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  1. so let me clear this up,he emailed me after posting here. it should of been the other way around he emails saying that these vials are 2+ months old,which they most likely are because we have not sent any order to him in quite some time he then goes to tell me its a bad batch, i then replied if it was a bad batch,we would have hundreds of complaints because each batch of popular is 4 litres at a time,which is 400 vials, he gets offended when i reply back with this answer, I said all of our oils are mct and if it doesnt suit you,then by all means you can go elsewhere. but i dont need some guy taking jabs at me,telling us its a bad batch and not pharma etc this is the same guy who was banned before because he went bonkers on us because his parcel went missing when it showed deliveried and somehow it is our fault. Then he found his parcel and apologized,go figure Im kind of tired of members just running their mouth and then when we reply logically,they get offended. We are not your punching bag and i take no onus on items from 2+months and as i said above,if its a bad batch,we would have tons of complaints. @NorthernLifters id like to see you guys enforce this law of members hitting up boards before taking the time out to email us,getting childish now,especially when its a repeat person
  2. hey guys,im sure you are aware that we are on a lot of boards. I rarely check pm's simply because of the influx of emails and other jobs i need to attend to. Please email me and i will reply within 24 hrs.Email is in my signature
  3. our mct blend carrier oils will be the future standard for UGL's, our promise
  4. We have added a primo e and Mast e blend. 50/50=100mg Next up is primo e and tren e. This blend should be perfect for people who fair well with tren. A perfect body composition blend. Excited for this one.
  5. Orals will be looking like this soon in new bottles
  6. 50mg primo e and 50mg mast e will be ready by sunday. Summer shreds blend
  7. With our new fully upgraded website ready to launch,we will be opening up shop. We will offer special pricing for members of Northern Lifters only,but we also have a set minimum of $300 per order. Website will be open to all new customers but prices will be higher on the website. Full details coming soon,
  8. If you are not using the strongest tool currently availaible in terms of cognitive enhancement, stress reduction and overall health improvement, you're missing out. http://deconstructingyourself.com/proven-benefits-of-mindfulness-meditation.html Full texts are directly linked in the referenced links on the website. I sure wish I had bitten the bullet earlier, but here I am, happy as ever. I've experienced a massive change in overall mentality, cognitive clarity and ability. If you don't think meditation is powerful or can help you, please explain why. I'm genuinely interested. A lot of people, when asked, simply exclaim: "I cannot meditate! It's impossible for me." This is a cop-out. Belief is a strong thing. Change your beliefs - change yourself. NB: Here's the truth about early/beginner meditation training: It isn't about having no thoughts or THINKING ABOUT NOTHING as many people claim. No, it's about passively observing the thoughts you have, not judging them, and gently pushing your attention back on your breathing whenever you stray. Wish you all the best,
  9. I've never really understood the nearly universal recommendation from US health policy bodies to reduce sodium intake because the NHANES data has pretty consistently shown either no or an inverse relationship between sodium intake and both CVD and all-cause mortality in US adults. Despite this, the current CDC/IOM recommendation for adults under 50 is to limit sodium intake to a maximum of 2.3g/day... But now we have a new, large meta-analysis (mainly of observational studies but with a couple of interventions thrown in) that shows that consuming LESS than 2.6g/day is associated with a higher risk of CVD and all-cause mortality and that up to 5g/day is not associated with any increase in mortality or disease incidence. http://www.familypracticenews.com/special-reports/special-report-sodium-blood-pressure-and-mortality/single-article/too-much-or-too-little-sodium-may-boost-cardiovascular-risk/825a9ea9665bbcd210e8cdd31624cb33.html
  10. mt2 caused me major issues the first time i used,the slightest rub of my briefs against my cock would give me a boner. i know TMI but had to
  11. ive used almost anything and everything eazy,i dont lack any experience in regards to esters and how they work,im well versed compared to most here But I replied to your statement where you said you "Never felt it until week 4" ,i said your statement is 100% false,i can feel sust in 2-3 days and by week 1 im already up . You are showing progression of a slower ester only where as prop and and tpp are quicker esters. you can spin it any way you want but your statement is false and i rather clear that up so people are aware of effects when they buy sust250.if they dont feel anything by week 1 the sust is shit,end of story.
  12. if speaking the truth causes a fight,ill do it 100 x over. I personally dont care about someones experience on boards or their status on a board. truth is truth and ill always speak it because if we dont,then people start to spread their bro science on others and expect people to listen because they have been on boards for x amount of years. that logic is flawed
  13. Ill chime in here, this member emailed us and asked about sktren and if hes a rep for bt,i said no. he was removed and banned and is a rep for dracorex. This is when he came to complain about the items hes used from dracorex and how sk tren was simply trying to push dracorex and bash bt. Hes not the first by the way,i got many emails of people who have tried it and complained. " in the past i could feel dbol after taking 2pills i swea" unsure how you missed the last line,as it was all part of the same paragraph but you can clearly see he says 2 pills. and sustanon definitely does not take 4 weeks ,majority of the blend are esters that are hitting peaks within half a week. refer to chart below. Only one of the esters is slow and takes upto 3 weeks. Testosterone Propionate: 0.8 days Testosterone Phenylpropionate: 1.5 days Testosterone Isocaproate: 4.0 days
  14. What's the benefit in that brother?
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