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  1. I can assure you they are THE real deal I kept all my gains and was able to transition back onto cycle without missing a beat. The mk677 works as advertised...
  2. Eddie one more post with racism and I will drop the fucking ban hammer myself
  3. everything came in perfectly and untouched they did an amazing job getting the stuff to me
  4. Talon

    Talon's Corner

    okay so another great moment in Talons Corner. I was dating my wife maybe 2 or 3 weeks and went to her place from the base one Night. as we were new to this relationship I would never bust ass or burp infant of her. she went up stairs to shower and I had what I thought was a huge fart to get out. Ya turns out it wasn't a fart and I ended up shitting a little, AnyWHO what to do what to do, I panicked and ran to her downstairs bathroom and took the boxers off and shoved them into the bottom of the trash can thinking I was in the clear and not realizing she reuses garbage bags and dumped the garbage never throwing out the bag liner. Needless to say she found the boxers and my nickname became poopy for years after that. Moral of the story never trust a FART
  5. Talon


  6. Talon


    I have every sports channel available TSN,sports net, espn, fox, NHL package NFL package MLB etc etc plus every UFC PPV
  7. Talon


    I use Ok 2 and ok 3 I get both for 20 a month so one on each box and we get literals everything including PPV etc.
  8. It took a lot of breaking balls to get him back BUT WOW I assure you boys I was just with him last week in TO and he is still an ANIMAL
  9. do some digging into it get a blood test done before and after running it and see what your free test levels are while running it. I have never felt so great while running a low dose test cycle
  10. Talon

    cutler return ?

    i have to agree but I think we will see alot of people come out of the woodworks but the champ now is WOW a beast he is really built the way one would expect. I have to say Culter is really Lean without that pregant look. jay could have a real shot
  11. Talon


    we will discuss everything from IPTV to download sites for movies etc etc
  12. Talon

    Gym Playlist

    i have marlyn manson essentials from apple music as well as matallica essentials, i am know to go into the old school rap too and well slipknot for leg days
  13. wow i have never heard of either but i am intrigued for sure
  14. Talon

    cutler return ?

  15. excellent advice boys. cardio for a good 30 min then hit the weights empty stomach is best you burn through your glycogen stores start burning fat like a mofo
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