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  1. ASICS throwing shoes. Very flat profile.
  2. Ok so I tried BT Tdrol before a workout. This compound is incredible. I was knocking out 3-4 extra reps per set. I couldn’t believe it. Currently running 500mg test/week 350mg tren A/week ran the above for 6 wks and adding the Tdrol before and after workouts for these last four. It’s worth giving it a try for those looking for some extra kick.
  3. I’ve got some BT Tdrol that I am going to try. I’ll let everyone know how it goes.
  4. Yes I’ve seen the vids. I still wouldn’t want to get hit by him! I don’t think you could put anyone to beat him when he was in his prime. He hit people like they were getting hit by a truck every punch.
  5. Yes the added rest days have given me the same. No shoulder or knee pain and feel really strong.
  6. Hey everyone. How’s everyone doing with this lockdown trying to maintain? I’m lucky enough to be able to hit some weights 2x a week. But still slipping. A little softer for summer than usual. Trying to keep diet tight. But with a pool in the yard it’s easy to grab a beer or two. I’ll have to dig out a pic off my laptop of last summer when I was leaner.
  7. Prep everything ahead of time. Make some protein bars out of natty PB and protein powder (I add coconut too). Add just enough water to mix powder in. Use entire container of PB. Flatten out in a baking tray And put in fridge. Cravings solved. Also a good idea to boil up a pile of eggs.
  8. @BodyTechPharmaJust a quick note. Been with BT for years. Placed another order recently and the service and product are top shelf. Thanks again BT. You have a customer for as long As you remain in business! LF
  9. Try to stay away from the opioids if possible brother. I’ve seen too many good men go down bc of those. I am not educated enough on rehab and alternatives. But geez, I’d hate to see those drugs consume you like they have so many others.
  10. Drop the Letro. You don’t need it. Definitely what is killing your libido.
  11. Can’t go wrong with test/deca. IMO. No need for the proviron. And if you plan to use dbol, 4-5 weeks at the start Of the cycle is tons. I’ll let others post on PCT as I TRT and don’t do PCT anymore. cialis as needed. Or cut down to 5mg daily if you really want it for circulation.
  12. I’m lucky to have a small gym at work. And one of the lucky ones to still be working. Get 3 decent workouts in a week. But do I ever miss the gym atmosphere and more variety of equipment. Stay safe and healthy everyone.
  13. If no gym, body weight workouts. Slow it right down to increase time under tension. Maybe time to invest in a spin bike or concept 2 rower. Hammer out some cardio for a while.
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