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  1. Lifters does gh after mixing have to be refrigerated or will cool dark place suffice. I have never refrigerated insulin and it was always fine. My partner doesn't have a sense of humour about these things so avoiding the fridge would be nice...and ya ya should share everything with your girl for a healthy relationship etc etc. Okay send me your lovely girl and you can have mine.
  2. Can only budget for 20 IU a week. Appreciate any thoughts on how to maximize results on this amount. thks
  3. sending you good vibes Benneu155. muscular dystrophy I am sure sux. Hope you can keep it managed and live a great Life. peace
  4. Is this information still correct Jan 2021? Is online Canadian purchase an option at all? I tried one online pharmacy, wanted a script. appreciate the repliy thank you. great forum
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