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  1. Ive never done any hgh other than "hgh bombs" (hex + mod grf a few times a day) so I have no real opinion. Buuuut as u said...john meadows as well as 99% of pros ive heard speak on it say pharma only. But Also...pharma hgh is much cheaper and more plentiful in the USA. Likely due to higher number of people with HIV/aids. As for chinese stuff i do see that theres plenty that tests out just fine but I'm a bit iffy on that. I think they have something in there to fool the tests bc ive never once seen similar results with Chinese/non pharma that I see in others with the same dose of pharma.
  2. I think he looks pretty damn good considering his age (I think hes 23) and where he started. He clearly doesnt have the best genetics. Aka he's white. But I can see him getting his pro card if he sticks with this and continues to add tissue while accumulating more and more experience and muscle maturity. He's not going to be mr Olympia. But I respect his hustle. Personally I don't really care how much gear these dudes take to look how they do. Altho the odd story I hear of guys turning pro on tiny amounts or while natural interests me (rhoden, Coleman, kai). If this was baseball nobody wpuld make fun of a player for taking batti g practise 4 hours a day and only hitting 20 home runs. The end product is all that matters. Atleast to me.
  3. I watch allhis vids too. His one on his 30 day liver clense protocol changed my life. However 90% of his patients are ur typical LA actor types or bar-star fuck boys aka DBol+Molly weekend warriors. Where they care much more about how they look rather than building muscle. 100% u'll look better with an AI thrown in. But 100% that AI can hurt ur gains. If I were training for a power based sport or looking to gain as much new tissue as possible I really like to keep AI very very very low. I prefer to choose and dose my compounds accordingly if I feel I have too high of estrogen. In other words if its offseason and I'm running 1g test + 600 deca/npp/eq weekly as an example. I'd MUCH rather throw in masteron or proviron than an AI. Lastly IF u are going to use an AI. Dont use arimidex. Aromasin is FAR healthier on the lipid profile. Never use letro unless it's right before a show or ur trying to deal with gyno.
  4. What are ur guys thoughts/experiences on pharma vs Chinese hgh? Every pro ive ever heard interviewed has said dont even bother rolling the dice with Chinese. It May be good this batch but who knows next time etc. Plus its obviously not made with the same processes that pharma is made. Btw I'm speaking about real pharma hgh...not "pharma". Meaning serostim/omnitrope/humatrope/saizen etc. I think there's 6 or 7 of them in canada. If its not one of these brands it's NOT pharma hgh period.
  5. No need to even use a 25ga. U can use a slin pin with this stuff for even less pain/scar tissue
  6. If ur trying to drop fat there are plenty of ways to do it which work amazingly. No need for DNP....and especially no need for a DNP imposter. -diet -cardio -keto -full body workouts -eca -albuterol -clen -injectable carnitine -yohimbine -helios -t3 -hgh -hgh frag -sr9009 -gw501516 -MT2 -insulin -carb cycling All these will work really well.
  7. 1st thing id do is reduce my tren dosage slightly. Switch to tren ace if u arent already on it. (Tren e is just not ever an intelligent choice in my opinion). And the big one...id do my injections ED. Any time im having unwanted sides I'll try to lower the dose slightly+increase my injection frequency. Hopefully that fixes or atleast reduces the issue so u can then start creeping back up on the doses.
