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  1. Hello Star-girl Anavar and primobolon are the safer ones to go with for a safer response. I use Anavar myself and its definitely a favorite of mine strength gains and putting on lean muscle is what I am putting on. As for myself i generally take 50mg of anavar a day but ive been using anavar off and on for over 25 years now. I also love primobolon and buy it in pill form ive done injectable too but i find the primobolon pills work great too. i take 20mg of primobolon every day obviously beginning a cycle i dont recommend such a high dose of Anavar as what i take my body is used to it...hope th
  2. A very interesting read:: Research and psychiatrist Ingrid Amalia Havnes interviewed female bodybuilders and has looked into how their use of certain doping substances has impacted them physically, psychologically and socially. Havnes explored what caused the women to start using anabolic-androgenic steroids (AAS), the resulting side effects and how they dealt with the adverse effects. «This is a touchy matter. The women encounter plenty of stigmatization. So, they commonly don’t disclose their use of anabolic steroids to their family, friends inside and outside of their trainin
  3. Ibutamoren mesylate (MK-0677), an orally active nonpeptide growth hormone (GH) secretagogue, stimulates GH release through a pituitary and hypothalamic receptor that is different from the GH-releasing hormone receptor. We evaluated the safety and tolerability and the GH-insulin-like growth factor (IGF) responses to two dosages of oral ibutamoren mesylate given to children with GH deficiency for 7 to 8 days. The patients, 18 prepubertal children (15 male, 3 female) with idiopathic GH deficiency, had a chronologic age of 10.6 +/- 0.8 years (mean +/- SD), bone age of 7.4 +/- 0.7 years, gr
  4. Researchers at the University of Virginia Health System report that a daily single oral dose of an investigational drug, MK-677, increased muscle mass in the arms and legs of healthy older adults without serious side effects, suggesting that it may prove safe and effective in reducing age-related frailty. Published in the November 4, 2008 issue of Annals of Internal Medicine, the study showed that levels of growth hormone (GH) and of insulin-like growth factor I (IGF- I) in seniors who took MK-677 increased to those found in healthy young adults. The drug restored 20 percent of mus
  5. GH increases bone turnover and stimulates osteoblast activity. We hypothesized that administration of MK-677, an orally active GH secretagogue, together with alendronate, a potent inhibitor of bone resorption, would maintain a higher bone formation rate relative to that seen with alendronate alone, thereby generating greater enhancement of bone mineral density (BMD) in women with postmenopausal osteoporosis. We determined the individual and combined effects of MK-677 and alendronate administration on insulin-like growth factor I levels and biochemical markers of bone formation (osteoca
  6. For many years, Pyramid Training has been one of the gold standards for bodybuilders who want to maximize their gains without using things like steroids (natural steroids are OK, though!). However, recent research and developments seem to suggest that the exact opposite, reverse pyramiding, is also true. Reverse Pyramid Training (RPT), as it’s called, is also a fantastic way to help improve your gains and get the most out of your workouts. If you want to learn more about RPT so you can decide whether or not it’s something you want to try out, then read on! What is Reverse Pyrami
  7. As a body-builder, there are a lot of short term benefits of using steroids. The only problem is that these are short-lived and actually point towards long term medical complications. Using steroids can have the following effects: 1 – Increase in muscle size In 2007, research directed towards the effects of testosterone enanthate pointed out that there are apparent differences on muscle mass and strength training performances when the steroid is administered. Measuring the performance of the participants in various strength training exercises, the study concluded that the body ma
  8. I am about to order my first order of Cardarine so thats good to know as theres not alot of information about sarms out there. I do however really love Mk677 both myself and my fiancee use it now plus im on my anavar and a little bit of test propionate...great results...
