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  1. Congrats Matho! Enjoy your products.
  2. Things that make you go HMMMM.
  3. No takers, so I'm going to sell it and donate the money to the local animal humane shelter.
  4. Kind of like their website.
  5. Hi guys and gals. I picked this up a little while ago. Decided to get rid of it because it doesn't fit my area and I'm not using it enough. It is great condition. I got it for free, so I'm also giving it away free. The only thing I ask is that the person who gets it actually needs it and will use it and not sell it. I'm located in Metro Vancouver (North Delta) and you must pick it up, no delivery. First to PM me gets it. INFORMATION
  6. As far as BC goes, it will be in the third stage, between June and September. And only if the numbers don't climb.
  7. Who is "we" and could you also post these results for proof. Just realized, nice first post, lol.
  8. Russian 'Popeye' has 3 pounds of 'dead' muscle removed after DIY bodybuilding injections
  9. Chicken, bacon, lettuce, mayo and hot sauce.
  10. I'm just curious what the cost is for pharma HCG that's prescribed for trt. Anyone? Thanks in advance.
  11. People online are starting to charge $3 a pound for plates. Ridiculous! And yet there are still good folks around. Picked up this Bodysolid ab/back machine for free.
  12. As simple as this seems, I am actually mad at myself for not thinking about this. Thank you Ryujiin for making my life a little bit better.
  13. I use highly branched cyclic dextrin (carbs). Drink about 1/3 of it about 20 to 30 minutes before w/o and sip the rest intra. For me it provides more energy. I add bcaa's so I get some, but mostly for flavour. Was thinking about adding citrulline malate to the mix.
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