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  1. received letrozole. it said 1mg ,compared to the 1.25mg, on the label. No complaints though. probably order from them soon again.
  2. Just did legs. Going to look for a good preworkout drink later today. Going to hit chest next if you notice my tie ins and major look too loose..I'm going to see what some crossovers and heavy benching can do for it..maybe a few more excersises too.
  3. thanks. the fat on my waist isn't helping things. I bought some protein. Whenever snack time rolls around 'M going to take 1 scoop protein instead of food.
  4. thankyou. here is today 70 pound hammer curl still got 20 inch arms cold.
  5. thing is guys there wont be a decrease in weight til march when they lower a medication. i'll try to lose 10 but when the decrease comes i'll probably lose 15 in 2 months.
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