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  1. Been taking it at a prwtty high dose for 10 days. Didnt feel anything at all. Turns out there no hcg in this vial at all according to 3 seperare pregnancy tests. This stuff has been around for years. This industry is fucked.
  2. Last time I did anadrol (the only time) I gained 26lbs in 18 days. I felt like I had 80% of a pump at all times and loved that...this was before I even checked my blood pressure and began getting super itchy back and shoulders during and after showering. Which is a sign of super high BP. Now that I monitor my BP I'm a tad gunshy about using something like anadrol. Obviously I'll be starting low but very curious what u guys used to combat the water retention so it doesnt get out of control. Ive read nolvadex works better than anything for anadrol. Any insight?
  3. Its always super thin. Alwats been great product too. I did however get horrible pip and lumps from the cyp400. But not sust 350. I typically inject daily with a 1/2" slin pin.
  4. Looking into doing a 30 day insulin trial soon Goal is to add as much lean mass as possible with as little bodyfat as I can (typical shit) I plan on using humalog and a milos style, 3 shake approach. Starting at 8iu preworkout with 60g carbs in shake one. Thats 7.5g of carbs per iu. Will have a fruit juice and glucose pills always with me. Will increase insulin as high as 15iu pre if body allows. Question is this.... I wont be taking hgh with it...as I cant justify the cost of pharma grade (atleast with my current connects) and the ugl "pharma" grade simply ISN'T pharma grade despite what its marketed as. So I'll be taking either 25mg of mk677 Or 80-100mcg of igf1 LR3 or 60-100mcg of IGF1 DES. Or 100mcg hexarelin + 100 mcg mod grf starting 2x a day and progressing up to 4x daily. What would your suggestion be and when should I take it? Leaning towards the LR3 post workout BUT in the past I loved using DES and found LR3 underwhelming. Any opinions would be appreciated. Thanks
  5. Agreed...sake argument goes for aspartame and 1 or 2 other artificial sweeteners. Stay under 600 packets of sweetener a day and ur fine
  6. Had to add my latest experience to here. 1st of all customer service is killer! Product is the best ive tried. And ive tried REALLY good Canadian labs over the last 13 years. Other labs have been equal in quality with their test and/or tren or even most products but there was always one or two products from other labs that I suspected to be underdosed or mislabeled. With BT I've tried a lot of their line and had my people try even more...albeit not their entire lineup but never a complain. Literally. In 10 months..and ive blown thru a lot of juice this last month running test as high as 1400mg/week and mast as high as 1400mg/week also. Plus 100mg/day of Anavar and tbol. Winstrol..dht..cardarine..clen...t3...yohimbine..npp..tren ace...arimidex...aromasin...superdrol. And that's just my usage. But....With respect of being full disclosure and 100% honest. I just began their EQ (300mg/ml) and test cyp400 along with mast E. The eq and cyp400 both give the worst lumps and and PIP. ive ever encountered. Am I gunna stop? Fuck no. Bc it's good shit and I cant feel it working. Atleast the test...and mast..thx to frontloading. Im sure the EQ is also great once it kicks in. But just warning guys that there's a reason pharma test is 100mg or 200mg or 250mg/ml. And EQ was 50mg/ml. Its great that we have these concentrated compounds for convenience sake but dont bitch when it lumps up or gets more painful than usual for taking it. With that said ive done loads of their sust350 earlier this year. Probably 10 bottles or so. And never had a real issue. And I pin EVERYWHERE....calves inner outer....biceps inner outer....delts front and side....pecs...outer lats....quads all four....hamstrings. Everywhere but glute max oddly enough bc I dislike the pain there. But medial glute is great area nobody uses. Aka where they jab u with morphine in the ER. As usual....highly recommend this lab. Maybe just spend the $4 for a bottle of Inj b12 to buff it down a bit to help the pain if using highly concentrated compounds.
