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  1. Yo, calorie deficit haha. What exactly is your question? Many people can help you here but we need more information buddy
  2. Egg whites only?? How do you cope with biotin depletion?
  3. @Physlifter is your man. Welcome to NL btw
  4. Calories in vs Calories out.. You need to be in a deficit.. Either drop the calories you eat during the day or do more cardio. While cutting, always stay in the 1g of protein per pound of lean body weight if you want to minimize muscle loss. As @MrGains, there's no magic pill, just hard and consistent work will get you there.
  5. High dose test, deca + tren and also Dbol.. God damn dude, I hope you have some Caber and an AI on hand cuz those nips are gonna either lactate like crazy or puff up a good amount if you aromatize a lot, not even talking about all the water retention with this stack Have you ran those compounds all at once in the past of first time using this stack?
  6. Welcome to NL! Please make yourself at home and read our rules Enjoy!
  7. One thing's for sure, Jordan's bank account will be happy about the news
  8. Really sad to hear you are going away for some time my friend. You are a pleasure to work with and you were always here to take care of everything, welcome, assist and help new members as well as vets. You deserve this time off and I hope you will be back with us sometime in the future, everyone loves you here! Take care CBDB
  9. And what would be the difference? Its testosterone its just the ester that changes the half life. I would return the wtf are you talking about your way. Bold of you to tell me that without explaining anything lol
  10. Which province are you in? You could use Maple Canada, set up an online doctors appointment and ask them for a bloodtest. If I remember correctly it is way cheaper and faster than ordering a test online. Used it once, said I was on a cycle and needed to check my bloodwork. They didnt care and sent the paper to me and I got my result really fast https://www.getmaple.ca/features/lab-work/ Edit : I think it's 50$ for the appointment
  11. If you felt good on 0.5 Adex EOD with that Test dosage I would say keep it like that. If it's not broken don't fix it. I would highly suggest that you get a blood test mid cycle though and make sure you're not dying internally lol
  12. Depends on your body brother. Do you aromatize a lot? You should not take an AI if you don't need it. What did you do your last cycles? I would say Adex 0.5mg every pinning days is a good start point for 500mg of Test E per week. You might need to adjust up or down depending if you aromatize a lot or not. I know some guys that needs to take 0.5mg of Adex per day just to keep their E2 in check, but they are also close to 20-25% BF so that doesn't help.
  13. There's no difference between the Test C vs Test P other than the half life. With Test C I would split the dose in 2 were as the Test P you would need to inject EOD or even daily for more stable blood levels. Anadral vs Dbol, thats a good one. I would say both are really good for packing size and strength, but I just prefer Dbol any time because I feel that the gains with Anadrol comes quick, but also wears off quick. Also the bloat on Dbol and Anadrol will be the same, keep your diet clean and it wont be as bad as people say it is.
  14. Good news man! The recovery was quick too!
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