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  1. 100% I believe it which is why I just want to make sure I'm on the best track. Trust my coach, but the experience a lot of you guys bring to the table is priceless. Thanks a lot brother!!
  2. Ahh.. Gentlemen my apologies I meant I'm taking 1 Aromasin tab at 25mg every second day as my coach has suggested. I really appreciate the feedback as knowledge is power ,but will also keep you safe in this game.
  3. Hi there I'm currently prepping for my first bodybuilding competition. I started prepping at 22wks and I've got 11 wks to go. Things are going amazingly well and I'm loving every minute of the process! My question is - in the communities opinion which is the strongest or most effective Ai compound and why? Currently I'm taking 1mg tab of Aromasin every other day and have had no issues. However as I get closer to competition my coach is upping my PEDS and I just want to make sure I have all the facts before I place my next order with my BT rep and make sure I'm coming in looking like i'm carved from Granite! Thanks Lifters!
  4. Awesome guys thanks for the update!
  5. Awesome news thanks for the update!
  6. just curious with how everything turned out on this post?
  7. Hey great read thanks for the valuable recipe information. I'm looking to dabble just for fun and for personal. As a rookie student learning the craft here just curious as to how you decided your BA and BB percentages per recipe? Is that just through trial and error plus experience? Or is there a mathematical equation to the whole situation? Thanks in advance any knowledge is greatly appreciated. feel free to respond or PM me brother. cheers.
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