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  1. I would throw the libido thing out there at every chance. If a middle aged woman was sitting in her Dr's office on her big fat butt blubbering about her dried up vagina and her husbands cute little secretary that's always giggling at him you better believe hrt would be a go for her. A healthy sex life is the key to a healthy marriage. Use that angle imo.
  2. Fak! If you're 20% then I'm in way worse shape then I thought. Your 20% is now my goals.
  3. FWIW, Anyone can talk for the sake of talking but there might be little substance. So volume isn't necessarily valuable. I assume it's value that you want to reward and promote. Maybe most reactions to posts or rep/mnth is better. And then to continue to randomize the outcome, perhaps take the top 5 of whatever marker you settle on and draw from there. This may encourage ppl to write more and interact with reactions more. Just a thought. Also... Thanks. For trying to find ways to give. It's like Roll Up The Rim. I'm getting a coffee anyways but now there's free shit too? Whoohoo.
  4. This is legit. Except it isn't the gear. It's caused by poor diet. What's your macro break down? What's your height and weight? Post more info so the good folks here can help you. BTW it's called Dickiedo. Good luck.
  5. Death and taxes. I accept and embrace both. But I don’t want either to be painful, in vain, unethical, unnecessary or pointless. Fuck death. Fuck taxes. And fuck right off taxing me to death!
  6. This is a good thing!
  7. If you're worried about sides, why are you planning to hit >1g/wk? Will it be your last cycle ever? If so then maybe go balls deep. But I suspect it won't be. So don't treat it like it is. I like to read. It keeps my head focused on my goals. So I browse the net reading forums. There are so many threads where huge and shredded dudes are using low dose cycles and making gains. Marathons not sprints. My conservative suggestion would be to cut your plan in half. See where it takes you. Then see where you want to go from there. What's the worst case scenario from that? Less gear = less sides = more healthy gains. There are two bulls standing on a hill overlooking a pasture full of cows. The younger bull, eager, but lacking experience, says to the old bull “Hey, let’s run down there and fuck ourselves a cow.” The old bull, who has spent season after season in this pasture, turns to the younger bull, chuckles, and replies “Nah, how about we walk down there, and fuck them all.”
  8. Everything takes time to build up. Even if you are already on try and want to increase dose it requires time. Here, plug in some numbers and have a look. https://roidcalc.powerbody.ru/?langid=8
  9. It’s way too soon for me to say. I’ve only just been taking it for 3 weeks. The directions say take for 5mnths to really notice improvements but I’m hoping with npp’s increased collagen synthesis benefits will be sooner.
  10. According to my reading, twice a week for npp probably isn't often enough. EOD is best. Which is exactly what I'm currently doing. Test E/NPP EOD.
  11. It's not exactly bulk but Canadian Protein sells it. https://www.canadianprotein.com/hydrolyzed-collagen?search_query=collagen&results=1 I was going to order some from them but just went with great Lakes Collagen from Amazon.
  12. Microdosing is not self defeating. It’s beneficial. Your body doesn’t produce one dose it keeps a steady supply. The more shots you do the closer it mimics the body and the less sides. The catch is, there’s more injections. If the pinning doesn’t bother you, split it up. Just do the math so the weekly amount is the same.
  13. Nothing burns fat better than getting the heart rate up. So sex. Lots and lots of sex.
  14. To me, this is more of a fasted/fed argument. Eat 1-6 meals a day just do it in a shorter window. Don't spend 24hrs in a fed state. Eat the meals in an 8-10 hour window.
  15. It sounds like you are concerned your cousin is suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone due to using exogenous test and not doing a proper pct. The correct course of action would be to have your cousin go see their doctor. Have them run some blood work to determine what his natural testosterone levels are at. Then he can make a plan from there.
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