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  1. Saw this on Instagram. Really funny
  2. As rocker said, this happens. I’m sure you’re fine
  3. I haven’t found it at a pharmacy either. BT has it so I include in orders there.
  4. I like quality over quantity fore sure. Good discussion here!
  5. ^^funny analogy. But it basically nails it.
  6. Reading posts above. The “normal range” is not broken down by age. It’s anyone from 18-70 years old. So if you are 40 and at the lowest of normal, in my unprofessional broscience opinion that’s not normal. This is why why I TRT on my own. I was at the low end of normal 5 years ago at 35 years old. You just do what’s right for you and be sure to monitor blood.
  7. Rbc’s, hemocrit, hemoglobin will be elevated. So donating blood every 3 months fixes that. But I do that myself as I’m not permitted to donate bc of history of having Hodgkins Lymphoma. I’ll take out about 300ml a week before blood work and always comes back in check.
  8. I do. Been through the blood work, numerous times and referred to endo. But it was such a process and she wanted me to stay off everything for 6 months on top of the 3 I was already off. I gave up and just do it myself at 200mg test e /wk. monitor my blood work and learned how to withdraw blood on my own too to keep RBCs in check.
  9. The only time I ever had a bad reaction was when pinning my quads. First and last time I did it.
  10. 500 test e with 450 NPP worked for me. No deca dick. But like many said, many react differently.
  11. 800mg Test E per week. I guess I’m a light weight!
  12. Nothing more rewarding than giving back! I coach hockey, and raise money for cancer research (I’m a cancer survivor). Great Job! I know it can be exhausting but worth every minute!
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