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  1. I'm glad NL is posting messages, its nice to see actual evidence and make our own decisions based off that. I belong to most of the popular forums and just watch the shit storm, mostly stay out of it all. I can say that I notice on certain forums, unless you speak positively about specific labs you are attacked.... I've found NL to be pretty solid except for a few bad eggs, thanks NL team for keeping us informed!
  2. I'll have to check it out, does it give workout programs and diets? or just information about them? Thanks for suggestion!
  3. I love the packaging so far guys, cant wait to try my first shot! Hopefully it motivates me to start going to the gym regularly again!
  4. Sorry about that was meaning to respond to @xSteazy. Just wanted to clarify my suggestion, I try to keep the posts simple and not too long but sometimes clarification is needed haha. You are bang on about the human trials but once again, depends how you interpret data, from what I remember the human trials were only done at 10mg and there was no cancer or tumours found but the studies weren't really looking fro that from what I saw, but weighing the evidence, I'd agree low dose short term, a very effective drug especially for cholesterol, endurance and fat loss.
  5. You're certainly not wrong to have concern about cancer, however with any recommendation it requires individual research and weighing of pros/cons. I wouldn't ridicule anyone for recommending it. Personally after reviewing the study you're referring to by GSK, I was not concerned about cardarine. The reason being is the rats used are predisposed to developing cancer genetically with life spans of something like 36 months. Cancer was noticed in dosages as low as 40+mg for 2 year period. The life span for rat to human is 13.8 rat days is 1 year. (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3733029/) Lets say each month is 29 days give or take, 36x29=1044 Average rat lives 1044 days divided by 13.8 so about 75 years old the study is 2 years so 24 months so they took cardarine at 40mg per day for 50 years, this is approx and im coming up with as we speak. GH has been found to promote growth of cancer cells in some studies, you dont hear people say boo about that. Anyway not here to argue what you're saying because you arent wrong, just saying there is multiple ways to extrapolate data from studies. Sorry Synster to hijack thread with this haha, just wanted to clarify my suggestion. Interested hearing from everyone though, lots of viewpoints on the matter which is great!
  6. Best weight loss for me is fasted cardio, obviously with a clean diet, however if I am being a piece of crap, which in the summertime i often am, test tren mast with var and clen.....never tried DNP because it freaks me out and i dont get paid to look good, however I dont think that should scare people off, tren and clen are probably worse in a lot of ways
  7. Regarding orals, hyper tension is no joke, only oral id be opting for is fiber/cq10/fish oil, however, cardarine would be my choice, as ive found it can have positive effects on cholesterol. At that weight and bp i'd imagine your cholesterol to be funky. Just my two cents. Id avoid the endrocrine disruption of front loading in the future, im sure you have blood work checked but at 1200mg be interesting to see how much of that is converting to estrogen with a potential high estrogen issue causing BP, 1200mg is no joke, neither is 800 imo. Since you asked id suggest the following: 400mg test per week 400-500mg primo per week 20-30mg cardarine per day I know you've already started your cycle so obviously this isnt helpful but moving forward Prob a good idea to get health in check prior to starting what i'd call a heavy cycle and get the mindset off putting in an oral which will only exacerbate your preexisting issues
  8. Cool tool!!! but whats a cycle? I only know about blast and cruise
  9. Curious about Arimidex over Aromasin? Ive always preferred aromasin out of my experience with both. My cycle was very similar and found great success 1.5ML of TTM test tren mast 150mg per day 40mg clen per day Aromasin eod 50mg anavar ed Felt strong and shredded even though my diet sucked haha! I think you will find great success with that, however I will say I noticed a very positive difference with "Shredder" everyday opposed to every other day as lots choose to do. Found it easy to use a 1 inch 29g needle as well. Interested to see how your cycle is going to work out for you, planning on doing a log by chance?
  10. Hey Everyone, just wanted some suggestions and input on a new bulking cycle. Tradtionally ive always doing Test Deca Dbol, but looking for a little less water weight and not too concerned about putting on a lot of size as i am looking hard and full with a little weight gain. Let me know what you guys suggest and thanks in advance! Also any labs you recommend doesnt hurt. Not looking for sources just suggestions FYI. Cheers!
  11. ****UPDATE**** Promised I would update so here it is Just finished bulking cycle and pct, going to take a break for another month but satisfied with gains (disclaimer, I dont have the best body genetics but that's why i'm not a bodybuilder, just a hormone and gym enthusiast ) Canmed Cycle t400 2cc per week Deca 2cc per week (cant recall what they dose it at off hand) Dbol 25mg ed for 6 weeks Aromasin eod then used PCT hcg clomid nolv. No strict diet (I said im not a bodybuilder, get off my back) but I did try to insure I got my protein in! #nohomo Eatings never an issue as im a foodie buuut, id say my diet stayed the same aside from consuming extra protein. Weight was 173 when I started now im at 188 as of this am. Just finished PCT so before pic is day I took my first shot and last pic was yesterday, both post gym. Look forward to cutting up for summer in my usual douche bag tradition! Going to get blood work done so I will update then and see where my natty test levels are at prior to starting cutting cycle, but thinking about starting in a month or so.
  12. Hmm, I’m not sure I always have my rbc and other blood work test done through my doctor and it’s covered on msp
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