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  1. i was running a small amount of test/ 300 test e a week. still gotta ways to go before i jump on my cut cycle. my weight is 286 and arms 20 inches. id like to shoot for 25 pounds fat loss.
  2. dont want to hijack but after the 2 covid shutdowns. the test 400mg/week brought me back to where i was before i lost my gains. 500mg test e 400 deca and at the start 20mg halo is what will be next. gonna see what i can do first off cycle. little bit of time before spring and summer get here. tren was a while ago now in ran 600 test e 600 tren e for 10 weeks. used up all my arimidex. now i have nolva. im tempted to get letrozole. see what nature brings. thinking maybe creatine but it makes me look fat.
  3. so far their trestolone has worked. tren e and test base hasnt worked for me. hope the halo and deca work for me. I'll keep you all posted when I run it. no idea if im a tren non responder or what but I thought for sure the test would work and it didnt. if the deca doesnt work with my next cycle and my joints get real sore i'll be disapointed. just preying the halo works as im going to cut. i ran the the tren e at 600 a week and it didnt work. ran 100mg test base pre workout and no luck. im gonna be running deca 300 at 400mg a week. I have my own test e. I'll let everyone know what i get for r
  4. anybody is welcome to help design the cycle. i'll have my measurements come new years.
  5. 270 bw. u see this shit happens with the kungflu. shoulder press standing I was at 225. 330 bench 415 deadlift. right in between lock dows. this years been fucked. I'll be back in the gym after this new year. hopefully it will be better then 2020. I'm going to run a cut. using test e, test base,arimidex, deca, winstrol halo. Sorta hardcore but ive been lifting since I was 13 turning 34 on dec 30. All thesze setbacks. anything after 45 starts going down the shitter that gives me 11 years. lot of labor jobs have slowed me down hard when it comes to bodybuilding. I have some ideas on doses and ti
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