  9. Description: Discover a guide on the effectiveness of pre-workout supplements to maximize workout performance! Read on what supplements to take before a workout, safety, ingredients, and natural pre-workout supplements that you can rely on for results. Pre-workout supplements are a vital part of the diets of many fitness enthusiasts. Individuals who do high-demanding physical activities use these supplements to enhance their performance. There are plenty of pre-workout supplements out there. Yet, many wonder whether they are as effective as they claim to be. This article aims to help you
  10. As pioneers of low-cost fitness and breaking down the barriers to exercise, The Gym Group is backing the Government’s ‘Be Real’ campaign for body confidence by encouraging more women to take up strength training and challenging outdated attitudes to working out with weights. Statistics released by the Government’s ‘Be Real’ campaign highlighted that 87% of girls aged 11-21 think that women are judged more on their appearance than on their ability and women’s body satisfaction does not improve as they move toward and into midlife. As more positive role models are putting super waifs in
  11. Anavar is a very popular drug among women who are intensively involved in sports. We can say for sure that this drug is referred to anabolic steroids. But due to its small anabolic abilities and complete lack of aromatization, Oxandrolone is considered to be very soft. In comparison with all other drugs of anabolic origin, it occupies a leading position in terms of the safest. This is true, and because Anavar for women is the best and safest option. What Effects Can Women Expect From Anavar? Clearly it can be argued that to compare the effect of Anavar i
  12. A super good read::: Steroid use, while far from normalized or acceptable, has become much more commonplace since the advent of the internet. It’s now easier to learn about steroids, easier to sell steroids, easier to purchase steroids, and thanks to the miracle of social media, easier to showcase steroid-enhanced bodies than ever before. Hell, for people like ex-baseball star Jose Canseco and recently deceased celebrity bodybuilder Rich Piana, it’s become much easier to talk openly about using and abusing these drugs for fun and profit. Of course, wom
  13. Since modern female bodybuilding began in the late 1970s, women in the sport have often been accused by some of trying to look like men. However, Charles Gaines, author of Pumping Iron, has called this kind of female body a “new archetype,” something never before seen any time or any place in all of history. So, if some people automatically associate muscles with masculinity, there are thousands of years of precedent encouraging them to do so. But times change. Not long ago, women couldn’t vote nor own property. Female scientists were not eligible to receive a Nobel Prize. Women nowada
  14. Nearly every bodily function, from sleep to exercise performance, is directly affected by your hydration levels. Along with its already mentioned benefits, staying well-hydrated helps in a variety of other vital factors, among them maintaining optimal blood pressure, promoting kidney health, and assisting in fat loss. Plus, the human body is made up of nearly 60% water, so it stands to reason, without proper hydration, we simply cannot function, let alone excel in how we perform. But staying hydrated is a little more complex, and oftentimes confusing, than just downing a glass o
  15. There are two types of Diabetes Mellitus: types 1 and 2. The pathology of each of the two diseases is completely different and, from a nutrition and exercise viewpoint, each should be treated differently. Blood glucose levels are controlled by the hormone insulin produced by the pancreas. Glucose comes from our food from starchy foods, like rice, potatoes, bread, etc and from sugar. It is also manufactured in the liver from where it is passed into the blood. In diabetes glucose cannot be used effectively as a fuel by the body so levels rise in the blood and excess passes into urine. This
  16. All the women who compete in bodybuilding, fitness, figure, physique, bikini, or whatever the category, have so much in common they constitute a Sisterhood of Muscle. They often encounter the same obstacles from friends, family and people in general who resist the idea of women “going too far” in terms of muscle development and definition. They are also often surprised at the degree to which their muscles become the objects of fetish by (mostly) men, which can be off-putting to many. Any of these women in any category are liable to find themselves facing opposition if their genetics
  17. Guys...your wife is watching your biceps getting bigger! Is she jealous? Does she want to start “bodybuilding” but is afraid of getting TOO big? She’s secretly want’s that finely chiseled body, too! Here’s how she can build muscle for a lean, sexy physique without the fear of embarrassing you with bigger arms as you walk down the beach... There are a lot of myths around women and bodybuilding and they just don’t seem to die. I’d like to share with you an article that sheds light on women and weight training that will pave the path for your wife or girlfriend to adopt the bodybuilding
  18. Here's what you need to know about diet and nutrition for weight training and bodybuilding: It’s not all that different from a normal, healthy athlete’s diet, except for some emphasis on quantity and meal timing in various training phases.1 This, however, is where detail becomes very important. why It Works Pros and Cons How It Compares Here's what you need to know about diet and nutrition for weight training and bodybuilding: It’s not all that diffe
  19. Make the glute-ham raise more effective by changing the pivot point from your thighs to the knees to increase muscle activation. Increase the difficulty of the glute-ham raise by lowering yourself for a 10-count and following it up with 6-8 full reps. Do rebound glute-ham raises by violently contracting your hamstrings to pull yourself back up to the start position. Post activation potentiation (PAP) increases power and explosiveness. Take advantage of it by pairing rebound glute-ham raises with Romanian deadlifts. The hamstrings are the most undervalued and underde
  20. Thankyou and yes they are misunderstood breed
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