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  1. This sounds like a good cycle keep us posted
  2. That and LE asking questions that you can smell them a mile away .
  3. Another one bites the dust ! What is with the influx of stupidity lately ! I got rid of 3 already for shit like that.
  4. I got nothing here lol , probably lives in a basement , wonder what it would look like there under the black light .
  5. No bro I never have air in my syringe I’m paranoid of air bubbles .
  6. Now I do thanks had to refresh I guess all good now
  7. Still can’t find it sir , I have access to everything else even our trusted sponsors
  8. Yeah I haven’t seen it either be great to have Access to that.
  9. I love how fast GameChanger jumps in and clears this shit up . Have to say the man is fucking efficient lol . I wasn’t going to comment on the short esters I didn’t want to start a fight lol . Nice job brother ! Now answer your damn pm . Haha
  10. I like how this board looks after us , good catch on the dates on his pics !
  11. No comment haha , just fucking with ya bro !
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