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  1. Im currently on test + deca cycle and I feel great! 500mg test/week and 300mg/deca. I use the deca mostly to help with collagen synthesis and keep my joints all lubricated during the cycle. I love Test only cycles but feel like deca is a nice addition. You might also go a bit higher test and a lower deca dose, like 150mg/week. If you throw in the deca, I would go 16 weeks for sure.
  2. Cialis gives me the worst headaches possible but the pumps in the gym are so great, wish I wouldn't get this side effect so I could take it daily on a low dose
  3. Totally agree with you CBDB, though there are some members that I wont say the name of that have had too many chances to better themselves and they are still name calling people that have been around for way longer. totally unacceptable
  4. @eightyeight14 who do you fucking think you are? You wanna act like a tough guy, yet you're the fucking pussy who doesn't listen to shit. what good do you get from being here? everyone wants to help you and all you find to do is calling people names like a fucking kid. grow up motherfucker
  5. I was on 140mg/week. Two doses weekly, how is your blood pressure looking like?
  6. I was in the same boat as you, I noticed when I started my TRT that I started having some ED issues. I was taking 1mg of adex per week. I decided to stop taking adex to see if it would help and bam! 1 week later my guy down there was working fine all of a sudden. Your bloodwork looks good bro, I would say let E2 go up a bit if you can and see from there. Otherwise, you might want to try some low dose cialis daily. That could also help! Cheers!
  7. Honestly, what I do is I just cap it. I ordered a 10mg scoop (its a small af scoop lol) and I dosed my LGD that way. Bought some gelatin capsule from amazon and voila. Takes a bit of time to cap it but oh well
  8. I go with personal experience, KA does not make me bloat. Some of my friends switched to it and same thing they do not bloat on KA. I say find the cheapest KA creatine you can, go with the recommended dose and see from there. I was the same at first, I didnt want to try cause X study said it was no different than monohydrate.. But hell it worked for me so..
  9. I'm using Fusion Purple-K atm, no bloat whatsoever. Creatine monohydrate makes me bloat a little, but since I switched to Kre-Alkalyn type creatine, no bloating at all. I believe it does not cause the conversion from creatine to creatinine, so no bloating/stomach pain.
  10. This is what I though, thanks for clarifying! Do you know which compounds would be dangerous if it went directly in the vein or some of it?
  11. Anyone else skips the aspiration? I was doing it at first, but now I just inject without doing it and I never injected in a vein.
  12. Really depend what you are trying to achieve with this cycle? Are you trying to bulk or cut? I like winny as a cutting agent but it can still be used on a bulking cycle for strength gain. Also you will need to experiment but a 1:1 ratio of test/nandrolone is fine, but most people prefer a 2:1 ratio, which means double the test compare to nandrolone.
  13. Personally I really like oral winny. As you said it's one less injection to do + the injectable version of the winny is still toxic to the liver, both are 17C-AA and both are liver toxic. so why complicate things? I really like Winny, it's one of my preferred AAS. I usually don't take it more than 5 weeks and get bloodwork regularly to make sure the liver is doing fine! Also right now I am taking a low dose deca to make sure my joints are fine on winny.
  14. dirty bulking is bullshit and has been proven to build the same or close to the same amount of muscle as someone with a little over maintenance calorie intake. You wanna have the shitiest time of your life losing all the extra fat youre gonna get doing a dirty bulk? Just eat leaner and more proteins as @Sorbate said and stop the dirty bulk right now. Hell you can even build muscle on a calorie deficit
  15. I never skip leg day, I train them 2x per week and they are my favorite body part to train! I've always been strong and had massive legs even when I was a kid, I had a big butt and people would make fun of me but I just had muscly glutes lol
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