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  1. What do you mean jacked you up? What are these side effects you experienced a few years ago?
  2. K1Canada

    My Chloe

    She was rescued by the humane society where she spent 18 months. Went to a rescue group for 12 months bouncing from home to home. Adopted her at 3 years. Had asthma, incontinence, low thyroid, mega esophagus and a neuromuscular condition affecting her back hips. Has had both hips operated on for another condition. Have seen all the top specialists. Nobody knows whats exactly wrong with her hips. $150 a month for meds. She can no longer get up on her own. Can barely walk. Her tail never stops wagging though. The happiest dog ever.
  3. Gotta love how they separate and Probert removes his jersey and shoulder pads. Lol. Imagine if that happened in todays NHL.
  4. https://jimwendler.com/blogs/jimwendler-com/101078918-building-the-monolith-5-3-1-for-size
  5. It's pretty good. The cooking is dumbed down. The inmates do the majority of the prep work. You are there to give them direction. Every now and then I'd get a local chef in on a DUI so that was awesome. In general you are working with the best of the best inmates. It's the premium inmate job. All you can eat. We actually served pretty decent meals. Roast beef, roast pork, homemade pizza, pork cutlets, homemade fried fish. Of course there were the meals of bologna and salami but its not like I've never eaten it before. We taught a short order cooking class through the local tech school. All the inmate workers had to pass a safe food handling course through the health region. Hours were great 6am-6pm. Two days on two off, three days on two off,two on three off. repeat.
  6. Red seal cook. Got tired of making no money in hotels and restaurants. Got a cooking job at a jail. Government privatized the food services so I took the corrections officer training and the rest is history. There will always be crime and always be jobs in corrections.
  7. Went to Judas Priest Saturday night in Saskatoon. They kicked ass. If you are a fan and they are in the neighbourhood go see them. For a guy dealing with bronchitis and obviously being 67 years old Halford still has it. Kicked ass on Victim of Changes. Well they kicked ass on everything.
  8. I did a quick google and it is legit. Causes are things like weight gain, smoking, some medications, prostate issues. But nothing found regarding test or e levels.
  9. It's that time of the year. June 13-16,2019. Bradenton, Florida. Group 1 Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson Raffael Gordzielik Rob Kearney Zake Muluzi Luke Stoltman Group 2 Adam Bishop Sigfús Þorgeir Fossdal Konstantine Janashia Robert Oberst Andreas Ståhlberg Group 3 Martins Licis Mikhail Shivlyakov Aivars Šmaukstelis Tom Stoltman Eddie Williams Group 4 J-f Caron Kevin Faires Mateusz Kieliszkowski Ole Martin Kristiansen Laurence Shahlaei Group 5 Mark Felix Trey Mitchell III Oleksii Novikov Jimmy Paquet Brian Shaw Events Qualifying Round Event 1 Monster Truck Pull Event 2 Giants Medley Super Yoke & Farmers Walk Event 3 Deadlift for reps (TBD on style) Event 4 Overhead Press (log or Circus Dumbbell) Event 5 Last man standing stone for 2nd and third 400+lb stone Finals Event 1 Loading Race Event 2 Side handle no straps deadlift hold Event 3 Overhead Press Medley Event 4 Squat Lift, Circus barbell for reps Event 5 Atlas Stone Series
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