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  1. Been using BodyTech products for about 6 years or so (getting older so time may be off a bit;) and the results are always excellent, packaging is bullet proof, shipping is super quick (just received an order within 5 business days), and response time in communication is consistently timely and professional. Currently recovering from a bicep tear and at 13 weeks post op I can see consistent progress in my recovery. What more can I say ? Thank You BodyTech for your amazing products and service for so many years ! MH
  2. Did you have the surgery to repair your bicep tear Kc_Chief1 ? I’m approaching 12 weeks post op and I’m seeing some size come back training with very light weight and high reps, but I can’t train this bicep properly just yet as it is too soon and I don’t want to rupture it again. My situation may be because I was 8 weeks with a bicep tear before surgery, so I wasn’t within the preferable 5 week window that surgeons like to do this procedure, which could be why my bicep still looks slightly questionable. I’m really hoping that once I can lift heavier, the bicep will fill in some length and give
  3. Hi everyone ! Looking for feedback from those who experienced a distal bicep tear and what they experienced after the surgery ? Had mine repaired just over 10 weeks now using the endo button technique and I just started training in the gym a week ago taking it really easy with very light weight on that arm just trying to improve ROM and get the blood flowing. My surgeon recommended I wait until 12 weeks post op, but I’ve seen plenty of people return to training much sooner, so I figured I’d be safe using this ease back protocol and pay close attention to my body. Right now my entire arm feels
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