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  1. somewhere around 25-30%bf now judging by some pics I just seen.
  2. just got back from a buffet, loaded up 3 plates worth of meat at a Chinese restaurant then ate 3 bowls of ice cream...why, because I'm hoping I can nail a few prs on chest tomorroww. Checked my weight a few minutes ago and scale says 247 on a full, full stomach. Looks like more cardio coming for me and I hate the fact that tomorrow is international chest day.
  3. today I did back and traps. couldn't find a pair of 135s so I shrugged the 140s for 4 and seen stars lol. Did more then that for traps but I don't want to talk about how much I lift. Just proud.
  4. this thread is almost a year old. still a bit of a battle to get through yet.
  5. I'm going to be 33 come dec. All the more motivated because the time ticks fast even though its a marathon. Time to up the ante.
  6. nm..doesn't look like there is any improvement at all. Looks to me like my arms shoulders traps grew.
  7. did back yesterday and jogged a bit. Here is the results.
  8. I'll check it out soon man. Currently got dennis james workout on the tv youtube.
  9. about 5 months of visits with a chiropractor. I suppose I could do all the stretching and excersizes again but it still wont hold up to where I want to get to. Over 5 plates deadlifts and squats. What is ART I know its a tare around the pelvic area.
  10. old back injury doing deadlifts with 385. Pelvic tilt. Don't know how to fix the burnt out muscle that attach to the hip. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  11. 125sx9 db shrug today. canr wait until I can do the same with 150s
  12. gain train you're a leap year ahead of me when it comes to physique.
  13. not even cruising bro, just nature and creatine. Will try ment when I get your guys say its ok to run. sustanon and deca I just have to cook. Trestolone would definitely be a low dose. letrozole Ive got but my cycle hasn't been completely designed yet.
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