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  1. Been with BT for over 4 years. And I must say that the customer service is still top notch. Just received another order last week. Communication, and delivery all on point. Thanks again BT!
  2. It can’t keep draining blood using the vacutainers. Each container only takes 10ml. You just keep snapping on new tubes. I fill 25 which ends up being about half of what a regular donation would be.
  3. I drank lemon water heated with honey when I was going through chemotherapy. I highly recommend against it! Chemo attacks rapidly reproducing cells. Hence why your hair falls out. Your digestive system also has rapidly reproducing cells. So they are damaged all the time. The lemon “tea” concoction caused me to lose my voice for the duration of chemo likely bc of the acidity.
  4. I order the 25lb box of “blend”. Half isolate half concentrate. Never bloat or gas.
  5. Post workout favourite for bulk. Ground beef, scrambled eggs, rice. All mixed up with sriracha sauce. With a lb of ground beef and 6 eggs you’re looking at over 2000 Cal’s and a boatload of protein.
  6. I’ve used letro and lump gone. However, I felt awful. I guess you have to do what you have to do.
  7. Saw this on Instagram. Really funny
  8. As rocker said, this happens. I’m sure you’re fine
  9. I haven’t found it at a pharmacy either. BT has it so I include in orders there.
  10. I like quality over quantity fore sure. Good discussion here!
  11. ^^funny analogy. But it basically nails it.
  12. Reading posts above. The “normal range” is not broken down by age. It’s anyone from 18-70 years old. So if you are 40 and at the lowest of normal, in my unprofessional broscience opinion that’s not normal. This is why why I TRT on my own. I was at the low end of normal 5 years ago at 35 years old. You just do what’s right for you and be sure to monitor blood.
  13. Rbc’s, hemocrit, hemoglobin will be elevated. So donating blood every 3 months fixes that. But I do that myself as I’m not permitted to donate bc of history of having Hodgkins Lymphoma. I’ll take out about 300ml a week before blood work and always comes back in check.
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