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  1. Nope I wax my balls but I did laser my legs and all my sexy body lol
  2. I used HCG and most of what they have I see no difference with my prescription HCG Jet
  3. 50 Days Burger and Duck Poutine unbeatble only in Quebec City!
  4. - Something is sure please ! - No jeans ( yes I see it yesterday ) - No Boots ! Most Ppl are ok! put what you feel comfy and let ppl live there life ps: that you god for Lulu pants !
  5. My wife call it super chicken poulet legs lol
  6. I have to admit bodybuilding have changed how many of you skip legs day? do you remember the mister douche with a great upper buddy with skinny ass legs ...lol genetic is everything I race motocross at young age and still race enduro and mountain sleds for that you need legs! ps: guys woman loveeee big legs I have serious football player at my gym , when uncle jet do is legs they look and say no fucking way this guy is natural love it!
  7. I flew over North Pole and I think pilots have very good understanding of weather , the truth is it did always change we are not at fault ! and yes I think TRUDEAU carbon taxes is a joke!
  8. This guy is abusive and is now gone! stay professional this is not kindergarten !
  9. You guys have to remember if any lab prove that Canada Post as delivered the job is done !
  10. I love fish especially Carp they suck C....k do they?
  11. So Bob you live in Port Elgin, Ontario and love storm ? bit of advise here do a 180 and go back where you from! I have already your IP and your home address !
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