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  1. Love your progress bro, don't give up! Hard work pays off
  2. You do know the T takes about 4 weeks to peak right? I find it funny that after just 2-3 days on the T you were saying you felt more strength, endurance and quicker recovery. Just shows you needed more time and research to understand what you were going to put in your body. That was and will be my only comment. You were not ready for this, but have fun with the cycle I guess.
  3. Thanks brother! Been working hard lately on deadlift!
  4. Yes I'm guessing it has to do with the diet also. What's your fiber intake looking like?
  5. That's a hard one to digest.. Hopefully ugl's can find a way to stay in operation with the ban.. I'll be following on this..
  6. We have a section of the forum for everything concerning TRT. You might want to take a look there and read. Also I would suggest you consult an endocrinologist before doing anything crazy like a 300mg/week ''TRT''....
  7. Welcome! Can't wait to see what you guys are offering
  8. I'm sorry but you are wrong here. This guy is risking everything at 18yo just to look good for the females at school. OP never said he was doing it for competing, he trained for less than 4 years, which if this is true, he started lifting at 14yo when his body was not fully developed and his diet was probably trash and he probably also did not have access to a gym. He has so much muscle he can grow by staying natural for a couple more years. His T is through the roof now and will be until he his 25. As other stated, a good diet and proper training will make be way more beneficial for this guy than jumping on roids at 18yo.
  9. 100% agree with you brother, we cant stop him even if we want too, if hes gonna fuck himself up at least dont do it with multiple compounds.. thats what I wanted to say, but yeah @kytrex1 stay away from AAS at your age.
  10. I agree, that's why I said many red flags, he shouldn't even touch Test
  11. Many red flags here.. First off 18yo is wayyyy too young to start any cycle... Think about your health and the long run, not just what you want to look like right now. You will fuck up your hormones big time dude. 4 years is also not enough time in the gym to be jumping on steroids, I'm sorry but at this point I don't think that at 14yo your diet and training was on point, most gym don't even allow people under 16yo to be a member, I might be wrong but.... Also, don't play with more than 1 compound on a first cycle, stick with Test only if you really want to do it to see how your body reacts. Just my 2 cent.
  12. Yep lol, she was close to a drug store once so I told her if she could swing by and get me some needles since I was almost out. She went to the same place I go normally and it was the same people, but they never asked her what it was for or anything really.. As soon as I come by and ask for the same thing I always have the : ''Is it for you?'' ''Whats is it for?'' and shit like that... They are biased as F***...
  13. 100% agree with you. Often it's too much of a hassle and better to order them online instead of having to go through all the complications and questions they have. I started ordering mine online too, I was tired of always having to justify myself as to why I needed syringes, I would just say its personal or I have a prescription and need syringes/needles asap. They end up selling them to you, but they have the weirdest looks and expressions and it's just uncomfortable. What's crazy is when I send my GF, they never ask her why she needs them and it's done under 2 minutes. Same as @GainTrain lol
  14. 100% what you just said. Some people are always going to try to take shortcuts in life because, well why not? It's way easier than putting the efforts right? That's where they are wrong and where you are right brother. Young people going to the gym for weeks/months wants to be as big as the guy next to them that has been working out for years and years, and all of their idols on youtube and social medias are clearly on PEDs, so they say why not themselves? I agree with you, most young guys hopping on roids don't even know what the hell they are doing, their diet is shit, they don't sleep at night etc.. and they clearly have not been in the gym long enough or mature enough to take any anabolic steroids. Believe me, Ive seen people in the gym that admitted being on roids and they looked natty at best, that kind of people is what you don't want to be. I was kind of targeting myself in your answer, I did my first cycle at 22yo, but I had 6 years of training behind me and I knew what I was going to do, what I was going to put in my body and how I would recover from it. I did not do my cycle to take any shortcuts, one week before my cycle I was contacted by my endocrinologist and I was set to start TRT... Yes, TRT at 22yo, I have had hormonal issues since I was 14, the cause? My pituitary gland is lazy and I produce the same amount of testosterone as an 80yo dude at 22. My diet was not the problem, my sleeping schedule was not the problem, I had 6 different blood test before I started TRT to make sure it was not just an irregularity. Even though I had low T levels, having problems just getting an erection since years, I was still dedicated to build muscle and stay healthy. Right now I am still on TRT and will probably be until I die, unless my endocrino finds a way to restore normal and healthy levels of T naturally. But young people should stay 100% away from peds if they are healthy etc and I completely agree with you.
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