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  1. you can try var for a little but, that's not a long term fix. same with test, unless she has low T. you'll have to get her to a doctor. you can try cialis as well? test base?
  2. if it's sliced like paper thin, i can do blue/rare
  3. flank is underrated. i started eating it again but, you really gotta cook it medium or under otherwise, it gets too flippin' tough.
  4. not one hormone is geared to, cutting/bulking, that's diet. i also wouldn't just jump into a 'bulk' ... i would reverse diet, then add gear. and i am not going to suggest anything because, that's all personal preference. you need to figure out what you're doing and pick a hormone and stick to the plan.
  5. if you are trying to conceive, then why would you contemplate gear? what do you mean you're struggling with your stomach? also, might want to look into clomid treatment for conception. has you guy been tested for sperm count? I also want to note, i have zero experience with Proviron. It is something i'd like to try as well. musclemama and beauty both have experience with proviron though. they'd be your go to for experience talk.
  6. I never replied to this? gosh! Preworkout meal: Greek Yogurt and Lucky Charms with, caffeine, nicotine, and ephies.. and a side of var and some sodium in there
  7. my heart burn was bad during pregnancy. zantac on the daily now it's hit or miss... indigestion though, wow. i either need to chew or what. i typically get it when i eat tuna or chicken. it's fucking so bad that, i end up having to make myself puke to relieve the pain. gross. i know but, if i don't take a zantac before one of those meals, i'm doomed. oh, and carrots do it too.. why carrots, i don't have a clue!
  8. apple cider vin is a temp fix if you got heart burn bad, i always take OTC medicine, first thing in the morning and it'll last all day.
  9. i knoowwww... i'm fuckin horrible, eh? i'll try again, i promise! i just don't make time to sit and watch anything. Sometimes i find it hard to sit and watch a movie. the only show i am really dedicated to is shameless. i also like SMILF.
  10. I havent experienced it but, watched a cough or two go down. My sperm donor would stick his head in the freezer. Some would use an inhaler.
  11. tried watching it last night and couldn't get into it. i was also distracted so, i'll give it one more try before it goes into the, 'fuck it' bin
  12. I would save the var if you plan on blasting and cruising. I would save it for when you cruise, add a low dose in to maintain your gains. Just my suggestion.
  13. Damn. I hope I grow up to be a GILF
  14. Then you got 2 options. Drop the clen and find a alternative or.. dont sleep. OTC sleeping aids work but dont become dependent on it.
  15. OTC sleeping pills? Benzo? couple shots? Smoke some green? Take some CBD oil? meditate? Thats all i got for sleeping aid suggestions unless, you can get some ambien? (Doubt you'll need something that strong but, yeah). I'm an ephedrine kind of girl so, i don't do get insomnia. However, i got bad insomnia with bold cyp... i really had to up the dose on sleeping aids and, i was taking a ativan too. i'd get a little anxious before bed and, it would help relax me til the OTC sleeping aid kicked in. (I also was dependent on sleeping aid. just stopped using them around xmas). Good luck on the sleep!
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