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  1. The Ultimate Cookbook And Complete Nutrition Guide For Bodybuilding & Fitness More than 200 muscle building and fat burning recipes. - More than 200 "Anabolicious" recipes - For men and women - Designed to promote muscle building and fat loss - Beginner friendly - Most recipes can be prepared in minutes DOWNLOAD
  2. Made this post just prior to the official one being made. Could a mod please move it to the proper section? Thanks.
  3. Thanks @ElectricRocker will check it out. What brand are you using?
  4. Old topic, but just ran across it and wanted to thank @musclebeauty for the info.
  5. So far, so good with this lab. Package arrived very safely (please see pics in the picture section). If I react to anything, it's always around the 24 hour mark. Therefore this review is after 48 hours, just to be safe. I have never used dhb before, so I shot it separately in my left vg and test e in my right. So far, haven't felt any pip from the test. And the dhb, after one day, I knew it was there, but no pain. I felt it for about 4 hours then it went away. I'm confident now that I can throw both in a syringe together and be fine. As for the cialis in the pics, I haven't used them, as I still have some left from another brand. Very happy with communication and professional looking product. Thanks Medicus Research!
  6. Received with the vials in bubble wrap, inside more bubble wrap and the envelope itself had bubble wrap. Amazing! The post office could have dropped kick this bad boy and it still would have arrived safely. As you can see, presentation is quite professional.
  7. Yikes! Time to stock up. Even if some do survive, I can see prices going up. Thanks for the update @NorthernLifters
  8. For me, IF works, but only when combined with reduced caloric intake. Recommended reading:
  9. @3ml In the first couple of sentences they say "introductory prices" and "prices are temporary". To me it sounds like they're just starting out and trying to get some customers, not start a price war. I'm sure once they're around for a bit, prices will be comparable to other labs.
  10. @MedicusResearchwelcome to the board. Product looks great. Look forward to giving it a try.
  11. @GainTrain. Wow man, definitely looks like you're putting in the work!
  12. I'll be checking for the contest vids. Good luck this weekend.
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