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  1. @Corey5150 I agree, the insulin reaction is just a note from the study, it even states it is a strong replacementfor sugar. Plus the majority of credible sources claim its a strong alternative for the diabetics and can reduce calorie consumption in the average person drastically; the rare few who have issue with phenylalanine even have a minimal negative reaction. In multiple tests the sweetener groups are found to reduce calorie consumption and body fat in comparison to the sugar groups. The amount to intake to be negative would drown us in liquid prior to even coming close; and the negative studies are rodent based and they metabolise sweetners quite differently; as well as dosages were set very high and the rats had a preexisting potential for tumors. The gut health is definitely individual. Aspartame never bothers me, but some of the other sugar alcohols will have me farting enough methane to power a gas plant. Which is fun for a game of Dutch oven with the spouse.
  2. Both Bodytech and Vortex, I've ran pretty much the list at one point or another, long and short esters; the only pain I ever had was if I went too fast, which is absolutely my fault and nothing to do with the product, just me being in a rush.
  3. I have to agree with @Ryujiinon all his points, especially bloodwork and individual response.
  4. Touches on it among the other aspects of weight gain/loss https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2900484/
  5. I'm staying out of the main part of that, but as to reference your comment on people claiming high doses. Generally you're safe to assume they are running bunk/cut product, or have some severe confusion issue. Quite often DNP is faked, or heavily cut to save cost. Much like any gear or PED, you need to trust your source. So many sources out there selling absolute garbage, if not an infection in a bottle. That's a big reason why we have a site like this where we can discuss the high quality and solid people we have on here. It keeps us safe, secure, and able to trust what we use for our individual goals. On that note, a big thank you to our guys!
  6. Agreed about younger guys using it, or to help reduce infertility; but to be fair I thought I was in the same boat as @BodyTechPharmaand I was going to do some serious work to bring my balls back up and have a baby... that is until Covid happened and I knocked up my gf midway through a tren/test blast.
  7. I took a few days off from phone time. So I missed this; I have to agree with above. Take this time to get your diet in check and cut out the little treats and unneeded snacks. Eat clean and train hard; let your body 'recomp' a bit and then see where you're at after a couple months.
  8. Latest rumor from regional bylaw workers in my area claims August 6th, but still may not include gyms for phase 3.
  9. Yea, @a_ahmed double check the email, @BodyTechPharma always replies quick. If its aCanada post issue, that's because they are still backed up. My order went out and then it said it would take 5 days due to covid, but it ended up being in my mailbox next day and was delayed on the update on CPs end.
  10. I 2nd that. Good call, little brother
  11. Yea, definitely increase fluids. Watch your urine for dehydration. Well, I must be weird. When I'm sick I just want fried chicken. Copious amounts of it.
  12. Its strange you're having that much of a negative reaction to protein. On DNP I have no issue with any food, other than the thermal effect being increased for some. You may have to dial it back. Protein is such a benefit while dieting.
  13. Good, make sure you keep us updated. Definitely want to make sure you are OK.
  14. Be careful... we have alll said it, but I will be the broken record and say it; Be careful, little brother. Don't screw yourself up.
  15. Ah, the rebound. Only time will tell
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