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  1. Can't go wrong with Inno brother. They've always had an excellent product for a long time. Can get expensive at times.
  2. Usually bloodwork panels have the ranges for certain things they test. Actually all if im not mistaken. Check your copy of your bloodwork and you may get a better idea as to what you're looking at/for
  3. Oh if you have an appointment with an endo I would hope they'd do blood for you. That should be their baseline anyways amongst your symptoms as well.
  4. I agree. A lot of new guys also don't want to put in the time to stick around, learn, contribute and be an upstanding member on the forums of their choice. They just want gear.
  5. That right there makes complete sense.
  6. I definitely do agree with you for most of that. I really do. MY point was that people really do need to be their own judge. I could sit here and read some dude, or girls review and know its bullshit or not. It's very easy to tell who's pushing what products by the tone of their reviews. I think its important to weed out the bullshit because there is a lot of it out there. Even good well reputable labs every now and again produce a shittier product, whether its raws, dosing, whatever the case. It happens. As for listening to Vets, I also agree. But not at all vets in my opinion provide g
  7. Possibly. But just thought you should know so you can at least check into it.
  8. Ive also got coverage for a naturopath. However, my benefits did NOT cover bloodwork. Maybe something to look into! I just use my family Dr now.
  9. Personally, I have never heard of them, nor tried obviously. So im definitely neutral in if its a good or poor lab, but either way I am of the mentality that if it's good quality stuff eventually time will tell and the proof will show. Same goes if its a terrible lab with bad quality gear, etc then time will tell. With labs these days popping up often sometimes its difficult to weed out the bad stuff and it doesn't help when online forums are constantly bashing every individual for what lab they're using, whether its new pop-up or a long time running lab. I think a lot of the reviews on a
  10. I unfortunately didn't realize a lot of the stuff that happened right off the bat and was lucky enough to find some good guys on a US board that answered a lot of the questions I had. Eventually it led me to this board. I wouldn't be able to review this brand nor would I want to put myself in the position to do so. Everyone is entitled to give reviews regardless and its important that we all do, good or bad.
  11. Tren absolutely destroys my cardio. However, with that being said I have run a Test/Tren/EQ cycle before and noticed my cardio wasn't as affected by the tren as it normally would be.
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