  8. For ur first cycle ur in a great position. And an important one. Ur gunna make gains regardless of what u take. The main rule when it comes to taking anabolics is: you always want to take the minimum effective dosage. That sets u up for a future of gains to look forward to bc ur not maxxed out now. Id do test only...save DBol for ur next cycle. Test enth or cyp @ 300mg/week. Your duration would normally be influenced by bloodwork but because this is such a mild cycle your bloodwork would likely be fine forever on this dose. So I would personally go for 12-16 weeks. At that dosage 20mL will last you 16 weeks. So I'd stop there bc I have OCD and then u use exactly 2 bottles. At that dose I wouldn't take an anti estrogen at all. You wont need it. Unless ur personally super sensitive to estrogen or very high body fat or both. But never a bad idea to have an anti estrogen on hand. Always use aromasin over arimidex...its less detrimental to your lipid profile. Your next cycle you would go from 300mg/week to 400mg/week of test enth/cyp. And ur duration id bump up to 18 weeks (ocd once again this is exactly 3 bottles)...and that DBol u have leftover you could use to frontload ur cycle the 1st 3-4 weeks @ 40mg/day but my approach would be to run it preworkout only @ 15-30mg for a longer duration. Blood work will tell you when to come off but u should be able to make it work atleast 8 weeks. Hopefully ur liver values are fine the entire cycle and u can stay on for the full 18 weeks. Then cycle #3 you have some choices of what your average person would do. Most people would try a second injectable along with the test. Such as test enth/[email protected]/week + deca or EQ or masteron [email protected]/week for 15 weeks. Or you could run a similar cycle to ur 2nd one just with a different oral compound. Such as anavar this time. Which would would run at 40-50mg/day for 4 weeks or preworkout again at 20-30mg for 8+ weeks. Or perhaps mk677 @25-30mg/day for entire cycle instead of your oral. By cycle #4 it gets a bit more complicated usually but if youve followed these general steps you'll see incredible gains each cycle with minimal side effects (altho that's greatly genetic). Just my two cents.
  9. There is no proper protocol.....ideally u want to use none. -Anti estrogens are horrible on the lipids..especially arimidex. Always use aromasin instead. -estrogen is very important in building muscle and strength. Sure if ur getting on stage soo or have a photo shoot or wedding load up on anti e to look good foe that event but staying loaded with them 365 is only killing ur gains...and ur health -they make tendons and ligaments brittle. Many people think these bodybuilders often get injured while deep in prep bc theyre dehydrated. I disagree completely. If anything theyre MORE hydrated deeper in prep bc theyre drinking water to try to satiate their hunger a bit. Its from taking more and more anti estrogens. With all of that on the table the proper dose is determined by your bloodwork. Just like anything else. Why guess when u dont need to?
  10. I didnt mean that guys had to take the human grade versions of these compounds (altho I do believe that as a pro I'd probably try to use pharma grade gear whenever possible) but simply that they are instructed to only use compounds which have been FDA approved in the past. With the exception of EQ. Of course not all coaches follow this style of thinking. To me it makes sense in my head. Anything that has been FDA approved will have so much more human trials/studies/info etc. Which makes me wonder about tren. To my knowledge it was only approved in Europe...but i haven't seen or heard of how it was used or what dosage was recommended etc. Id imagine its very low compared to what we use but some of the studies have surprised me with their high doses. Namely anadrol. I think they went as high as 200mg/day in children burn victims and didn't see any major liver value increases. Every once in a while you'll hear a coach with personal experience using anadrol either for very long duration (I've heard up to 2 [email protected]/day) or very high doses (6 week duration peaking at 1g/day!) and liver values weren't bad at all. And on thr other coin many people see anavar be very hard on their liver where we typically think its super mild. As for competitors....i shouldve mentioned bumstead also. Fouad I like a lot as far as his demeaned...his intelligence...how he carries himself etc but I feel he's more of a 3rd tier pro. Antoine I'd say is a 2nd tier who just needs one or two good showings to bump him up..same with regan. Bumstead and zane are obviously both very top of their division. I honestly believe BOTH will be mr Olympia very soon. Iain really has a gnarly one of a kind physique. He's top tier also in my opinion. Not that this means anything...as u likely have no idea who this is. But there's a youtube bodybuilder from LA named eric kanevsky. Actually had a very impressive transformation from 16ish years old super skinny to a great build within 3 years or so. Now he's 23 I think and just competed at the calpro. Offseason he got up to 317 @ around 5'10. Dropped from 317 to 227lb stage weight in 16 week prep. Has gained 31lbs stage weight in last 2 years at far better condition etc. He'll never win an Olympia...but he may turn pro eventually. Right now hes