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  1. I keep reading that SARMS have basically zero side effects and some of them are "extremely strong". But even those arent liver toxic. Also no bloat...and no BP issues. In particular I'm speaking about: Lgd-4033 Yk-11 RAD-140 Which appear to be to be the three strongest SARMS for muscle building and strength. (Even tho yk11 isnt a true sarm) Their obviously marketed towards younger less experienced drug users because their major sode effect is the fact that they suppress ones natural testosterone. Lol. Which means nothing to me. So essentially with that out of the way they have zero side effects. Average cycle of yk11 for example is 8-12 weeks duration. 10mg/day to start then up to 15mg.and ending at 20mg/day. One site said the maximum advisable dose he has seen was 25mg/day and that guy saw amazing gains. But what does that mean? Is there a dosage cap? My mind tells me....no side effects. I'll run 10mg/day for 2 weeks to test the waters. And if it's good then ill go straight for that "max dose" of 25mg/day for 2 weeks then if all is well I'll keep going up 10mg every 2 weeks. Until I run into side effects, the drug stops gaining or I cant afford it anymore. Furthermore...why not add RAD140 and LGD-4033 in there also at high dosages? I'll be running a base of test and mast. So the suppression is no co concern to me What are ur guys thoughts on this? If there no sides then shouldnt we be able to increase the dosages until it's essentially a high dosed anadrol as far as muscle growth and strength but dry with no BP spikes and no liver issues etc.
  2. Currently on week 8 of my cycle. Taking 1250mg/wk sustanon 1000mg/wk masteron enanthate Ive taken aromasin my whole life...or nothing at all. I like to try different compounds if its worth my time. Is arimidex worth a shot or will aromasin always be superior?
  3. Tren is typically dark yes but doesn't have to be at all. I've had everything from almost totally clear to dark brown to dark orange/rust type color and everything in between over the years..its all been great
  4. Part of the reason why I used mast and tbol this cycle is bc ive never used them before. I have a long list of compounds that ive never tried and want to start crossing them off to ensure im not missing anything. I can add strength extremely easily genetically...i figured tbol would likely give me more size and fullness than anavar. It's worked out well so far. Spiked my BP right away but I'm on a super low dose ACE inhibitor now and BP is literally perfect (120-125/75-80)
  5. Looking for any changes ud make to my cycle...if u see any glaring problems. This is with a cut/recomp goal in mind. I handle sides VERY well. Ive run test as high as 3g or 3.5g/wk in the past and tren ace as high as 1400 or 1750mg/wk. This will be my 8th or 9th cycle. My general plan is as follows (but depending on my results this can be altered): Tbol @40mg/day (wk1-3) Tbol @60mg/day (wk4-6) Sustanon @500mg/wk (wk1-20) Masteron E @500mg/wk (wk1-7) Masteron E @600mg/wk (wk7-12) Masteron E @700mg/wk (wk13-20) Trenbolone Acetate @350mg/wk (wk7-10) Trenbolone Acetate @525mg/wk (wk11-15) Trenbolone Acetate @700mg/wk (wk16-20) Aromasin @6.25mg/day (wk1-20) (seems like a lot especially combined with the masteron which may have mild anti E properties. But so far so good at 20 days in) Melanotan II @ various dosages. (Entire cycle) -Helps raise my insulin sensitivity I suppose. All I know is when I add MT2 I lose weight easier and hold on to more muscle. [OPTIONAL] Superdrol @20-30/day (wk 17-20) ALSO IF FUNDS ALLOW.... MK-677 @ 25MG/DAY (entire cycle) Igf1 DES @ 40-80mcg bilaterally mid workout (Entire cycle) Im currently 20 days in and just starting to feel like Superman starting 5 or 6 days ago. So far so good although the tbol makes me feel kinda shitty after I take it. Even taking it in spread dosages versus all at once. But I'll make due. Questions 1. What do u think of this masteron dosage? Ive never ran mast before. Some say no point in going over 500mg/week. 2. If ur goal was to cut/recomp and u were running test+mast+tren...how would u set up your dosages? Thanks
  6. Id have to disagree with ya. I think its a very delicate molecule. Uv...temp...vibration...and maybe humidity will affect it. Straight from the manufacturers of actual real pharma grade north American hgh in their instructions in how to ship+store their product. Same With increlex.
