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  1. That to me is total horseshit. Why let sides get out of control? Why not understand what’s causing the problem (and excess anything is a problem) then mitigate the effects of the problem by using the minimum effective dose to address the cause. Even if that’s cut back on the doses currently being used. I’ve never had gyno so cannot say for sure but I would think any surgery would require recovery. Which I assume would cut into gym time and those hard earned gai s would start to slip away.
  2. Most ofmy adult life I had heartburn, indigestion or acid reflux. I popped tums like pez. Gaviscon, rolaid's, kaopectate. You name it. I gave up things like coffee and bacon and whatever else I thought might be the cause. It never went away. Until....wait for it. Until I gave up the evil grains. After I went paleo the indigestion vanished. I didn't notice at first but one day just realized it had been forever. Correlation or causation. All I know is, it's been several years since I've had a need for a tums. Just one of the many hidden benefits of going grain free. For me anyways.
  3. I have done very little research on the vegan keto lifestyle as I am a staunch member of PETA. (people eating tasty animals). However, I would suspect your IF practices would go along way to support ketosis. And maybe the TKD approach would work best so you don't exclude too many of your already limited food choices. You can check out this site. https://www.ruled.me/comprehensive-guide-vegan-ketogenic-diet/
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    I'm not an expert but wouldn't that start taking up a lot of server space? That being said, I love reading ebooks and have amassed quite a collection. Most are generic (had to download 50 to get the 1). I'm happy to share. And am always interested in more.
  5. I would however like to get a TRX for my basement gym. I think there's a lot of functional strength gains to be had there. If the kids didn't turn it into a swing or part of an American Ninja Warrior course.
  6. I have no real world experience with it but I found it intriguing a while back so i read up on it. If you're wealthy enough to give it a go, here is the top of the line equipment and their research. https://www.kaatsu-global.com/index.cfm?Action=Research.Home
  7. Everything I have read about them says the same thing. Stay away!! These activities ppl do at crossfit are harmful and useless outside of crossfit. Heres a quick T-Nation read. https://www.t-nation.com/training/3-shoulder-killers-to-avoid
  8. To correct myself for accuracy, McRobert’s books are the Brawn, Beyond Brawn etc but his website is HardGainer
  9. Maybe your training routine is no longer effective. Are you following a program? Maybe you’re at the gym too often and not pushing hard enough when you’re there. Have you read any books? Like Stuart McRobert’s Hard Gainer series? maybe your diet isn’t on point. Are you getting enough protein? I only ask because steroids should be the last piece of the puzzle.
  10. Sorbate is referring to 300mg of inj test. I don’t think orals only cycles are that popular. Obvi you know the gf better than anyone but maybe start having conversations about trt and let her know it’s something you want to try for yourself. Let her know its no different than estrogen replacement therapy for menopausal women. Better to have her on board. Especially if your libido goes all teenager on you.
  11. How old are you? is there a reason you are against injectables?
  12. Makes me want to order a bucket or two.
  13. ok my man. Let's try some practical advice. If you're like me you don't work in Hollywood. Telling me to hire a professional fitness instructor, a nutritionist, a chef or a psychic isn't anything that's going to help me. You can buy a buttload of gear for $100. I'm sure the Funnyman is worth way more than that. Plus, it looks like the cash is already spent and we're on cycle. So the facts. 1) You want to shed some pounds. I couldn't count calories if my life depended on it. And unless you're under 10%bf it probably isn't necessary. Keto/Atkins, Whole 30, Weight Watchers, Vegetarian, they all work. They all eliminate or drastically reduce processed foods. Especially processed carbs. I can count carbs. So can you. Advice #1. Get your carbs down as low as possible. Set an upper limit of 100g per day. That includes fruit. Don't drink anything that isn't water or caffein based. Coffee/tea. Fact 2) You're on cycle. If you want to gain muscle you need protein. Advice #2 Up your protein intake. Try to hit 150-200g per day. That's probably excessive but you're on cycle. Plus most weight loss is partly due to muscle loss. Increasing your protein will prevent that. Go to canadianprotein or a retail store like popeyes. Buy bulk protein with no carbs. Tell your folks to buy a tub. Whatever. Advice #3. Make sure you follow a work out routine. A program. There are loads. Track the weight. I have books. If you want to read anything let me know. Whether it's diet, fitness, or bodybuilding. If you want to read it, I can send it. It looks like you've shed some good pounds. I can see it on your face. Keep going man. You can do it. Time to step it up a bit though.
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    I bbq year round. Send er my way and I'll hit my protein count no prob.