far from it. He came 2nd or 3rd in the supers at Cal pro a few weeks back so if he did USA or nationals etc he would be well back in the pack right now. Anywho..he made a video outlining his cycle. Jeepers! -hgh started at 10iu/day week 1 all before bed and went as high as to 15 iu/day (10ui before bed + remaining dosage halfway thru evening) all pharma HGH -Week 1 3g/week Test e+100mg/day test prop. -week 2-350 tren a 350 mast p -week 2 eca ?mg 2x/day+700mg/week mast a -week 3-clen 20mcg x 3 at and ended up at 150mcg x 1/day -week 4- DBol 50mg/day -week 8- anadrol 100mg/day+50mg/day winstrol+700mg/week tren a+600mg/week primo e+50/day proviron -week 10 anadrol 300mg/day +875 mast prop + 800mg primo+100/day winstrol+75/day proviron -week 11 875/week tren ace -week 12 1050/week mast p + 1050/week tren a + 20/day halo -week 13 -1400/week tren a+1400/week mast p + 800/week primo+40/day halo....cut injectable halfway thru week...cut hgh down to 5iu -week15 and 16- cut anadrol + 100/day anavar +dropped tren a to 1050 +1700/week mast p + 100/day proviron Anti estrogens used were arimidex until week 10 when added nolva. And added letro sometime closer to show also. While increasing doses of all three. Jesus hey? Pretty crazy cycle for a 23 year old at his level. Not quite bostin loyd level but it sounds like hes gunna keep pushing hard.
  11. To be honest the only canadians if consider doing well are Antoine, lain Valliere, Regan and Zane. All of which are known for being extremely health oriented and/or genetically bonkers (even for a pro) so they likely don't require that much. Also in zanes situation being a taller 212 guy who relies on conditioning. He doesn't need size at all so if anything he needs to be careful to keep dosage lower. There are always guys like rhoden who don't need much gear etc and come off in offseason or just do try...but most pros aren't like this. Most will REALLY push dosages etc coming up to become pro then they can back off a tad and hopefully market themselves for some income and use consistency and time for their gains as opposed to all drugs and food. Nobody WANTS to be partlow or meadows who fought for 20 years to become pro and then have to retire not long after. Ideally you want to become pro as young as u can...to have an opportunity to compete and bring ur best possible physique...at your peak...to a pro show. Atleast in my opinion. Ronnie coleman has discussed his cycle and it was up around what I'm saying. Not to mention pre contest these guys are pushing much harder. As has Dennis James..... King kamali.... Titus (not the best example).... Mccarver.... Andreas munzer (obviously another poor example) As for saying top pros don't go for pharma hgh only...thats the main thing they're known for. Many of the pros (smarter ones) will only take pharma gear also...obviously with the acception of tren, EQ, and maybe 1 more. One of the coaches i feel confident in tells all his guys that they should only use compounds that are FDA approved. No need for anything else..particularly when we don't know long term effects. Other than EQ. This means... Test e/c/p/sust, deca, npp, primo, masteron, proviron, tren, anavar, anadrol, DBol, halo, tbol (I think), winstrol, hgh, insulin, igf1 lr3 only, I've heard aceto has his guys go this route.
  12. Update here... tren ace is terrific. Still at little girl doses. But not for long. Masteron enth is killer! Mast is a very under used compound. Seems like people only use it when running prop and tren ace with it (which works great) but it's so much more than that. Mast will harden you up like winstrol except it won't obliterate ur lipids within 5 days. I'll NEVER take a cycle again without adding mast to my test base and keeping it there. Unless maybe I do a cycle without test entirely but that's another topic. I was at 1400mg/week of Test and starting to feel tough to breathe (typical..too much water retention). I dislike using AI at all but at that dose it must be done to some extent..atleast with my fat ass. Added mast and it dried things up nicely...i feel 10x better. No additional AI needed to be used. Superdrol still going well. Only on it for one more week so im going to crank it up to 40mg/day and see what happens. Next month planning to: -come off the Superdrol. -Up the tren from 245mg/week to 420mg/week. Then increase weekly by 70mg/week and probably wont go above 800mg/week but I may go well over 1gram/week of tren in August if I feel decent and bloodwork checks out. End of August tren comes out. -up masteron enanthate from 500mg/week to 800mg/week. Probably hold there. -get bloodwork. I'll likely need to remove some blood (high hemoglobin+hematocrit). And hopefully liver values are back to normal by August 1st (high dose choline+inositol+methionine+NAC) for 30 days fixes any liver issues ive EVER seen in under 1 month. Then I can throw orals back in on August 1 which will likely be a mixture of winstrol+standalone+superdrol+anadrol -also will be adding oral yohimbine aswell as cardarine on july1st Goal is to essentially "peak" for September 1st. Take progress pics+measurements etc. Then starting Sept 1st I'll be on my cruise which is cardarine + 200mg test + 400mg primo Ideally id like to last from september until January 1st on that cruise. But I'm sure I'll end up throwing in some other friends into the mix.
