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  1. bulking is done, time to cut. got a cycle planned for when gyms open up. getting close to summer guys, give er hell.
  2. Been a while since I seen that guy. I wouldnt mind being that size.
  3. I cant handle this covid shit...
  4. bodyweight- 265. no cycle right now. been off for a while
  5. heres what im gonna do in the gym this morning. 5x1 squat, 1 all out set of deadlift, 5x1 bench, 5x1 shoulder press, 5x1 curl, 3x8 hammer curl, 1x20 incline fly 3x8 fly. its my power day. 1xweek power, 1xweek size workout and the workouts are always changing. heres my max lifts so far this year. 365x1 bench, 435x1 deadlift 340x1 squat, 230x1 shoulderpres standing, 160x1 curl. thats a few of em anyway.
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