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  1. First of all u shouldn't ever use letro at all unless precontest or having a gyno emergency. Secondly...ur on a trt dose of test. U shouldnt need an ai at all let alone letro. -Ur libido is gone from crashed estrogen. 100% -adding that tiny dose of tren wont do anything. If ur on trt...be on trt. Nothing wrong with that. If you want to do juice...then raise ur test from trt and do juice. But tren is not the answer. I'm a pretty firm believer that if youre not competing in bodybuilding or a strength sport that you should NEVER need to do tren. If You want added libido... -raise your test, -stop ai altogether and wait for symptoms (or better yet..bloodwork) before taking anything. And if you do take an ai..take aromasin. -add proviron @50mg/day. It Will increase free test. Good luck
  2. I agree 100% with exhausting all options. Ive tried just about everything. But it seems lately every 6 months theres a new treatment so I feel confident in that. As for type of pain...essentially without boring u I broke my back, leg, pelvis, torn all+mcl, and torn large and small intestines from seatbelt. Ive had so many abdominal surgeries that my abs are scarred together and have very little strength. Think john meadows scar x 5. Cant sit up out of bed without pushing myself up. Which makes heavy compound lifts much more difficult..but doable. Currently needing a full hip and knee replacement at 35 years old...on seperate sides which sucks. Atleast if on same side I could have a strong side lol. I appreciate the facts/opinions fellas
  3. I'm a firm believer in preworkout steroid use. Curious what ur preferred preworkout steroid or cocktail is? Compound(s) and dosage. Most common ones would be: Anadrol DBol Halo Test no ester Tren no ester Oral tren Tren ace Thanks.
  4. Curious of your guys opinions on this. Clearly we know there habe been a lot of deaths in the past from heroin/oxy/nubaine in the bodybuilding world. Very short version of my story is....I was in a very rough car accident in 2003 and have had pain issues ever since. Rather than live my life as if I'm in my 80s I made the decision in 2015 to be on opiate painkillers long term. Atleast until I find a better solution or my pain somehow subsides. Doctor put me on methadone as a result and I've been on it ever since. Reason for methadone and not oxy or morphine etc was my choice. I have a history of being on the wrong side of the law and I didn't want the temptation of having $10k worth of pills in my cabinet every month if I was a little low on funds. To me..all opiates are more or less equally shitty for me. But for the time being it's a necessary evil. I use juice also..of course. And get blood work done regularly. How much of a risk am I putting myself at by being on opiates with multiple steroid cycles per year? Any opinions are valued. Thanks for your time.
  5. Looking to solve the question in the title. If I were to take the typical hexarelin+mod grf dose. (Which is 100mcg of each 3x a day) What would be the equivalent dosage of actual hgh? Tons of info around on peptides but no direct comparisons (that ive seen atleast) which in my opinion is the main point of what we want to see. Thanks
  6. Injectable winstrol is super common. I see zero point in taking it over oral. Its FAR more expensive also. Plus if youre using water based...itll hirt like he'll AND you'll almost surely get an infection IF you inject it. IF youre smart and just drink it (water based) you'll of course be fine. But still a waste of $ compared to the oral. If you have an oil based winstrol then you circumvent the infection issues...but still a waste of money.
  7. Try glutamine 2-3x daily + digestive enzymes with each meal + TUDCA 2x daily.
  8. They're essentially interchangeable.
  9. Planning my cycle for when gyms open back up. The main compound will be EQ but ive only run it one other time and ran it alone to experiment and see what EQ alone did. So I have a few questions on how you like to run EQ most effectively in a situation where I'm essentially looking to recomp. 1) what dosage do u typically run? 2) how much test do u like to run with it? 3) what would you run as a third compound? I'm leaning towards masteron. 4) if you experience sides with eq what are they and how do you combat them? Thanks for your time.
