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  1. I’m sure you could try 250 and definitely get some benefits from it. But from the people I’ve talked to say 500-800mcg is a good dose ED some people will break the dose into one in morning and one a night! I just did once a day at 500mcg. Maybe give the 250 a try if you find it isn’t helping up it to 500 and get some more peptides!
  2. I never ran that protocol, but I tried 4 mg a week split into 2 doses for tb500, also ran 500mcg of bpc-157 everyday. This was for only 4 weeks wish I would have done at least 6 weeks. But even at 4 week I noticed a improvement on my shoulder, I have a small full thickness tear in my infraspinatus! It helped me to be able to get back into the gym. I found the best thing to do is use tb500 and bpc-157 combined with a good physiotherapy program. My shoulder still isn’t great after 14 months of it being messed up still get sore every so often and still clicks and pops not sure if I need surgery w
  3. Was wondering if anyone has ordered from Canadapeptide.com? If so how was the quality? Wanting to order some BPC-157 and Tb500
  4. Was looking for some opinions on what to do for this injury would really like to get back to lifting. On February 3 2018 i was training chest and triceps and thought I would try a one rep max on bench since I hadn’t done one for months since my shoulder would bug me bench pressing every so offten. That day I was originally supposed to do 5x5’s on bench but my shoulder felt pretty good and thought I’d give a one rep a go. Which turned out to be a bad idea. I unracked the weight brought It down to my chest did a 1 second pause then pushed got up almost half way then all the sudden my shoul
  5. I bought some Nolvadex and arimidex from them and it worked great. The communication was top notch any time I emailed him he would reply within 30mins! Shipping was very fast also, will definitely be ordering some goodies from vortex here soon!
  6. I’m planning on trying this soon as I have a small tear in my infraspinatus, shoulder is always sore. From the people I’ve talked with they say to dose that TB500 @ 2mg E3.5D for a total of 4mg a week. And for the BPC-157 dose I’ll be doing 250mcg twice a day once in morning and once at night for a total of 500mcg a day. And I’ll be doing that for 4 weeks! Hope this helps.
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