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  1. When you think you've seen it all... people are full of surprises! Ha ha ha!
  2. Svensson

    Gym idiot

    @millenium girl I generally enter the gym and put on my headphones and have a sour look on my face, LOL. I find everyone steers well clear of me, not a way to make new friends but at least I get my training done! I am like CapeBretonDadBod, I gotta work out at the gym or I just don't get it done. It's awesome that you have the discipline to train at home.
  3. Go for it man, feed her what you think is right. I need to be varied with my kid's diet as well. I have to agree with all of this nonsense from doctors, finally had to change mine because he was so old school it was stupid. Some of the stuff he told me was so old and out of date I wanted to laugh. Everything in moderation. It's fun to see the look on the little one's face when they try something new for the first time!
  4. Was meaning to thank you for this back in April! Awesome brother!
  5. Looks like it was my turn for sore throat and plugged sinuses.... had to take five days off from training. First couple of days back in the gym sucked! No energy and huge strength loss, finally bouncing back after more than a week.
  6. @Cheapshot What protocol did you follow for while taking rad-140? I'm looking at pairing this with mk-677 and was wondering where to start? It seemed like a good way to get my feet wet before totally diving in to other AAS. Just curious as to what your further thoughts were. Thanks!
  7. Hey guys just wanted to post and update as I got my blood work back, looks like everything is normal. Prolactin levels were 170.2128 miu/L and normal range is 86-324 miu/L. There were probably many contributing factors as to what caused the out of wack level. Just breathing a sigh of relief and getting back on track. Thanks for the support and comments!
  8. @Blitz As of yet I have not used any growth hormone releasing peptides. I was going to start a cycle of MK-677 but wanted to make sure all my hormones were in a good spot before proceeding. I think I know where your going with your post as I have read that growth hormone releasing peptides can also make cancer grow wonderfully as well. Good thing I'm covering all the bases I suppose... We'll see how it goes.
  9. Went to a walk-in clinic today and showed the doctor my results for my blood test. He was totally cool about it and requisitioned another blood test to verify the results of my letsgetchecked high prolactin test. The only thing that could possibly be a concern is the possibility of a tumor on my pituitary gland causing the extra high levels. Hopefully this is not the case... If second test comes back high I'll be referred on to a specialist and will have to be scheduled for an MRI. Hoping that my levels were just high because of the time of day I took blood sample or high stress levels at the time. Going to lab tomorrow to have blood drawn, wish me luck.
  10. Hey @NovaFreak I can't really give advice on being sick as it relates to pinning. But last year though I had a horrible flu, worked out anyway cause I didn't want to miss a workout. It was a heavy day and I could barely do 75% of my normal weight. The session nearly killed me, lol. I went home after at about 6AM, went to bed and wasn't able to even get out of bed again till about 8PM. I regretted even working out cause it took so much out of me and probably prolonged the flu. Rest always seems the best medicine. Hope you get well soon so you can get those gains! Cheers brother!
  11. @Blitz Am not and never have been a smoker so I can rule that out as a cause. Just hoping I took the sample at the wrong time of day and it affected the results.
  12. @maskedmisery Thanks for the tip on B6, will have to try this. How many mg are you taking daily? I am already on the Ashwaganda bandwagon, what brand are you taking? Just curious if there is some better quality ones to try or not. Also how have you gone about getting your blood tests done? Was your doctor cooperative and just did them when requested?
  13. @Blitz Thanks for the reply, I'll try going to a walk-in with current results to ask for a retest. Hopefully it comes out better the second time around. Cheers!
  14. Was super stoked and getting ready to order and run my first SARMS cycle. Looking at running MK-677 and RAD-140. Decided to take a blood test to see where everything was sitting. Currently 40, 186lbs and roughly 16% bf, training for almost 5 years now. It was impossible to get my Doctor to agree to do any testing. Ended up sending away a finger prick sample to letsgetchecked. Waited eagerly for the results and they are as follows. Testosterone 17.50 nmol/L (Normal range 7.6 - 31.4 nmol/L) Sex Hormone Binding Globulin 47.00 nmol/L (Normal range16 - 55 nmol/L) Free Androgen Index 37.20 (Normal range 24 - 104) Prolactin 902.00 mlu/L (Normal range 86 - 324 mIU/L) Oestradiol 83.00 pmol/L (Normal range 0 - 192 pmol/L) Apparently my prolactin is through the roof and I have no idea why. Spoke to a nurse from where I got tested regarding my results. I learned that apparently levels are at their highest during sleep and I took the test at 4:30AM upon waking which cans skew the results. I also was told that strenuous exercise and stress can raise levels as well and I train 5 days a week and have been on an emotional roller coaster lately . The side effects of high levels can be enlarged breast tissue and low testosterone levels, both of which I don't have. Not sure how to interpret the results. Now I don't know what to do, I basically have no support from my doctor and will be read the riot act if I go to him. Feeling really defeated. What should I do? I am totally new to all of this so don't know what next steps might be. Am I correct in assuming that running a SARMS cycle with these results is a bad idea? I appreciate all of your input, great community here, thanks in advance guys!
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