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  1. Nice just got my pair of kai greene special edition d-maks from ryderwear. Sweet ass shoes. Didnt realise they came from australia so got stuck with some extra boarder charges but was worth it.
  2. No need to pin long esters eod. Would it keep levels more stable, yes in theory. In application you'll probably never tell the difference. I know I cant tell the difference between eod or twice a week on long esters. I know I'd rather pin less and avoid that extra scar tissue if I can. This thread is a classic case of over thinking things. We all agree that nutrition training and rest are the most important factors in growing but we all obsess and over think the drugs. But just to be a prick, here's some food for thoughts, have you ever considered the ester weight when
  3. I'm a development miner. Spent more of my career on in jackleg drifts, alimak raises and spent a year and a half sinking shaft. Now I decided to be a company man and I'm bored as fuck bolting on a maclean bolter. But meh, for the first time in my career I can stop for lunch when ever I want and have tons of energy for the gym after work so I'm trying to stay positive about it. Let's just say that the way you guys think we do things underground isnt always the way you guys have it on paper, otherwise jobs would never get done. Underground is like Las Vegas. What happe
  4. Lats is an other good spot indeed. Theres two ways either with the arm up or across the chest. Personally I rather the arm across the chest I find it's more comfortable. You definitely don't want to always be pinning the same spot. The more in rotation you have the better in imo. Pushing a pin through some scar tissue gives me the same feeling as nails on a chalk board. Feels like you can almost hear the crushing.
  5. Add the ventrogluteal to your site rotation. By far the best spot to inject IMO
  6. We call those gushers lol doesnt happen often but stick to the game long enough and itll happen again at some point. You might have lost a bit of oil but If you pinned deep enough I wouldnt worry about it. I'd be very suprised if you bruised from it at all.
  7. interesting. will be checking back in to see how that works out for you.
  8. A good attempt lol but factually inaccurate. The Chilean miners were not stuck in a shaft. Hahaha
  9. I come from a family of miners. Actually in high school I wanted to be a computer programmer. Graduated from college. Got a chick pregnant and into mining I went. Had to make some real money. But I dont regret it for a second. I love being underground
  10. I'm an underground hard rock miner. A real life gold digger.
  11. What's a mod and who has contacts to buy juice?
  12. ARUSH


    49 bucks is for the consultation. Wonder if there's extra fees for the req. I'm sure the test themselves must cost something. No?
  13. Needles was once my only fear. My very first pin I was sweating, shaking, pretty sure I almost past out. Till you get a few in you and realise there's fuck all to it. Dont waist your money on this useless "cycle" you've described
  14. Actually they are NOT allowed to ask you questions.
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