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  1. I find the Shoppers in my area never have what I need other than slin pins and tb needles.
  2. Buyneedles dot ca , or Canadian Med Supplies. Can’t go wrong with either.
  3. Converted to early morning training recently. An exceedingly stressful job and long commute has killed my pm routine. After a few weeks of 5am workouts, I’ve adjusted and actually feel much more energized throughout the rest of the day. It’s also great not having to wait to use podiums and racks...the gym is essentially mine for the taking.
  4. I’m on TRT so my cruise mode is always on at 200mg/wk of test decanoate. I’m quite modest with my blasting and stick to 800mg of Test, usually decanoate at 200 with 600mg total per week of prop eod or tne ed. I’m getting more conservative as I age ;). For me, recomposition is about dialing in the diet at my ceiling of 800 mg. Strict diet of whole foods on a modified keto diet w/ intermittent fasting. For a bulk, test stays the same, I simply recalibrate my diet by adding in carbs and modify my fat intake accordingly.
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