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  1. Currently I'm taking 875 test e/week (125/day) 1050 EQ/week (150/day) 700 mast E/week (100/day) 50 proviron /day 5iu hgh (2.5iu post + before bed) probably fake tho 20mg cialis 3-4 hours preworkout 20mg Superdrol 1 hr preworkout Zero anti estrogens needed currently. BP is 116/72 and HR of 57. Cant ask for much more. Changed up my training style. Im doing very much what jordan peters recommends now. Each body part has a number of exercises where u reach failure in 6-10 rep range AND 10-15 rep range PLUS a given number of sets afterwards for volume. The volume is the fluff...the failure work is the fun stuff where u aim to beat ur log book eqch time. Going well so far. Running Superdrol for 3 more weeks then dropping it...and adding tren slowly. Very happy with my BP tho. Honestly im having suspicions my gear is underdosed/mislabeled or fake. But making gains in the logbook either way. End of the month im putting in a small order with another lab that I trust but is more pricey. If I see a big difference then people are going to hear about it.
  2. Currently liking 75mg test base a lot. First time using it. And I'll also add in one of the following(DBol/superdrol/anadrol/stanalone/anavar) been going well. Three PRs today in my back workout.
  3. Results are always great but id argue 3 weeks in that ur gains are placebo. I dont notice anything from EQ until week 5 or 6. Personally if ur having bp issues (been there also) id get on a BP med and keep your dosage the same 1200mg/week. Then add 125mg of test every 3 days. Within a month i think you'll notice big improvements. I find anavar to be HIGHLY overrated in men. I told myselr that after last time and im currently trying again and still feel the same way. Mediocre results. All I notice is my quads are harder to the touch. Same as last time. Currently I'm at 25mg/day and I take another 25mg Pre workout. So id skip anavar. Clen I'm a huge fan of. But if youre concerned about BP issues then clen will skew those numbers a ton. I vote for bp meds + low dose test (could even use prop @ 40mg/day via slin pin) + low-medium dose clen. Ive done well with 3 weeks on 1 week off but lots of guys now just run it the whole 8-10-12 weeks straight thru.
  4. Adding hgh to my protocol for 1st time ever. Have many cycles under my belt. Enough to not know how many. So its not too soon. Taking hgh mostly to help drop bodyfat but also just to experience its effects. Wont be relying on it for fat loss really but not trying to build muscle with it necessarily. My plan is to take 2iu upon waking (sub q)..followed by fasted cardio 20-30 minutes later. And another 2iu sub-a directly before bed time. I have zero issues building muscle. These questions are purely for fat burning optimization. Questions... -is 20to30 minutes long enough after taking the hgh sub-a to begin cardio? -should I do it sub-q or IM? SUB-Q seems most popular. -another option is taking the full 4iu upon waking for my am cardio. Is that worthwhile? -for my 2nd injection. Would it be better to take it pre workout or post workout instead of before bed Thanks for your time
  5. Theres just SOOO many horrible stories out there of women who are essentially disfigured after juice. I recommend anavar starting at 5mg/day. Ostarine also works very well for women. Oral primo (if real). Altho ive seen amazing things from a girl who did one cycle of primo enanthate @ 100mg/week for 10 weeks. Clenbuterol is also anabolic enough to make a large differences in women..and men for that matter. I dont believe in women using testosterone unless they're top figure competitors or physique. Even for local physique shows i think a woman shouldn't need test until higher level.
  6. I'd urge you to give my way a shot. Maybe even with the winny. -take 5 or 6 days off anadrol -Mon/wed/Fri(or workout#1/3/5)- anadrol @50mg to start 90 minutes preworkout with fish oils. Could go as high as 200mg but 125mg is more normal range. -Tues/Thurs/sat(or workout #2/4/6)- winstrol @ 50mg to start 90 minutes pre workout with fish oils. Could go as high as 150mg but 100mg is more normal range. Sunday or one day per week take no orals. Ideally on your off day. Focus on hydration and micronutrient intake. This will allow you to prolong side effects. If anything the positive effects of the winny will counteract the sides of the anadrol and vice versa. I currently have DBol/anadrol/m1tfor my wet compound. Then anavar/winny for my dry compound. And superdrol in between. So I'll be experiementing with combinations.
