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  1. Do you think it is a good idea to order stuff from a lab that you have no information ? you need to do your research before you order, I have pretty bad experience in the past my advise be very careful ....
  2. The HGH as to be refrigerated right? how to do if you have to go let's say a maximum of 6 days oversea and back multiple times ? I am flirting with the idea to start 3 IU a days
  3. my guess is 24 hrs Winstrol exhibits a longer half-life as a result of its structural modifications, enabling the injectable format of Winstrol to possess a half-life of approximately 24 hours, and 9 hours for the oral preparation of Winstrol.
  4. look this video carefully in my opinion the best advice .
  5. I always take Hcg during cycle ,I try without it my nuts shrink like dry raisin lol I don't do PCT I am on TRT
  6. So Corey you think someone can just buy HGH from labs with good result ?
  7. Hi guys Tony Huge have visit this place multiple time , anyone of you have experience with them? they look professional and because of my job I need a prescription , I fly for free not a problem to go to Puerto Vallarta 2x times a year https://www.regenamex.com/hgh-fly-and-buy/
  8. Looking for experience on tattoo Artist in the GTA , something like the rock Polynesian style
  9. If you are really interested this is the best description I find!
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