  10. Ok so we all know on paper that test cyp should give me the same results as test prop or even suspension. With the only difference being the adjusted dosages from ester weight. In other words with number corrected a cycle of 800mg/week test enanthate should give me EXACTLY the same results as 700mg/week test propionate or 560mg/week of test suspension. Because all 3 are 560mg/week of test. *provided ur injecting frequency is where it needs to be for that ester* This is all great in theory. And I try to look to science vs bro science whenever I can. But I really feel like test prop gives a different look than test enanthate. Or another example. Masteron is an expensive drug..and in my opinion the most underrated drug there is. Why does NOBODY save a buck and use masteron enanthate? Every protocol ive ever seen written using mast uses propionate. Do people see a difference there also? Ive also heard tren ace is different to some than enanthate. Personally I'll never recommend tren E because its such a volatile compound you want as short of a half life as possible so if things go bad u can bail quickly. What are ur guys real world experiences with different esters of the same compound producing different results? Thanks
  11. Didnt run any test at all...just 600mg mast enth which took care of any estrogen issues. I'm a huge fan of using masteron for majority of my AI work. Eq was great for me but next time I'll use a bit of test with it. Likely 250mg most of the time and may bump up as high as 500mg but jo higher. Not so much for gains but for sex drive.. which I noted to be quite low. As expected. But in some situations id almost rather make great gains and have no sex drive to be distracted by pussy than have my sex drive control what i do with my time.
  12. Curious if u were to make your own pre workout without any stims...strictly a pump product. Where on the hierarchy of ingredients does everything fall? Ive never had anything with hydromax/glycerpump so I'm really looking for something with that at a decent dose dor my next pump product. Obviously citrulline is in there etc. Curious what u guys really feel works best for the pump Curious if u were to make your own pre workout without any stims...strictly a pump product. Where on the hierarchy of ingredients does everything fall? Ive never had anything with hydromax/glycerpump so I'm really looking for something with that at a decent dose dor my next pump product. Obviously citrulline is in there etc. Curious what u guys really feel works best for the pump. Thanks
  13. Didnt care for anavar much last time i used it but im going back for seconds. Will be running 350mg/week test prop with it at minimum but curious what ur guys experiences are. Thanks
  14. my best cut was oddly enough 350mg/week prop + 175mg/week tren ace for 10 weeks. I was already coming down quickly in bodyweight but when i added these it just supercharged the results. And when i came off I just kept losing Altho of course lost some strength. A close second was 700-1400mg/week sustanon and 600-1200mg/week masteron enanthate plus MT2 (makes big difference with me) and 50mcg/day t3 liquid. Dropped 106.7lbs bodyweight in 11 months.
  15. Just to follow up on what U found worked amazingly for results. Although water retention was still there but nothing crazy. I started at 50mg preworkout got as high as 87.5mg preworkout. And noticed a big difference hitting 75mg and up. I was eager to try 100mg and eventually 125mg but my bodyweight was creeping up too high and getting out of hand so I cut the anadrol off after a total of 5.5 weeks. Which i feel was a wise decision. It also happened to lead perfectly into when my EQ was kicking in as I started Both the same day so it worked perfectly. BUT...the trick was That I never took it on off days. And never Took it more than 2 days in a row The protocol from ameen alai is to use anadrol either Mon-wed-fri with something very muchnits opposite such as anavar or winstrol on tue-Thurs-sat and Sunday off of everything. This is supposed to Allow you to get the same results without the sides compounding. Which allows the user to either run a dosage about 50% higher for the sake duration as daily intake....or the same dosage but 50% longer duration on the compound. I ran alternating between anadrol and oral dht @40-60mg and will most definitely stick with this protocol in the future. Next time I'll most definitely be doing it with good anavar though. When I came off the anadrol I increased calories by 400/day and noticed a loss of 2.2lbs. Thats it. Mind you, as I said the 1200mg/week of EQ took hold right as I was stopping so that's helping a lot. I'm bringing bodyweight down over the next several weeks and then will run anadrol+anavar for 6-8 weeks and hopefully run that straight into tren ace at 200-400mg/week. Very optimistic for the future.
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