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  1. This is base on my own experience and blood test! you are to aggressive for em to take the time to explain! ( forget about it you right ) I am sure you always right?
  2. it is and for a good reason it is liver toxic I did use at a maximum 4 time a week with a lower dosage! ( work on me)
  3. I use DHB with great result I will inject 1 hrs before going to gym it give me insane pump I will not remove EQ I normally do both in stacking mode
  4. BT always was first class to me with premium product at great price nobody as fast shipping like them do I have to say more? I try all lab in the pass some are good some are ok some are bad but no lab are like genetec I am not sponsor or anything just my opinion! jet
  5. Nope I wax my balls but I did laser my legs and all my sexy body lol
  6. I used HCG and most of what they have I see no difference with my prescription HCG Jet
  7. 50 Days Burger and Duck Poutine unbeatble only in Quebec City!
  8. - Something is sure please ! - No jeans ( yes I see it yesterday ) - No Boots ! Most Ppl are ok! put what you feel comfy and let ppl live there life ps: that you god for Lulu pants !
  9. My wife call it super chicken poulet legs lol
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