  7. Just started my cycle of test cyp400 + mast E + EQ. Dosed at 400+400+400 per week of each. Frontloaded them all (1000mg test cyp + 300mg mast E + 450mg EQ on day 1 and 3 days later injected 200mg test cyp +200mg mast E + 210mg EQ. So week 1 was: 1200mg test cyp +500mg mast E +660mg EQ followed by week two at regular dose of 400+400+400. Going to stick with this dose until it kicks in and assess from there. Likely wont be touching the test though. I have several cycles under my belt but have many compounds I havent used yet but want to try. Currently 6'3 305.3lbs before this cycle began. Goal is to essentially recomp while dropping bodyweight to 280. Cycle is going to be planned for 24 weeks providing bloodwork is ok. Only issue ive been having recently is high BP...mostly due to some weird anxiety issues ive developed. As of late BP is 136/76 which still isnt quite ideal but not an issue at all. Im looking to add an oral to this cycle....mostly as a pre workout boost. So will only be taking it 4-6x a week. What would u folks recommend? Anavar/tbol/DBol/anadrol/rad140/ostarine/ligandrol/winstrol/oral dht/m1t/DBol+anadrol/anavar+winstrol/anavar+anadrol Not a fan of superdrol so that's off my list. Thanks
  8. As the title says I'm curious of your guys dosing Protocols of this stuff. As well as any notable results you have gotten. How does it stack up against HGH frag or clenbuterol or ephedrine etc for fat loss? Also does it work 4 spot reduction where it is injected? Ive heard that but it seems a tas far fetched. Thanks
  9. Wow thanks. Very reassuring. Much appreciated
  10. Got my shipment of goodies in recently and wanted to front load my gear so my 1st injection was of course larger. Cycle is going to start at 400mg test cyp400/week 400mg masteron enanthate/week 450mg EQ/week Took 1st injections Monday (300mg mast+450mg Eq in left side delt. 3ml total) + (1000mg of cyp400 in right side delt.2.5ml total). The left injection was perfect. But right injection with cyp400 is very inflamed..a bit warm...very swollen...kinda red. Skin is suuper tight in the area Was thinking at first that I just took too much volume of high concentration gear and it knotted badly...but now I'm thinking I either have an infection on basically my 1st shot of thr whole cycle...or I'm hoping perhaps it's just a bad reaction to too much solvent maybe. I took another injection on the Wednesday of 200mg cyp400+200mg mast e+ 210mg EQ (2.2ML total) in right quad and its perfect. Maybe a 2 outta 10 pain scale. So I dont think the cyp400 id the issue. Plus its from a very reputable lab. I'm meticulous with my injection sanitation and technique but I suppose anything can happen. Have u guys had bad shots in the past? If so, should i be considering an emergency room visit or do u guys just take ibuprofen and ice it down? Thanks
  11. Agreed. Eod or ed even. I feel like taking my shots an hour or two preworkout gets my head together and placebo affect helps me a ton also. Side note greg doucette is a little delusional cry baby rat bitch. Cant stand him. And his opinions.
  12. Just as title states...im curious how much test you gentleman would use if paired with 400mg masteron enanthate weekly + 450mg EQ weekly to start. I was thinking 350mg/week, 525mg/week or even 700mg/week to start. Then after the 1st 4 weeks I'll adjust one or two of the dosages based on my results. I suppose it depends if you believe in the old style cycles which rely on test and run secondary compounds. Or the newer style of thinking seems to be keeping test low-moderate and focusing on other more anabolic compounds. Which is what im leaning towards. Goals- Keep sides as low as possible and get lean gains while dropping bodyfat. I understand it sounds very noob-ish to want to add all lean muscle while dropping fat and zero sides but ive done it last year for many months while using test + mast at various doses. Now I'm adding EQ to the mix in hopes of allowing more lean tissue gains. I'm coming off of being wayyy fat (6'4 406lbs) and dropped to 299.9lbs in just under a year and have rebounded a tad since. And sitting at 308-310 currently. Planning to drop to 280lbs with this cycle... or less if my body wants to go lower. Cycle will be 30 weeks long providing bloodwork allows so that's really only about 1lb per week loss. What would u guys do? Thanks
  13. Planning a very very mild cycle right now. Essentially one step above a cruise. Will be low-medium dosed test with masteron dosed at 75-100% of the test dosage. Even at my relatively high bodyfat levels I notice masteron makes an impressive difference with limiting my water retention from the test, aiding fat loss, and hardening/conditioning the muscle similar to what anavar did for me. I'll never do test without some masteron. Anywho so my cycle will likely start at 350mg/week sustanon + 300mg masteron enanthate. And I'll raise dosages every 2 weeks. Hair loss from mast is no issue...i ran it up to 1200mg last cycle with zero loss at all. This cycle I may go as high as 1000mg.test + 1000mg mast or maybe I'll throw in primo or EQ once I get around the 600 or 700 mark. EQ I believe would yield me more new muscle tissue but primo would have me essentially side effect free. But my question here is..... Would it be worth it to add proviron into a test + mast cycle? I know test + mast kinda do similar duties but curious what u guys think. Thanks for your time.
  14. Science would beg to differ tho. No carbs...no electrolytes.
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