  7. Id run higher masteron. 500mg/wk would do great Pretty amazing stuff actually. Very underrated
  8. Makes absolutely ZERO sense to me why people say to run primo at minimum 16 weeks when its an enanthate ester just like any other. U'll notice it fully kicked in by week 5 no matter what. Thats if u don't front load. Even if U only do primo for 6 or 8 weeks...u still get 6 or 8 weeks of results from it. The gains won't magically turn on or change at week 16. Altho with primo being such an expensive compound. If I was for instance selling primo...id for sure say 16 weeks minimum at 1g/week lol. Cha ching! I've seen clients get great results with low test (150-250mg/wk) and primo was low as 350mg/week. For men. For women they can get amazing results with like 70-120mg/wk From what ive seen.
  9. Id take the frag 3x a day. 200x3 to start. Once upon waking..stay fasted...do some cardio. Min 20 min. Another shot pre workout...train fasted. Cardio before weights and maybe another 15-20 min post workout as a cool down type thing. Then get ur post workout fast digesting carbs and whey isolate in u asap after that. Eat all ur food..wait 2 hours...take ur 3rd shot and do another 20+min cardio at night right before bed. Ur metabolism will be on FIRE 24/7 using that protocol on top of ur AAS. U may have issues sleeping and may need melatonin or something similar. ur AAS dosages I'd run them higher. I'd like to see 500 test/500mast/ and minimum 600 primo. Im currently doing a similar cycle as a cut primarily but also adding muscle and strength. Only 3 weeks in but going amazingly so far. I dont like running hcg during a cycle unless it's a very long cycle. 30+ weeks. Otherwise I dont see the point personally. Realistically u wont go from 20% bf to 10% bf in 2 months...but if u go by the mirror u can make some impressive gains.
  10. 3 weeks into 500 sust+500 masteron E + 40 tbol/day Both mast and sust flow thru 30g slin pin. Sust is mixed with mct oil so iats super thin so it draws and injects super quick. The sust knots up a bit for a few days after injection but no big deal. Masteron is painless during injection and seems to get absorbed instantly. Tbol I just started so can't report anything for sure yet. I'm using this for a cut where I'll be adding in tren ace at week 7. I dropped 1 lb a day in the 1st 13 days. That's also taking aromasin @12.5 four days a week. Which says a lot bc I expect to gain 6-7lbs of water like clockwork while starting test at this dose. But I've been cutting for 5 months prior to this with success so my diet and cheat days are on point. Pricing is literally the best ive ever seen. I have some BIG goals with this cycle. So big that I'll sound dumb and unrealistic typing them out now. But if I can make them happen..on a cut. It'll say a ton for this brand of gear...aswell as what can be done when ur gym goals are put 1st and foremost in ur life.
