicks too late tho! ???
  10. Welcome bro Great to see you here