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  1. Has anyone used any of Transpharma's HGH kits? They have three brands right now. I don't think I could bring myself to pay 900 for the "Pharm" grade, but I was wondering if anyone has tried the other two?
  2. Hey guys sorry to jump in on this, but I was wanting to place an order through Transpharma, I used them in the past and was very satisfied. I'm trying to follow this thread but it's not clear who I should contact for an order, Transpharma or Guardian? Or should I wait until everything is sorted out?
  3. Please correct me if I should have made this post elsewhere on the forum. Currently a cycle of 400mg/week Test E and 200mg/week Masteron E, with RAD140 (SARM, aka Testolone) and some GHRH/GHRPs. Making some good progress, but some people have suggested using Sarms on their own between cycles of AAS, and/or to add an oral to my current cycle. I was looking for options that were on the milder side toxicity-wise, but would offer good bang for buck short term. Considering adding 25-50mg of Anadrol for 4 weeks either mid cycle or for the last 4 weeks. Any advice?
  4. Ya that's kinda how I feel about them as well. They don't replace AAS by any means. I just like to run SARMs over orals due to them having a lower hepatotoxicity (I've heard no toxicity at all, which I don't buy for a second. YK11 is actually a methylated compound and can be as hard on the liver as some orals like Anavar and Winstrol, and is actually an oral steroids IMO). My liver and I haven't always gotten along, so I try to treat him right these days. I never thought of running a short term oral at the beginning of my cycle. For next time, would running Anavar for at the beginning for 4-6 weeks be long enough to benefit, and short enough that it will go easy on the liver?
  5. Finally found this! Damn I'm computer illiterate. Pleasure to join!
  6. Ya my thought process was that I could use the Masteron as estrogen control while still running an actually AAS instead of AI. But I'm aware I may just be blowing money that could be better spent on AIs. Based on anecdotal evidence, I kind of speculated that running a low dose of Masteron would offer more benefits and less side effects than running an AI at a higher dose through the cycle. I'm somewhat prone to estrogen (though I've never had gyno issues). Years ago I ran a cycle of Test+Deca+HGH for 10 weeks (HGH for 16 weeks) followed fairly soon (6 weeks after PCT) after with a Test-Tren-Var cycle for 8 weeks (which, as a beginner, was a mistake. Tren is serious shit.). I realize that I probably made too many mistakes, between those two decisions, to accurately address in one post. Point is, I chose to use HCG for this cycle because of running heavily suppressive cycles before, and not recovering quickly enough and losing my progress. Is the best way to decide whether or not to use HCG to base it off of how much your testicles shrink? Or are there other ways? (aside from blood work) How do you (or anyone else who reads this) feel about the use of Ostarine during 4 weeks of PCT? Also does anyone have an opinion on using generic HGH for recovery (not growth/bulking)? Any value in that, or am I pissing away money?
  7. Hey everyone, hopefully I'm finally finding my way around the forums and posting in the correct topics. I Really appreciate the welcome and courtesy helping me on this forum from other members! New to the forum, beginner with AAS/PEDs, but this is not my first cycle. Hoping to get some input/advice on my cycle. I'm currently training 5-6 days/week, only about 30 - 60 min of HIIT cardio, split between 3 days, with one or two days on the bike for 15min (endurance training is harder on my injuries than resistance, HIIT cardio is usually working the ropes, again due to leg injuries, although at this point it's becoming a bit of an excuse and I could probably add 50% to those numbers). Diet it's on point, but overall intake of calories could go up. I just don't have a great appitete. I do 16-8 intermittent fasting, usual putting down around 2500 - 3000 good (not great) quality calories, about 150g protein. 5'10, 185, 10-12% body fat (an educated guess). This cycle is meant to help me recovery from my injuries and get back to where I was a year ago. It's not intended to be a bulking cycle by any means, however I would like to put on as much quality muscle with as little fat as I can through this cycle. My current plan is: Cycle (16 weeks): RAD140 20mg/day (split doses), MK677 20mg/day (at night) 150mcg each daily CJC 1295 (no DAC)/Ipamorelin (2x daily: post workout, before bed) 400mg Testosterone Enanthate, 200mg Masteron Enanthate (weekly, split dose) 12.5mg Aromasin weekly (split dose, injection days) Two weeks following last injection (BEFORE PCT): RAD140 20mg/day (split doses), MK677 20mg/day (at night), 10mg Cardarine (pre-workout on training days, morning on rest days) 150mcg each CJC 1295 (no DAC)/Ipamorelin (post workout, before bed) 500 iu EOD HCG PCT: 10mg MK677 daily (at night), 10mg Cardarine daily (pre-workout on training days, in the morning on rest) 150mcg each CJC 1295 (no DAC)/Ipamorelin (2x daily: post workout, before bed) Nolva 40/20/20/20, Clomid 50/25/25/25, Aromasin 12.5/6.25/0/0 8-12 weeks off, followed by a cycle of Ostarine solo, then six months off AAS/PEDs completely (may consider getting back on peptides, but I have to do more investigating on long term side effects of GHRPs and GHRHs) I thought of running Ostarine for the 4 weeks of PCT, but I'm not convinced it won't cause suppression. Any thoughts? Also, how are my SERM/AI doses? Overkill? Not enough? Thanks again everyone and sorry for the long post!
  8. Nice! How were both compounds? I'm not big on the idea of running Deca or EQ (beacuse of shut down) but I'm sure my joints would love either. I've always ALWAYS wanted to run Primo because I hard that, even though you don't make huge gains, they are solid gains that stick. But I also heard you need to run 500mg+ to see results. Has anyone used any of their HGH products? How were they? Humatrope is out of my price range, wondering if their generic is worth the price for injury recovery and fat loss.
  9. Hey just wanting to give my review for Transpharma. Started my first cycle in a long time to recover from a serious injury. Currently running Test E and Mast E from TP, along with some peptides and a bit of MK677 and RAD140, and CJC 1295 and Ipamorelin. Just rolling into week 5 and the Test is really coming through (I can always tell because I get such intense pumps I can't stretch properly). And I'm only running 400mgTest/200mgMast. The customer service has been amazing. As this was my first run in a long time, I ended up placing multiple orders to complete the gear I needed. Sometimes I forgot something, and the rep was always there to sort it out with me. Very knowledgeable and patient guy, helped me immensely getting back I to PEDs. Can't say enough good things. I have had zero PIP in 10 injections. I ran gear from a "gold standard" lab back in the day (they have since been faked to the point of the legit brand going down with it *hint*), had someone who got direct from the company, and I would put Transpharma on par with my experiences with them. Definitely better than my interim supplier I had before finding Transpharma. 8/10 (I wish they had a couple more different blends, peptides and SARMS and it would be a 10/10 and my one stop shop for PEDs! But for AAS in Canada, I highly recommend this supplier.)
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