  11. I've tried the igf 1 des and LR3 from local Canadian companys. If ur going to try it...id 100% do des because the LR3 is more difficult/complicated to manufacture. Making it easier to fuckup whereas DES is super easy. But more importantly the LR3 is extremely delicate. Just like real HGH. So even if it is real when its made....the vibrations and impact during shipping along with temperature changes will surely degrade the peptide hugely with LR3. DES is not fragile like this. With that said...i noticed the same affects from both but DES was much stronger. I noticed amazing skin ripping pumps. And I took this by itself...with no anabolics at all. Just a really good non-stim...pump style pre workout. Killer pumps and much more soreness than usual. I'm currently 3 weeks into test, masteron, tbol cycle and hoping to free up some extra funds so I can add DES to this cycle to see it's affects. I'd stay away from LR3 tho
  12. I appreciate the respect...and I feel the same way. But nobody is going to 100% agree on everything. With regards to the Chinese and off brand hgh or whatever people choose to label it.....until I see even one single top ifbb pro come out and say that they use it over pharma and experience the same results...i just don't see it. Lab tests are great. But these same lab tests also say that increlex (the real deal holy grail) igf1 LR3 tests out to be the same as the LR3 that I buy from a random pep website for $75 shipped to my door. Thats not to say that I think the testing procedure is purposely skewed to show these results....not saying that at all. BUUUT, I think there's a lot of missed info between the lines of these tests that differentiate the two compounds. Otherwise word wouldve gotten out right away how good the stuff was and with the basis of supply and demand applied....it wouldnt be as cheap as it is if the market was eating it up. Even if, for argument sake, it somehow started off as legit humatrope/omni etc that simply had the labels and packaging changed. The price people are charging for this stuff wouldn't elicit the amount of TLC needed to handle this stuff and not damage its molecular structure. Ive never known a distributer to have deep freezes in their garage to store gh. And even IF they do....it hasnt been handled that way throughout its lifetime. With all that said....the second Shawn Rhoden or Cedric McMillan or Guy Cisternino come out and say they used this alternative to pharma grade hgh their whole prep and if they still look the same as usual. I'll spend every dollar I have on kits. I wish this were true...i really do. But this is the fitness industry after-all.
  13. Depends what kind of bulk ur looking for. Ie) if u want to add as much lean mass as possible vs as much size and strength as possible. Lean mass bulk- Tren ace @ 50mg/day to start and go as high as u can handle. Up to 200mg/day depending on bloodwork and how u feel. Test prop @ 50%-100% of tren ace dose Pharma gh - only REAL pharma or dont bother with hgh at all. And if u dont have real hgh then dont bother with the insulin protocol below either UNLESS ur a very skinny hard gainer and even then u may get fat. (if it doesnt start with Nordi/omni/sero then its not real pharma gh. NO MATTER HOW PEOPLE TRY TO MARKET IT). Run this 3-4x per day at low dosages. Insulin - most guys will run a long acting insulin like lantus as soon as u wake up which will last u all day as a baseline. (4weeks on 4 weeks off) Start @ 30iu and ull go much higher. Probably to 80 or 90iu of that. Aswell as a quick acting humalog type insulin with ur pre and post workout meals to start...working up to taking it with EVERY meal. All out mass bulk (size and strength)- Test E/C ran very high. Bare minimum 1200mg/wk. Deca ran at 50-70% of test Anadrol run as much as u can handle and still have an appetite. As high as start at 50mg/day and increase from there. Its not uncommon to see people break 250mg/day. 4-6 weeks on with 2-3 weeks off then back on seems to work amazingly but it all dep3nds on ur bloodwork. Some guys May need longer time off. During your time without orals dont waste ur time with milk thistle or TUDCA. Mega dose this for 30 days...NAC @3g/day + [email protected]/day + methionine @1.5g/day. After that ur liver should be pristine not to mention healthier liver means far more efficient fat loss so ull likely notice some fat loss after this megadose liver clean-out. Aromasin- keep it as low as possible. U want ur estrogen pretty high here. Same hgh and insulin protocol as above. 1 year of this style of living and ull forever be a different person. In many ways. You'll permanently change ur baseline metabolism, size, possibly even outward physical appearance may change. The muscle u gained here (speaking about high dose anabolics WITH overlapping insulin and high dose pharma hgh) will stick with u much more than muscle acrued just through anabolic use only. Essentially you'll never be small again. Which may seem great now at 25 or 30 years old. But when ur 65 and ready to retire and ur back/knees hurt from still being a 220lb old man u may have regrets. Anywho...those are my thoughts
  14. Thanks for the input gentleman. Its always good news when I can save $ and not put as many chemicals in my body. I suppose i was just eager to try anavar as I'm new to orals and want to experience every compound I can. All in due time i suppose. Thanks again
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