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  1. Hi guys Belviq is new to me so i will try a experiment on my summer dry cycle what is your experience with it? cheers Jet
  2. Why only you have problems? i used them for year zero problem i also use pharma grade and it can compare so i dont get your point , if you dont have prove i am sorry i will ban you! post picture here and we believe you and help!
  3. My Cack is always ready because of BT some ppl pray to gods my GOD'ssss name is BT
  4. They are the best! look my shape it is made by BT
  5. Hi Guys You guys know what I do for a living we are probably in the most affected field by covid-19 ( the biggest lie of this generation) when my gym closed I changed my training I used my TRX cable every morning and Race Enduro Motorcycle and Trial daly now that the gym are re-open I used a different approach more reps 25-30 with less weight every morning then Enduro in afternoon I lost lot's of size but this is the first time I reach this lean! What I used 250 Test Ent / week 200 Eq /Week ( I know ) 25 mg of Winstrol end ..lol After year of heavy cycle I guess a new approach can be beneficial what you guys think? to lean? Jet
  6. Yes Canada Post have big problem now it look like the prioritize food , mask , and toilet papers
  7. Hi Guys I normally used in the pass a MMA style cycle for my Enduro Racing season this is a more endurance type motorcycle racing the need is up the cardio and Strength, energy and endurance are key but one of the biggest obstacles in MX is battling ARM PUMP, sure their are many ways to improve this. Motocross racer or not, In your opinion, what are the top steroids to use in motocross? Or what compounds would be optimized without effecting arm pump? My initial guess is a very low dose mix of "dry" compounds at very low dose, in no particular order or regimen a mix of t prop as al base eq as a staple for energy PrimoAsNoBrainer masteronFor Strength,dryness,and estrogen control NPP,for joints/feel good turnabol cause the Germans love it varCauseItsVar Maybe a little GH and t3 to drop weight.... Prami and aromasin for sides all at doses well below bbing standards, orals 2 weeks on, 2off thoughts?
  8. My take on Anadrol is very easy ( GO EASY) when you listen the pro the oral is to kick in your cycle faster my advice use the lowest dose without side effect it work it is just slower !
  9. BT for new PM in Canada no more Drama Teacher
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