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  1. TND 450 Just like our tren version of tnt450,we have made a special deca one for the upcoming fall/winter bulks 250mg test e,200mg deca:450mg/ml also a new oral,we are calling it Tdrol. It is 12.5mg of tbol and 12.5mg of superdrol. And lets keep that bt line expanding
  2. Will be setting up a quick sale for members here only Email me for details [email protected]
  3. We decided to create a cross breed. It will be our original helios + cardarine Cardarine at 5mg. This is simply our first version but we wanted to release a new item. We will be adding to this item as time goes on. We appreciate everyone's feedback as we make new items. I humbly say, I beleive our line up is second to no one and we are thankful we have a team full of innovators
  4. This pre workout shot is the best on the market. 20 min pre workout and go smash all those OR's Flies through a slin pin. The combination of these 4 items will blow away all other pre workouts created. Our promise. NOTG(Nectar of the gods) is in stock. . 1000mg of lethal power in each vial 50 mg test base 20 mg superdrol 20 mg anadrol 10mg dbol
  5. New pre workout inject in stock 50 mg test base, 20 mg superdrol, 20 mg anadrol 10 mg dbol. 100mg/ml
  6. @Francis "Frank" Castle feel free to remove this. This is beyond stupid. Guy is freaking out over a mix up and a delay but the major problem were him because of correct address I can't be bothered with nonsensical drama. We are too busy for this
  7. Few things ima clear up. Error for the delay begins on Ahmed's end. His order did not "supposedly" go out on Thursday, it did go out. Order was verified and payment was accepted on the 24th and was shipped on the 24th. Had his address been correct, it would of arrived next Friday. Vs the week and half delay which incurred due to his mistake of leaving out the unit number on his corrected order. Our orders are forwarded to our shipper. It's a simply copy and paste, so can't be an issue from us, which I did say to Ahmed. Ahmed right away accused our shipper of the mistake because he verified he sent correct info. I then provided screenshot of the addy he provided with order and he then apologized. Personally this is what ticks me off is when people jump the gun right away and blame a rep or someone else. Had he given his addesss correctly the first time, there would be no issue and we would have shipped the vial mix up. The delay in response later next week, it's simple. It's a long weekend and we shut down Thursday. We all got a life and I'm not taking work with me. This was blown way out of proportion because he seems agitated because his order is late but he can blame himself for that. But to assume we are ignoring over a vial is an immature reply but then again he blamed shipper right away, even when the mistake was his.
  8. PPL is great,definitely one of the intl brands i respect
  9. so let me clear this up,he emailed me after posting here. it should of been the other way around he emails saying that these vials are 2+ months old,which they most likely are because we have not sent any order to him in quite some time he then goes to tell me its a bad batch, i then replied if it was a bad batch,we would have hundreds of complaints because each batch of popular is 4 litres at a time,which is 400 vials, he gets offended when i reply back with this answer, I said all of our oils are mct and if it doesnt suit you,then by all means you can go elsewhere. but i dont need some guy taking jabs at me,telling us its a bad batch and not pharma etc this is the same guy who was banned before because he went bonkers on us because his parcel went missing when it showed deliveried and somehow it is our fault. Then he found his parcel and apologized,go figure Im kind of tired of members just running their mouth and then when we reply logically,they get offended. We are not your punching bag and i take no onus on items from 2+months and as i said above,if its a bad batch,we would have tons of complaints. @NorthernLifters id like to see you guys enforce this law of members hitting up boards before taking the time out to email us,getting childish now,especially when its a repeat person
  10. hey guys,im sure you are aware that we are on a lot of boards. I rarely check pm's simply because of the influx of emails and other jobs i need to attend to. Please email me and i will reply within 24 hrs.Email is in my signature
  11. our mct blend carrier oils will be the future standard for UGL's, our promise
  12. We have added a primo e and Mast e blend. 50/50=100mg Next up is primo e and tren e. This blend should be perfect for people who fair well with tren. A perfect body composition blend. Excited for this one.
  13. Orals will be looking like this soon in new bottles
  14. 50mg primo e and 50mg mast e will be ready by sunday. Summer shreds blend
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