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  1. If it goes down it is not infection!
  2. sometime we don't realize but we change needle angle during injection , I now inject in front of a mirror it as help me a lot!
  3. and of course change injection sites for at least a week!
  4. I used to injected delt and I stop , when you reduced body weight it is way to painfull I believe the only place is your ass! I have swell from time to time I do inject a lot's of stuff , blood on cycle is kind of normal as your blood pressure get higher , if you have pain after 5-6 days you need to go emergency no joke! it normally go away rapidly and make sure no skin colour change it all! be safe!
  5. I have try before i find it very weak with very limited result !
  6. I have a Monster cack ....just saying! ( picture to prove it)
  7. I Used Clen + T3 and helios together with great result I taper up and stop ( this way is best for my work)
  8. The 2 i am very interested
  9. Can you share your protocol ?
  10. Your profile look like my own! if I was you go give blood after very blast and go for blood test after 5 to 7 days from giving blood
  11. I need more information! how many cycle you do a year? TRT and AAS cycle increase Hematocrit and in case blood pressure , giving blood once after cycle will reduce for a time period if you are a type with Natural high Hematocrit it will go back up, you need to find what is your sweet spot , if you are over 40 yrs old I say the minimum is 2 times a year or after every blast. In my case 3 times is what make my blood perfect! Jet
  12. I will say 2-3 days ! ( it is very fast) the good news is if you give blood like me 3 times a year your Hematocrit stay low and all the other marker in range I have super high Iron is fix all that and give life if you have time read the process of making new blood and cells ! Everytime my Trt doctor as for blood test I arrange to give blood one week before
  13. And be careful with Accutane ! never take with other oral ( never) and you can't give blood for 6 months after every cycle I give blood this is my secret weapon! my advise do Accutane alone on TRT only!
  14. I use BT with great success and the service is amazing ! fell free to pm me! I try almost everything I am the official gunny pig lol
  15. Hello brother On TRT for the last 2 years! ( with prescription ) in my job I have no choice and it was a pain! I have multiple blood test every year and need to be in normal range . since I start TRT my blood is extremely normal I will say better then before , you just need blood check every year then virtual colonoscopy every 2 year after 40 yrs ( or at least every 5 year) and the magic give blood 3 times a year ( that keep Ematocrit ) in range! cheers
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