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  1. try 50mg, see how you look and feel.
  2. Just want to express my appreciation for BodyTech. Having an affordable reliable domestic that isnt fly by night is a godsend to the community. I hope you all appreciate the stress and work that goes in to doing what they do for us.
  3. Seems unnecessary. Save it for you next cycle. You've got more than enough gear. If you cant recomp on that, something else needs fixing.
  4. Its a SERM thats not widely available in the canada ug. I've used it before as part of a gyno reversal protocol. Letrozole 2.5mg ED + Raloxifene 60mg ED until lump is gone, then taper off. Since Aromasin is much more commonly available and cheaper now ($8-10 per pill when it was new), I'd substitute the Letro with Aromasin if I was designing a gyno reversal protocol now.
  5. If they give you a hassle, here's what you say: "Are you discriminating against me because i am transgender ?" $10 says they turn red, shut their mouth and give you the syringes.
  6. i already cant do up the top button on my shirts to wear a tie. If i trained my neck with intention...oh boy
  7. I've been hiding my gear for a couple decades. its not that difficult. Lock it in a tool box in the garage, hide it in a cleaned out protein tub, in a sock in your gym bag, keep it work, in a locker at the gym, the options are endless and easy. Injections require 2-3 minutes of privacy.
  8. True that. Caffeine is about the only sports supplement i believe in any more.
  9. a vote for M1T as well. you can gain on it at 5mg without sides. 10mg is a good compromise. running it around 30mg was magical.... but the sides will get ya. i know 2 guys went to hospital for renal issues, 1 running 40mg/6weeks, the other 50mg 3weeks. Both full recovery, but use extreme caution at higher doses and dont ignore symptoms.
  10. What dosage/frequency do guys typically run to melt fat off ?
  11. any good bulk powder suppliers in Canada have deals on taurine ?
  12. I used to just get bloods done on trips to the states, great to have this easy option here.
  13. I like the solitude of training at home by myself. No one trying to talk to me, no one's shitty music blasting. It's like meditation for me when i train.
  14. its no miracle but it does have an effect. I've used it on ppl who struggle to get a pump. You're artificially creating a wicked pump and the congestion of metabolites that goes with it.
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