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  1. I do the same thing but never have a problem, just last week I got a box of insulin syringes as well as around 50 3cc syringes with about 200 tips.
  2. I used the proton address today a couple times, all good
  3. I googled sarm raws canada about a week ago, was just curious. There was a company in toronto I think it was who had them raws.
  4. Ok, I found it on the CS list.
  5. Anyone know who carries dhb? I am to lazy to check all the lists. Maybe pm me if its not something for open board, thanks for any help.
  6. ok, I guess I kind of thought it was a misprint or something.
  7. Who does 15mg of anything a week? I'm really confused here.
  8. Sounds great, was that the acetate?
  9. I can do 700 prop and 50 dbol/day, maybe once every 1-2months need .25 adex to kill sore nips.
  10. I tried em a few times did not really like em though
  11. I've only used l-arginine before. has anyone here tried both? Does agmatine produce a better pump? I've heard agmatine referred to as "super arginine" thanks for any input