  7. Fairly sure its not liquid at room temp. The rawr all come as powders unless I'm overlooking something. Most people dose EQ in the 450-750 range. Its super popular as people are beginning to do their own research as opposed to just listening to idiots at the gym with their bro science which is essentially a game of telephone that's decades long. Deca was apparently amazing for "lubricating the joints" and repairing tendons/ligaments. Well, turns out EQ actually repairs tendons/ligaments notably better than deca while having FAR less sides for most people and generally grows just as much tissue. Hence why race horses used EQ and not deca. But keep in mind back when guys ran real veterinary or human grade EQ....it was 50mg/mL and came in giant 50mL jugs. 500mg/mL anything would just require too much solvent in my opinion. Which is typically what causes PIP
  8. curious to hear back how you like the anadrol as far as dosing goes. I'm a relative noob on anadrol. Having years ago run it @ 25mg/day for 3 weeks and most recently in January ran it alternating days of pre workout only starting at 50mg and getting as high as 112.5mg. I noticed night and day difference over 75mg. If i were to use it daily or even every preworkout id need far smaller dosage. Perhaps try my protocol though if interested in trying something new. The theory is to run two orals which are complete opposites. I used anadrol and oral dht but anavar wouldve been a better choice. Doing it this way prevents the buildup of sides and allows you to use 1.5x the dose you normally would for the same duration. Or the same dose for 1.5x the duration. I had no real sides other than water retention finally caught up to me more than I'd like so I pulled the plug after 3.5 weeks.
  9. Good man! Run that EQ nice and high. I ran it at 1.2g/week in January completely by itself (to orals/hcg/test) as an experiment and liked it a lot. But it couldve used a little test backbone to improve my fullness and general sense of well being. 250-350 or so. Right where you have urs dosed. Right now I'm running 900mg/week EQ with 750mg/week test e and 600mg/week mast e. And its great but I feel like I could get more from less if i upped the EQ....and cut test in half. And possibly eliminate mast altogether. Good luck.
  10. First of all u shouldn't ever use letro at all unless precontest or having a gyno emergency. Secondly...ur on a trt dose of test. U shouldnt need an ai at all let alone letro. -Ur libido is gone from crashed estrogen. 100% -adding that tiny dose of tren wont do anything. If ur on trt...be on trt. Nothing wrong with that. If you want to do juice...then raise ur test from trt and do juice. But tren is not the answer. I'm a pretty firm believer that if youre not competing in bodybuilding or a strength sport that you should NEVER need to do tren. If You want added libido... -raise your test, -stop ai altogether and wait for symptoms (or better yet..bloodwork) before taking anything. And if you do take an ai..take aromasin. -add proviron @50mg/day. It Will increase free test. Good luck
  11. I agree 100% with exhausting all options. Ive tried just about everything. But it seems lately every 6 months theres a new treatment so I feel confident in that. As for type of pain...essentially without boring u I broke my back, leg, pelvis, torn all+mcl, and torn large and small intestines from seatbelt. Ive had so many abdominal surgeries that my abs are scarred together and have very little strength. Think john meadows scar x 5. Cant sit up out of bed without pushing myself up. Which makes heavy compound lifts much more difficult..but doable. Currently needing a full hip and knee replacement at 35 years old...on seperate sides which sucks. Atleast if on same side I could have a strong side lol. I appreciate the facts/opinions fellas
  12. I'm a firm believer in preworkout steroid use. Curious what ur preferred preworkout steroid or cocktail is? Compound(s) and dosage. Most common ones would be: Anadrol DBol Halo Test no ester Tren no ester Oral tren Tren ace Thanks.
  13. Curious of your guys opinions on this. Clearly we know there habe been a lot of deaths in the past from heroin/oxy/nubaine in the bodybuilding world. Very short version of my story is....I was in a very rough car accident in 2003 and have had pain issues ever since. Rather than live my life as if I'm in my 80s I made the decision in 2015 to be on opiate painkillers long term. Atleast until I find a better solution or my pain somehow subsides. Doctor put me on methadone as a result and I've been on it ever since. Reason for methadone and not oxy or morphine etc was my choice. I have a history of being on the wrong side of the law and I didn't want the temptation of having $10k worth of pills in my cabinet every month if I was a little low on funds. To me..all opiates are more or less equally shitty for me. But for the time being it's a necessary evil. I use juice also..of course. And get blood work done regularly. How much of a risk am I putting myself at by being on opiates with multiple steroid cycles per year? Any opinions are valued. Thanks for your time.
  14. Looking to solve the question in the title. If I were to take the typical hexarelin+mod grf dose. (Which is 100mcg of each 3x a day) What would be the equivalent dosage of actual hgh? Tons of info around on peptides but no direct comparisons (that ive seen atleast) which in my opinion is the main point of what we want to see. Thanks
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