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  1. funlog

    My rescue kittys

    Adorable! So glad they get along.
  2. I take Dr prescribed trt @150mg/w. Was on c until there was a shortage, so changed it to e. I felt no difference.
  3. No, what we learned is that "you" can reach 800 without problems. Since everyone reacts differently to basically everything, that dosage of whatever you took might have caused liver failure or death to someone else. Or death just from reacting to whatever you took in other ways (overdose, heart failure, ect.). We also learned that you should not take stuff that you have no idea what it is.
  4. I have had banding done, but in interior ones. These ones are exterior. Do they band outside piles?
  5. Ok, disgusting topic, but here goes. Any of you who suffer from hemorroids, are they worse on a cycle? Mine are brutal. I assume from increase of blood pressure. Please let me know what you do to try and shrink or at least make it more comfortable. p.s. Getting old sucks fucking ass!
  6. @Svenssonwhat have you got to lose? At best they say yes and worst no. I was skeptical too, but was happy with the results. Give it a go.
  7. Just tried this out this morning. Highly recommended if you don't have a doctor or even if you do and like the convenience. It's video chat with a doctor who can give advice, prescriptions or send you to a specialist. I set up an appointment and the doctor called right on time. Very friendly and I got a prescription sent right to my pharmacy. For me, this is a time saver.
  8. All the best to the Northern Lifters family. Happiness and health to all.
  9. I've used the exact amps in the picture and was very happy with it. I did use a filtered syringe though. I know chances are slim, but I'd hate to inject a small piece of glass into my body.
  10. The Ultimate Cookbook And Complete Nutrition Guide For Bodybuilding & Fitness More than 200 muscle building and fat burning recipes. - More than 200 "Anabolicious" recipes - For men and women - Designed to promote muscle building and fat loss - Beginner friendly - Most recipes can be prepared in minutes DOWNLOAD
  11. Made this post just prior to the official one being made. Could a mod please move it to the proper section? Thanks.
  12. Thanks @ElectricRocker will check it out. What brand are you using?
  13. Old topic, but just ran across it and wanted to thank @musclebeauty for the info.
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