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  1. Looks like a great combo. Just make sure you get your diet right and not relying on the drugs to the work, and I guarantee you will have an amazing recomp.
  2. If you are still dieting hard, I would probably throw it in at the beginning to keep fullness while dieting.
  3. Yeah, I went through a stupid gh15 phase where I thought you had to use 700mg Tren a week minimum. Felt like shit, and didn't look much better. Now have my diet in check, and only do 350mg max a week and look 100x better. No real issues, other than maybe lack of sleep, but I really think it's more to do with low calories than the tren. Don't have a problem falling asleep so it's not like insomnia, just the leaner I get, the earlier I wake up. 5 maybe 6 hours max, and I'm wide awake without an alarm clock. Now that I increased my calories in the last week, I think it's the first time my a
  4. For a recomp, nothing will beat Test and Tren (I don't even think Mast is necessary). Just depends how well you handle tren. From the choices presented (excluding tren), I would go with Test and Anadrol (if you are lean). From my experience, Masteron doesn't really do much. Don't get me wrong, I still use it every contest prep, just because I always have, but starting to question, whether it's worth it. This year I did something different, and I added 100mg Anadrol at the end of my contest prep, and got instant fullness. Felt great, no bad side effects and changed my look completel
  5. How old are you? Is this your first time using? The cruise/trt dose is very good at 100mg per week. However depending on your age, you might be better off just coming off. If you start cruising now, the more likely you will have to stay on for life (as in the future you will not be able to recover very well). Regarding the armidex for 100mg per week of Test, I don't think it's required unless you are extremely prone to aromatizing. You don't want to kill your estrogen or have it extremely low.
  6. Never had issues with Test E from BT. Smooth and use a 25g. Are you by any chance shooting the same spots or are your rotating? If the same, that could be the issue.
  7. When I shave my armpits, sometimes I get no reaction to deodorant, other times get a rash if I use it the first couple days. Seem to be more sensitive somedays. But just noticed that they claim 72 hours instead of 48, in order to claim that maybe they did make it with a higher concentration of some chemical that you are having a reaction to. Let it heal up and try a different brand.
  8. For the last 2 months or so, I’ve had horrible tendonitis in my right forearm going up my right bicep. It was so bad that the first couple weeks, I couldn’t even do side laterals cause it would hurt too much. I think what caused is me handling 65lbs dumbbells after benching and trying to not smash my tile floor, so would sort of curl them down. Either that or I was doing tons of pull ups in hammer style grip. Whatever caused it, it’s been a constant pain (all day, everyday), I thought it might be micro tear. Slowly it has been getting better but for the last week I’ve been using Bodytech
  9. I'm very surprised at the bad review of Tren E. I've been using BT for a year now and never had an issue. I actually prefer the long esters as after years, I hate pinning now. Last year getting ready for Nationals I ran BT Tren E at 400mg (max) per week with great results. No complaints. As far as Tren cough, I don't think I ever got it with Tren E, maybe like once. And the only time I get it, it seems if it's a bad injection. Like pinning the same spot too soon, or hitting scar tissue (another reason why I like long esters, is to avoid these situations); as soon as I pin and can f
  10. Hi, Never used HGH before. Was thinking of throwing in 2iu or 3iu a day (if I can afford it). A friend has showed me a source that he heard was legit but he has never actually used it himself. So wondering if anyone ever heard of these or had experience. JEOTROP 191AA SOMATROPIN $250 10iu (looks like it comes with bacteriostatic water They also have: "Power Labs Medical Group" JINTROPIN AA 191 SOMATROPIN for $360 CITADEL 10x10IU SOMATROPIN for $350 PROTROPIN 10×10 IU SOMATROPIN for $400 Hoping someone has some
  11. Just walk in to Walmart, and say "Hi, 1 vial of Humalog please" pay and say thank you. As simple as that
  12. I've used melanotan in the past, and got an amazing tan. However what I didn't like is that my cheekbones looked burned, almost dirty. Not sure why, when using a tanning bed, I even started covering my face, but still my cheekbones got way, way darker then the rest of me. Will probably try again, but at a much lower dose (I know it doesn't look like it under the gym's fluorescent) I have a fairly dark, so maybe I just went overboard on it the last time.
  13. Ha Ha, yes, working on the tan. Finally have some sun
  14. So I’ve been using Bodytech for 7 weeks now. So far it has been a great experience, I did 3 small orders to try various things out and all went super smooth. Was already on Test and Tren when I started, but Bodytech gear put things into overdrive. For the last 7 weeks I’ve been running the following as my “base” (all Bodytech stuff): 250mg Test E per week 400mg Tren E per week 400mg Mast E per week Very happy with that. In addition I tried a few other things. -Ran two, 2 week cycles of Clen. Worked up to 150mcg per day and actually had the shakes. This has never
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