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  1. Mk is not expensive, might as well try it. Most who try it like it. It may not be exogenous HGH, but increases your endogenous HGH to a level equivalent to 2-3 IU's of exogenous HGH according to some blood work I have seen. Personally I have never used HGH, I cannot justify spending that kind of money on something that may be fake. I have used mk677 two times. I am on it now, I get better pumps and muscles look fuller, for the price I pay I will do it for life. I buy the raws and it is so cheap that way, can't go wrong
  2. I don't use test for trt, but I've used slot of prop ,enth and sust. I love prop but sust is way smoother, don't "feel" enth as much it seems. I like sust alot better than enth or cyp.
  3. Ketoconazole has been shown type of slow/reduce shedding and sometimes regrow hair, it put in some shampoo. Try a stack of minoxadil with it
  4. Well it's rocket science after all. So it must be magic or a trick of some sort.
  5. I had an accident about 6 months ago which resulted in my left leg having about 50% feeling/strength below the knee. I saw some doctors and specialists who say I damaged my sciatic nerve. After doing some nerve conduction tests they told me it would get better but nerves heal slow and it will be about 18 months-2years. Has anyone had a nerve injury which healed faster using peptides or mk677? Thanks
  6. Holy shit, that guy actually thinks he is doing something good? I wonder where he got that idea. Can't believe some of the stuff people do.
  7. There will come a time my friend. The world is going to shit sooner than we think
  8. Unfortunately I spent quite a few years working in the federal system working in the kitchen as a convict. Ya this guy is right, it's a pretty sweet gig for the kitchen staff who go home after shift. We always refered to them as "stewards" . They mostly showed the convict workers how to do things. Much of the time In the federal system the workers are serving many years and they already know what to do making the stewards job that much sweeter. From what I've heard about working in a kitchen in a hotel or nice restaurant the jobs in prisons have alot less pressure.
  9. Someone once told me that if your grandfather went bald you may as well. As though balding skips a generation, does anyone know if this is true cause my dad is in his 70's and still has quite a bit of hair, mine has been thinning alot last couple years. My grandfather on my dad's side died when I was a kid but I remember he was bald.
  10. No problems with crashing but pip there unless I mix it with at least 1/2 cc of something else
  11. Some people will add BB anyways as it will thin the oil s bit.
  12. Test e goes into solution so easy BB is not needed, why put unneeded solvents in?
  13. Well it has been about a week now approx. Summer temp where I am
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