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  1. I never skip leg day, I train them 2x per week and they are my favorite body part to train! I've always been strong and had massive legs even when I was a kid, I had a big butt and people would make fun of me but I just had muscly glutes lol
  2. Climate change is real, you must live in a fucking cave to not acknowledge that, just look at Australia right now.
  3. Got 2 orders from Medicus. What can I say, Jax is a pleasure to deal with, shipping is super fast, communication is top notch and packaging was perfect also. Ordered Cialis, Proviron, Winstrol, Test E 250 and 400mg/ml, got also deca on the way, Arimidex, Letro (says 1mg on the label but Jax noticed the issue! :P) I did not try the oils yet, but I will switch to them for TRT next week so I will let everyone know how they feel. Also got blood work in 2 weeks so I will be able to see if oils are good to go! Tried Winstrol and Proviron atm, both are good to go. Felt the Winstrol almost right away, but I had to stop because of an injury. Proviron is awesome on TRT also! Libido is awesome and SHBG is way down from last bloodwork. Will definitely place more order with Medicus and update my post as I try the products!
  4. First time I told my family dr I was using she had no idea what I was talking about lol. Only thing he/she can do when you told them is help you with whatever you need man. They are not out there to judge you, I always think it's a good thing to talk about what you are using. In my case I just asked her to see an endo, then I never saw her again haha, there are not specialized at all, but it can be a good way to get blood work fast if he/she understands
  5. Do you know how long it takes before you get the results from the blood work? This is very interesting, doctor's can be a pain in the ass sometimes. 50$ is not much.
  6. man @eightyeight14 you are fucking delusional. You dont listen to shit people tell you and you claim youre the very best. thats the biggest fucking looool here. @GainTrain is right, youre the guy with the most test, yet you look natural at most. people told you to stay at 500mg and get a better diet and a better training and you would make enormous gains, but Im sorry with your new pics all I can see is nothing happened even with enormous amounts of test. I was calming myself down the couple days and keeping myself away from commenting on your post but you are a fucking joke bro. You tell people here who look x1000000 better than you that you will be bigger than them in a year? Fuck dude get back on earth its never going to happen xd Plus who the fucks tells other dudes about their cock size? only fucking child like yourself would do that
  7. Used their Test E 400 and injections were smooth and no pip at all! Im really liking this type of oil, I use pharma grade T for TRT and the oil is so thick its not even funny, way better with MCT
  8. Thanks to @CapeBretonDadBod I started Proviron for TRT and it's a life changer. Had bloodwork a couple weeks back and SHBG came back to being really low, which allows more T to do his work! Libido is awesome too, overall I feel anyone on TRT should be on Proviron for the awesome benefits
  9. Merry Christmas all! Health and gains in 2020 to all of you!
  10. Greg Doucette and John Meadows are the only one I watch right now!
  11. Man I need to start taking fish oil regularly. My joints are always inflamed like crazy and I'm out the gym for 2 weeks because of this. Thanks for this thread, fish oil serves a lot more purpose than I thought! I also remember the fish burps lol, they are for real
  12. Love your progress bro, don't give up! Hard work pays off
  13. You do know the T takes about 4 weeks to peak right? I find it funny that after just 2-3 days on the T you were saying you felt more strength, endurance and quicker recovery. Just shows you needed more time and research to understand what you were going to put in your body. That was and will be my only comment. You were not ready for this, but have fun with the cycle I guess.
  14. Thanks brother! Been working hard lately on deadlift!
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