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  1. Good job man, looking at your starting pics to now are big changes, keep at it!
  2. I am using PVL brand, works good for my purposes.
  3. I know people here say not to do gear at to high body fat, I kind of think this is not a big deal unless you are"fat". I have used gear at around 20-25% with no issues. This is my personal experiance. Of coarse the lower body fat will show off the muscles more. I have never been noticeably 'fat" though. I am just guessing about my body fat levels here. I have never had it tested to know for sure though. Also, I don't tend to bloat up, even when using dbol with test etc. Look at all the power lifters, most are way over 20% bf and are on tons of shit. This is only my personal opinions and experiance and will be different for different people
  4. I have used it preworkout and found greater intensity in my workouts. It is good but sort of a pain in the ass doing it everyday. If you don't mind pinning it is good at 50-100mg
  5. I think pharma grade MCT is for suckers at those prices. Unnecessary imho
  6. I get organic if I can, buy I don't think it matters. See, after you cook and filter your homebrewed gear it is sterile. No, my MCT is not pharma grade, USP I think
  7. I buy mine at the grocery store usually. Last bottle I got was from supplementsource.
  8. Nice gains man! Shoulders are popping out good.
  9. 3cc straight up, lol! Asking for pip? Lol. Do you mean 3cc into each side or 3cc split up
  10. On local bitcoins you can see a seller's rating, sometimes they have thousands of happy customers, a good sign.
  11. Hey there, I was wondering if anyone knows what happened to these guys? I PM's the rep here days ago with no response, usually he gets back to me next day so this is weird. I checked on another forum they are on and same thing there. Apparentlyy the website is down as well, any news? Thanks
  12. It's not that bad, I do a cc of it everyday, just mix it with something 1/1, not a big deal. I don't notice it at all. At first it was slightly worse but still not terrible. Maybe if you did it without mixing something else with it would be bad.
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