  13. I think u need to do more research then dude. My total weekly dosage was 3900mg. Which is a ton yes. But not more than "any pro" bodybuilder. Come on man....a good bodybuilder (not just a guy who got lucky to get his pro card bc nobody showed up) nowadays is 230-250 on stage at 5'7-5'9 which means offseason they're 270-300lbs with outline of abs still. That's absolutely cartoonish size. And that takes a ton of drugs. Plain and simple. To have their same proportions on my 6'4 frame id need to be legit 400lbs with outline of and in offseason and 340-350lbs on stage. Over the years there havent been many real interviews from good pros diwcussing their dosages. At least that I believe. For examplelee priest has been very open for yearsabout what he takes and his dosages etc and that's awesome. However...his story his changed a few times on dosages....if hes done hgh..how much etc. Regardless...from the limited interactions ive personally had with pros as well as legit interviews etc Here's a general idea of an offseason cycle. Test e/[email protected]/week (1 bottle per week. Nice and easy. Depending on ester or brand it may be 200mg or 250mg/ml) Alternate between deca/EQ/[email protected]/week [email protected]/week [email protected]/day Anadrol @100-200mg/day (alternating between anadrol/DBol/tbol. Or two at a time...or take all 3 and tailor dosages based on how u feel/look) Test Suspension @75-100mg/day preworkout only [email protected]/day (obviously they'll take as much as they can find/afford but most guys are in this dosage range. Remember..this is legit PHARMA HGH. Which means in north America its one of 6 products (NO ACCEPTIONS. IF ITS NOT ONE OF THESE ITS NOT REAL PHARMA HGH. No matter what story the guy selling it to you has lol. It may legit be tested to be pure etc but its still not the same thing. Period.) Norditropin by Novo Nordisk Genotropin by Pfizer Omnitrope by Sandoz Humatrope by Eli Lilly Saizen by EMD Serono Zomacton (formerly Tev-Tropin) by Ferring Pharmaceuticals insulin- Lantus as a base for the day + humalog pre and post workout sooooo that's 5.5-8.5g/week on the + 56-84iu/week of PHARMA HGH this is offseason also....precontest things get ramped up A LOT higher than this. sure there are guys doing less. But not many of them. id say pretty confidently that any top 5 pro from any show this year typically does over 5g/week of gear.
  14. I really haven't noticed any big side affects from tren ever. Even at 200mg ED. I get heartburn, night sweats, and minor trensomnia. Until recently when it's elevating my BP a bit. But I'm also on [email protected]/day which is known for BP issues too. Well see what happens at the end of this month when I pull out the superdrol and increase the tren slightly. I'm still at baby doses tho. 40mg/day currently. I don't plan on going any higher than 100mg/day of tren ace this cycle (while also running masteron @ about 750mg-1g/wk + test @400-800mg/week) And keep in mind that the cycle where I ran 1400mg/week of tren ace with 2.5g/week of test was also my 1st cycle lol. Started with a bang. Worked well I guess but looking back I could've gotten the same or better results while taking 2/3 the dosage and running different compounds. I made many mistakes but I was consistent with my calorie intake, my sleep, and my heavy training. Which when ur on that much tren the nutrient partitioning is so unreal that as long as the calories and protein are there...ur body doesn't need the food to be clean. At all! I did the typical 2007 powerlifter diet--- tons of fast food...tons of drugs....tons of sleep. Which was taught to me be benchmonster kennelly himself.
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