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  1. It’s way too soon for me to say. I’ve only just been taking it for 3 weeks. The directions say take for 5mnths to really notice improvements but I’m hoping with npp’s increased collagen synthesis benefits will be sooner.
  2. According to my reading, twice a week for npp probably isn't often enough. EOD is best. Which is exactly what I'm currently doing. Test E/NPP EOD.
  3. It's not exactly bulk but Canadian Protein sells it. https://www.canadianprotein.com/hydrolyzed-collagen?search_query=collagen&results=1 I was going to order some from them but just went with great Lakes Collagen from Amazon.
  4. Microdosing is not self defeating. It’s beneficial. Your body doesn’t produce one dose it keeps a steady supply. The more shots you do the closer it mimics the body and the less sides. The catch is, there’s more injections. If the pinning doesn’t bother you, split it up. Just do the math so the weekly amount is the same.
  5. Nothing burns fat better than getting the heart rate up. So sex. Lots and lots of sex.
  6. To me, this is more of a fasted/fed argument. Eat 1-6 meals a day just do it in a shorter window. Don't spend 24hrs in a fed state. Eat the meals in an 8-10 hour window.
  7. It sounds like you are concerned your cousin is suffering from the symptoms of low testosterone due to using exogenous test and not doing a proper pct. The correct course of action would be to have your cousin go see their doctor. Have them run some blood work to determine what his natural testosterone levels are at. Then he can make a plan from there.
  8. Very exciting day today. Nothing but great things to say about our friends at Genetec. Can't wait to get started.
  9. So I'm very curious about this fellas. I know you can recomp and cut on keto very well but can you straight bulk? I mean a straight up 20lb pure unadulterated muscle bulk. Will it be a matter of maintaining the needed caloric surplus or do you actually need the carbs for the bodybuilding intensity and insulin pushes?
  10. That to me is total horseshit. Why let sides get out of control? Why not understand what’s causing the problem (and excess anything is a problem) then mitigate the effects of the problem by using the minimum effective dose to address the cause. Even if that’s cut back on the doses currently being used. I’ve never had gyno so cannot say for sure but I would think any surgery would require recovery. Which I assume would cut into gym time and those hard earned gai s would start to slip away.
  11. Most ofmy adult life I had heartburn, indigestion or acid reflux. I popped tums like pez. Gaviscon, rolaid's, kaopectate. You name it. I gave up things like coffee and bacon and whatever else I thought might be the cause. It never went away. Until....wait for it. Until I gave up the evil grains. After I went paleo the indigestion vanished. I didn't notice at first but one day just realized it had been forever. Correlation or causation. All I know is, it's been several years since I've had a need for a tums. Just one of the many hidden benefits of going grain free. For me anyways.
  12. I have done very little research on the vegan keto lifestyle as I am a staunch member of PETA. (people eating tasty animals). However, I would suspect your IF practices would go along way to support ketosis. And maybe the TKD approach would work best so you don't exclude too many of your already limited food choices. You can check out this site. https://www.ruled.me/comprehensive-guide-vegan-ketogenic-diet/
  13. KetoMuscles


    I'm not an expert but wouldn't that start taking up a lot of server space? That being said, I love reading ebooks and have amassed quite a collection. Most are generic (had to download 50 to get the 1). I'm happy to share. And am always interested in more.
  14. I would however like to get a TRX for my basement gym. I think there's a lot of functional strength gains to be had there. If the kids didn't turn it into a swing or part of an American Ninja Warrior course.
  15. I have no real world experience with it but I found it intriguing a while back so i read up on it. If you're wealthy enough to give it a go, here is the top of the line equipment and their research. https://www.kaatsu-global.com/index.cfm?Action=Research.Home
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