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  1. I don’t even know what to say , I got nothing !
  2. This is a great fourm and I appreciate that nothing is censored there , but I believe some things are best left untouched. I also agree support who you want .
  3. Yeah not cool bro, I don’t care if your black , white,yellow or purple, people are just that PEOPLE, btw I seen some pretty fucking shitty white drivers .
  4. So kratos test prop has been pinned and I have to say very minimal pip just that little bite from the short esters that everyone expects but it is working as it should . I will for sure use these guys again.
  5. I have to agree GameChanger is an all around great guy !
  6. It just makes you feel good and your strength comes up you do get a little aggressive it just makes you want to train hard , you just have to experience it bro you will love it.
  7. Nobody here would ever recommend an oral only cycle , not if you like your health anyway.
  8. Ok that’s good but how did you approach your rep ? A lab wants to keep customers make money , so a lab needs long term customers for financial survival hence try to keep you and I happy as customers . I’m not trying to be a dick or argue I feel there could be slightly more to this . But I’m not going to judge the situation because I don’t know it . Just wanted you to show the meat and potatoes in your next review , good luck with your next purchase , hope it goes well.
  9. As ElectricRocker said a proper review is not usually all bad , you do the good the bad and the ugly to give a proper experience with a lab as well as product , it’s good practice to always go to your source or rep first on these issues any lab at any time could have a bad batch for some reason or another , it’s how they resolve it in the end that counts , keep in mind other labs read these reviews and things like this might make labs not want to deal with you , this is not bashing you or a rant or attack , just some friendly advice .
  10. Keep At it looking good
  11. You should watch the Seth Feroce steroids drugs and life part 3 very good information and kinda what your after .