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    Lgd4033, also lgd3303. Guys use it for gaining muscle. I think 4033 is more popular. Lots of guys like this one. I am going to use it soon, getting off gear for couple months. It is a sarm, not as strong as testosterone but pretty good to bridge.
  2. Shelbysdad


    How much time between the before and after pics? Is it just before you started the cycle? Good work man. I dont have mych experiance with mk677, only used it for a couple months but am going back on it soon. I noticed a fuller look to my muscle within the first couple weeks, also gained about 10 pounds. This weight did go away after a couple months being off it. I think it is good to run it along with gear, you can do it by itself though. I dont know if it would be a good bridge. If it was me, and I was going to bridge, I would try to get some lgd to go with the mk677.
  3. Ive experianced deca dick from deca only. Npp does not do this to me I suppose because there is not the same build up of nandrolone over time.
  4. I had almost the same thing happen in my delt except a stream of blood squirted out, it was weird, never had that happen before. Maybe I nicked a vein, it squirted out 1-2 inches.
  5. Ya he is cool and knows what he speaks of for sure. I have been watching him for a long time
  6. Hey freaks, so my girl is always bugging me to give her a shot of my test as she loves getting super horny. I dont want to give her to much just in case of androgenic sides etc. What I am looking for is what other ped's can I give her if all she is looking for is extra hornyness? I've heard tbol, anavar, proviron can be good. Hopefully some of you experianced ladies can educate me on what works best for a quick rise in female libido. Usually when I give her some prop she can feel it later that day or the next, what is comparable? Are the orals faster acting in this respect? Thanks.
  7. It is weird cause he always says he uses mostly sarms and short "experiments" of gear. Looks like red pudding, holy shit.
  8. What works better for you, l-lysine or zinc?
  9. Im doing 500 sustanon and 450 npp right now. It is good
  10. Water based will be a suspension where the test particles are floating in the water turning it a milky colour. Oil based TNE on the other hand looks like any other oil based steroid. I have no problem using water based test suspension and I like it. Some guys say it is painful. Suspension is usually 75-100mg/ml. Oil based TNE is sometimes only 50mg/ml because it is hard to hold in oil without the stinky GUAIACOL solvent. Water based test suspension has caused some infections just because bacteria grows easier in water than oil. I prefer water based suspension but I keep it in the fridge as I am paranoid of bacteria. Bottom line is in water test particles are floating in water.. In oil it is dissolved into the oil.
  11. It is probably still good to go. Dont throw it out.
  12. Nice. Im in sort of the same situation so I may try doing it myself as well. Thanks
  13. Npp never bloated me, loved it. Tren- tried it didnt like it-sides.
  14. I do the same thing but never have a problem, just last week I got a box of insulin syringes as well as around 50 3cc syringes with about 200 tips.
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