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  1. BT is the best thing that happen to my life ( if I remove the two Asian twins )
  2. I hope you can prove it ? pictures? you at the hospital I want to see some documentation then I believe you. if not I ban your ass!
  3. Does the Rock as hair? does Trudeau as hair? then you can evaluate the Test level on this 2 very different individual ...:)
  4. Frank I used S23 at multiple time, I am not sure I believe Greg D lol I think the take of Corey is better and less Bias!
  5. Corey off topic ! what is your experience with S23?
  6. I normally used Cardarine between cycle
  7. I agree 100% with your review BT are amazing
  8. I give blood after each cycle so around x 3 times a year it keep my Hematocrit low and blood pressure for me it is a requirement for blasting safely !
  9. Nice link for injection by Dave P https://youtu.be/DimqpdKLyPg
  10. If it goes down it is not infection!
  11. sometime we don't realize but we change needle angle during injection , I now inject in front of a mirror it as help me a lot!
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