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  1. They were busted
  2. Is there an end date for this Support sale?
  3. They are very good man. It's international if I remember. If remember the gear being pricey.
  4. I still have a stash of Nordic Fusion. Great lab
  5. I was looking into there TnT. Now that I found a great review, I just might get some.
  6. Have used both also, felt no different
  7. Coconut

    King Pooh

    Lol..our kitty's do the same thing. They wrestle against our bedroom door crashing into it.. but they get belly rubs first.
  8. 1 scoop protein powder 30g. 1/2 Cup egg whites + 1/4 cup mixed berries and water.
  9. Coconut

    My rescue kittys

    The orange tabby name is Pumpkin, my wife rescued her. The white and grey kitty name is Rasta, I rescued the little fella. They are best friends.
  10. Looking at quality gains. I stay fairly lean thru out the year. Being 52 yrs old and 5'9" 180lbs 8% bf. I am done with the days of serious bulking. 2:1 ratio test/npp will definitely look into this. Winny would be for strength.
  11. Correction - Correction (dbol or tbol)
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