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  1. Hey everyone! First order with Kratos went really smoothly. The rep responds very quickly and the gear is top-notch. He was not able to ship my order as soon as he got the payment but he made sure I got a little extra for it, which I was really grateful of. My order was 2x Test E 250mg/ml, 1x Nolva and 1x Aromasin. The winstrol was a gift for the delay in the shipping. Overall I'm at 7 weeks in the cycle, made 20 pounds of solid gains, strength is through the roof and the pills are very well pressed. Top quality products! Will definitely order again! Oh also, he ran out of labels for the aromasin and nolvadex... But who cares if the stuff is good right?
  2. I am taking around 200mg of B6 a day. Also for the Ashwaganda I usually only buy the one's that are KSM-66 rated, just to make sure I get the real deal. For my blood test, I usually ask my doctor for monthly blood test and she's ok with it. I only tell her that it's to keep everything in check. If your doctor is not ok with making you take blood test, I would recommend you find another one right away...
  3. I wouldn't say that aromasin is superior, both gets the job done in a similar way. Some say that the sides from aromasin are worse than the one from arimidex, some say they prefer aromasin... Depends on the individual. But hey in my opinion if aromasin is working for you I would stay on it, no need to switch AI unless you have nasty sides from one of them.
  4. If you still have high prolactin levels on your next blood test and you want to bring it down a notch, I would suggest you get on B6 + Ashwaganda. I had high prolactin levels not long ago and those two fixed it. Cheers!
  5. Hey guys, Not sure if this is the right place for this topic, but I was wondering where you guys were getting syringes and needles? Do you just buy them directly from, lets say, Amazon? Or do you guys have a cheaper place for them? Thanks!
  6. Started ashwaganda yesterday! Lets see if it really works! Will try to keep you guys updated
  7. I started intermittent fasting about 2 weeks ago and I can say that I never felt so good in my life! Energy throughout the day is insane, I have more energy for my workout and I feel better in the morning even though I don't eat until noon or 1PM. What I like to do is to drink an energy drink without sugar in the morning just to start the day off and then go on with the rest of the day. I mainly started intermittent fasting because I wanted to be able to loose fat while loosing the least amount of muscle as possible. And trust me, it works! Also, I never liked eating breakfast, so that was a win for me only starting to eat at noon!
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