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  1. Planning a very very mild cycle right now. Essentially one step above a cruise. Will be low-medium dosed test with masteron dosed at 75-100% of the test dosage. Even at my relatively high bodyfat levels I notice masteron makes an impressive difference with limiting my water retention from the test, aiding fat loss, and hardening/conditioning the muscle similar to what anavar did for me. I'll never do test without some masteron. Anywho so my cycle will likely start at 350mg/week sustanon + 300mg masteron enanthate. And I'll raise dosages every 2 weeks. Hair loss from mast is no issue...i ran it up to 1200mg last cycle with zero loss at all. This cycle I may go as high as 1000mg.test + 1000mg mast or maybe I'll throw in primo or EQ once I get around the 600 or 700 mark. EQ I believe would yield me more new muscle tissue but primo would have me essentially side effect free. But my question here is..... Would it be worth it to add proviron into a test + mast cycle? I know test + mast kinda do similar duties but curious what u guys think. Thanks for your time.
  2. Science would beg to differ tho. No carbs...no electrolytes.
  3. I appreciate ur opinion. I dont think all pros are using 5+ grams of gear a week but I believe many of them do. Our canadian pros oddly enough seem to be a pretty good example of intelligence, being Well spoken, decent ambassador for the sport, and from the little I know they do much smaller doses (as u said). Btw im not at all recommending my 2800 test + 1400 tren cycle by any means. It was stupid as hell...but worked.
  4. Agreed. My blood work was fine while doing 2800mg/test + 1400mg tren ace per week. Bp slightly elevated as ud expect but nothing really worth noting. Winstrol fucks my lipids (and everyone else's ive ever seen bloodwork) so i stay away from that typically. I didnt come off bc my health markers were getting skewed or other side effects. I came off to see how much muscle id be able to preserve. But u guys are likely right about this.
  5. I appreciate ur opinion. I agree with it but I feel like the cruise dose should be based on ur muscle mass+ cycle doses. If ur a 300lb IFBB pro whose cycles are 5+ grams a week of gear...then in my head their cruise would be far higher than ur average 180lb guy who does 600mg test+300mg deca cycles. I could be wrong. Its happened once before.
  6. I realize a cruise by definition for most people entails a trt dose of test only but im curious what other opinions there are. Im planning on switching to a cruise in the next week or two. My cruise is going to entail 350-400mg of test per week (I'm 320lbs currently with a fair bit of muscle so I like to run doses a touch higher as a result) Considering running Proviron also (never ran it before) and possibly a low dose of dry anabolic. (200mg/week DHB or 300mg/week EQ or 40mg/day anavar) What are ur guys thoughts on this and whats ur typical cruise? Thanks
  7. Not exactly sure who told you that. Every college/pro sthletic program ive ever heard of has their guys consume a form of carb+electrolyte drink at minimum while training/practising/playing the game. Different programs have differing views of course. Vitargo is very popular in the NHL for instance. For whatever reason. NFL I have no experience with but CFL teams also use vitargo a great deal as Well as karbolyn and some are using HBCD now. MLB and minor leagues are all different based on the team itself and who they have endorsements with.
  8. Ive never done any hgh other than "hgh bombs" (hex + mod grf a few times a day) so I have no real opinion. Buuuut as u said...john meadows as well as 99% of pros ive heard speak on it say pharma only. But Also...pharma hgh is much cheaper and more plentiful in the USA. Likely due to higher number of people with HIV/aids. As for chinese stuff i do see that theres plenty that tests out just fine but I'm a bit iffy on that. I think they have something in there to fool the tests bc ive never once seen similar results with Chinese/non pharma that I see in others with the same dose of pharma.
  9. I think he looks pretty damn good considering his age (I think hes 23) and where he started. He clearly doesnt have the best genetics. Aka he's white. But I can see him getting his pro card if he sticks with this and continues to add tissue while accumulating more and more experience and muscle maturity. He's not going to be mr Olympia. But I respect his hustle. Personally I don't really care how much gear these dudes take to look how they do. Altho the odd story I hear of guys turning pro on tiny amounts or while natural interests me (rhoden, Coleman, kai). If this was baseball nobody wpuld make fun of a player for taking batti g practise 4 hours a day and only hitting 20 home runs. The end product is all that matters. Atleast to me.
  10. I watch allhis vids too. His one on his 30 day liver clense protocol changed my life. However 90% of his patients are ur typical LA actor types or bar-star fuck boys aka DBol+Molly weekend warriors. Where they care much more about how they look rather than building muscle. 100% u'll look better with an AI thrown in. But 100% that AI can hurt ur gains. If I were training for a power based sport or looking to gain as much new tissue as possible I really like to keep AI very very very low. I prefer to choose and dose my compounds accordingly if I feel I have too high of estrogen. In other words if its offseason and I'm running 1g test + 600 deca/npp/eq weekly as an example. I'd MUCH rather throw in masteron or proviron than an AI. Lastly IF u are going to use an AI. Dont use arimidex. Aromasin is FAR healthier on the lipid profile. Never use letro unless it's right before a show or ur trying to deal with gyno.
  11. What are ur guys thoughts/experiences on pharma vs Chinese hgh? Every pro ive ever heard interviewed has said dont even bother rolling the dice with Chinese. It May be good this batch but who knows next time etc. Plus its obviously not made with the same processes that pharma is made. Btw I'm speaking about real pharma hgh...not "pharma". Meaning serostim/omnitrope/humatrope/saizen etc. I think there's 6 or 7 of them in canada. If its not one of these brands it's NOT pharma hgh period.
  12. No need to even use a 25ga. U can use a slin pin with this stuff for even less pain/scar tissue
  13. If ur trying to drop fat there are plenty of ways to do it which work amazingly. No need for DNP....and especially no need for a DNP imposter. -diet -cardio -keto -full body workouts -eca -albuterol -clen -injectable carnitine -yohimbine -helios -t3 -hgh -hgh frag -sr9009 -gw501516 -MT2 -insulin -carb cycling All these will work really well.
  14. 1st thing id do is reduce my tren dosage slightly. Switch to tren ace if u arent already on it. (Tren e is just not ever an intelligent choice in my opinion). And the big one...id do my injections ED. Any time im having unwanted sides I'll try to lower the dose slightly+increase my injection frequency. Hopefully that fixes or atleast reduces the issue so u can then start creeping back up on the doses.
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