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  1. I guess we agree to disagree, I think it is good practice to check everything on a bloodwork, going by ''feeling'' is the wrong way to do it IMO. I've seen it multiple time, you think you feel good but bloodwork says otherwise and somethings off. While checking other stuff on the bloodwork might as well check everything, doesn't take more time or effort.
  2. You would not check test levels? What if the test you have is junk/underdosed? There's no way to know unless you do bloodwork. It's also a good idea to check them while off or on TRT to see if you need to lower or increase the dose
  3. Normally, the normal ranges will be indicated on the bloodwork. Without any values from you I can't say much I would need to look at one of your bloodwork. But yeah, the normal ranges are on the bloodwork itself and when it's out of range it will show.
  4. Here's what you should always look for in my opinion, I usually also do bloodwork every 3 months to make sure everything is good to go before a blast or returning on a cruise dose : Testosterone Total / Free testosterone SHBG E2 Prolactin Lipid panel Hematocrit Hemoglobin Creatinine ALT / AST (Liver) Blood Urea Nitrogen (Kidney) PSA (Prostate - Elevated values seen after a blast but goes back to normal during cruise normally) If lipid panel is elevated LDL and really low HDL, normally you want to fix your diet before going back on a blast. Always get E2 checked out if you feel down, no libido, getting gyno etc. Althought E2 is great for putting on some mass (pretty clear by now that studies are showing E2 is a great muscle builder) you don't want it too high because of those issues and also dont want to crash it with an AI. Get it checked out, then see if you need an AI or not. For SHBG, this one is tricky, I feel better honestly when T frees up and when its not bound to SHBG, normally I would take either masteron or proviron to get it down. Prolactin to check when taking any 19-Nors
  5. Hey guys, Any of you manages to clear carpel tunnel using mk677 of hgh? Ive been using mk for 2 weeks now and the carpal tunnel is killing me, especially in the gym for grip strength and in the morning I feel like my hand is burning off. Currently at 20mg/day, I did lower the dose to 10mg for 4 days and seen some improvements but not by much. I also tried to lower carbs to get water retention down but that didnt help either. Thanks!
  6. Second pic is obviously photoshopped, you can see the distortion behind him lol, but yeah he has elite level genetics, have you seen his recent videos about his injury to the triceps? He lost like 20 pounds of muscle and he found out that his Test was bunk, he was cruising on 500mg of test e per week lol, cant imagine what this guy blast if 500mg is his trt dose
  7. Hey guys, Seen this video yesterday from John Meadows, IMO one of the best on youtube right now for bodybuilding. I tried this training last night and let me tell you, I was hardly able to walk up the stairs to get out of the gym. I'm going to switch to this training for now and come back to squatting when my joints are going to like me more lol. Let me know what you guys think of this if you try it in the future.
  8. Agreed, I've used lots of things from Medicus and I was never disappointed with the quality of the oils and orals
  9. Is there such a thing as too lean? lol You look great man, I also always go on the lower side of doses even though Im still young, I dont like higher doses cause more side effects...
  10. Id be interested to see you do a log on a keto diet man. Me personally, I cant live without carbs lol, would be interesting to see if you can still pack on some quality tissue, 10lbs of lean tissue is no joke since youve been lifting for a while. Thoughts on keto while cutting? Ive tried it once but I had so much trouble finding what to eat and recipes that were quick and easy to do that I gave up. When you say maintenance dose of TRT, what is it? 200mg a week?
  11. Deca is really nice for the joints, but it's such a long ester that I would stick with NPP if I were you, as @BodyTechPharma said. You'll notice the effects way sooner on the joints, for me that's what happened. Deca should only be used if you plan on doing a cycle for more than 8-10 weeks. Depends what you prefer man, but yes it will help with joints.
  12. Agreed on the Equipoise and BP issues. Never had any issue with BP until I started taking Equipoise this cycle, this will be my first and only cycle with it, you are better off with other compounds trust me, or give blood while on it.
  13. Yeah most of the time I prefer arimidex and feel like I can control E2 better with it, but I need to give aromasin a shot, Ill try what you said and keep you posted, since I dont really have a lot of sides with tren so far, I didnt feel like it could be it
  14. Hey guys, Im currently on cycle with Test E/Tren E and EQ. Doses are 500/400/600 per week, and just starting week 4 this week. In the last 2 days, I started feeling really emotional, crying for no reason, thinking about my gf cheating on me, jealousy.. Ive read that those might be coming from the Tren E, but as far as side effects with the Tren E, I still dont really have them at the moment. No night sweats, no insomnia etc. My prolactin is on check but Ive been trying to take less AI this cycle to see how I feel. Not sure if thats coming from high E2 or is it the Tren that started kicking in? Ive been feeling a little depressed the last few days, no motivation to do anything.. I normally feel awesome on cycle, so Im thinking to just up the AI dosage, I normally take only 0.5mg Arimidex on pin days, so 2x a week. Thanks guys
  15. 50g of proteins a day? damn, I had 50g of prots for my breakfast this morning... I dont know how you survive on crackers and milk, you are starving yourself with shitty food and this is not how you should be losing the fat... We told you multiple times up the proteins to at least 200g a day, this is for the recomping effect of protein... How many calories are you getting in a day? 1000?
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