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  1. Decided to go with these wireless earbuds after I watched this honest looking review from someone who's actually active and uses them in a gym. They have not fallen out yet even when I do headstands. Got them at Costco last week, sound quality could be a little better but best of all I can't hear a thing happening in the gym around me (don't know if that's a good thing or not, lol). Hope this it helpful for someone. Cheers.
  2. @Francis "Frank" Castle I never thought of this... like you I am pasty as hell but unlike you I just burn and turn various shades of red though the summer. I hate wearing sunscreen because I always feel like I've been dipped in a vat of oil afterwards. Even though I hate wearing sunscreen it is a necessity for me. I will definitely think twice about what I'm smearing on my skin. Thanks for sharing!
  3. This one really made me laugh. Damn kids don't know what hard work is even about! LOL
  4. Just curious what kind of headphones you all use out there while training? I'm still using some crappy wired earbuds and the cord is driving me insane! Looking to upgrade to some wireless ones and would like to know if you have any good recommendations. I just pour sweat while I work out so I need something that will stay put in my ear while I'm getting my sweat on.
  5. Hey, @3ml noticed you post a lot about bitcoin, any other tips on setting up to pay with bitcoin with the above posted information? I am a total noob at this and haven't really done this before and I'm leery about sending my money off with e transfer or direct deposit. How are you sure the seller will actually give you the bitcoin once you transfer to them? Do you just go on their ratings alone? I have been sitting on this for way too long and I need to make a move. Any info or tips are greatly appreciated!
  6. @Francis "Frank" Castle I have to agree with you wholeheartedly, I have had "run ins" with my doctor for years. Always left his practice feeling like I had been shit on and humiliated. The last straw came for me when I went to him with an issue I was having that was causing me great amounts of pain and he told me to, "suck it up princess." I was also told there was nothing he could do and that I needed to live with the pain. Needless to say I got a second opinion from another doctor who actually gave a shit and did his job, which is trying to help and care for people. I discovered my doctor misdiagnosed me, that it was very treatable and I didn't have to just "suck it up princess." My anger towards my now former doctor is immense. I would really like to tell him what I think of his antics but I feel my energy is better channeled elsewhere. It would be a waste of time to even attempt to let that arrogant puke know what I think of him. Sorry to rant but this "God complex" that so many doctors have drives me up the wall!
  7. @BobTheOldLifter I have to say I'd rather have a "puke squat" session than a "shit your shorts" squat session! LOL. Always good to have a puke bucket handy, right?
  8. @millenium girl You're on fire! I'm gonna have to brush up on my trivia!
  9. When you think you've seen it all... people are full of surprises! Ha ha ha!
  10. Svensson

    Gym idiot

    @millenium girl I generally enter the gym and put on my headphones and have a sour look on my face, LOL. I find everyone steers well clear of me, not a way to make new friends but at least I get my training done! I am like CapeBretonDadBod, I gotta work out at the gym or I just don't get it done. It's awesome that you have the discipline to train at home.
  11. Go for it man, feed her what you think is right. I need to be varied with my kid's diet as well. I have to agree with all of this nonsense from doctors, finally had to change mine because he was so old school it was stupid. Some of the stuff he told me was so old and out of date I wanted to laugh. Everything in moderation. It's fun to see the look on the little one's face when they try something new for the first time!
  12. Was meaning to thank you for this back in April! Awesome brother!
  13. Looks like it was my turn for sore throat and plugged sinuses.... had to take five days off from training. First couple of days back in the gym sucked! No energy and huge strength loss, finally bouncing back after more than a week.
  14. @Cheapshot What protocol did you follow for while taking rad-140? I'm looking at pairing this with mk-677 and was wondering where to start? It seemed like a good way to get my feet wet before totally diving in to other AAS. Just curious as to what your further thoughts were. Thanks!
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