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  1. Oh no not my bicep again I have an history of weak tendon/ligament with my right bicep so it's no surprise to me that it could be the problem. I though it was the delt but now that I think about it yeah I think it is the long head of the bicep as you said since it attachs itself near that region? Should I stop bicep curls or any bicep movement with high weights and just work with bands for now until I have a diagnosis? I definitely think its the bicep since as you said no pain with what you told me to try. Had a chest workout yesterday and no pain in the shoulder in the most down stretch position. I will keep you updated beginning of next week to confirm or not that it is calcific tendonitis. Thank you for your knowledge, I really appreciate it!
  2. Went to see my doc today, I have some ultrasound to do to see perfectly whats going on, but she thinks it might be a calcific tendonitis. I will be sure sometime next week when ultrasound are done this friday.
  3. Check this video, I think its going to help you out :
  4. Is one of your shoulder higher than the other one? If you look in the mirror, can you tell that they are not symmetrical?
  5. Will definitely get it looked at. Im thinking the same as you, maybe a Bursitis, it does not look inflamed, but I think Bursitis may take a lot more time to heal then a Tendinitis. I was taking Voltaren Emulgel for a while to see if it would stop the pain, but it didn't do much for me so I stopped. I also forgot to mention that my shoulder *clack* a lot when I move it around and I can feel something is wrong in the front delt
  6. Hey guys, Asking for your knowledge to help me out a bit with an injury that I have with my right front delt. It's to the point where I have trouble lifting my cup of coffee or any weight in front of me. I do not have pain if I lift anything to the side, only right in front of me. Front raises are a big no no with any weight. I have been having this injury for 3 months now and no sign of it getting any better. I have stopped exercises that isolate the front delt for 3 months also in the hope it would go away, but no, still there. Did I tear something? Chest or even bicep tear? It's also painful when I press a bit on it, it radiates pain a bit and then goes away. I do not have any previous injury to the shoulder, this would be my first one to the front delt. I have an appointment with my doctor beginning of October to see if she can help me out, but would prefer to know what it is before seeing her. Thanks a lot in advance! Edit : Nature of injury is unknown, I think it might have happened when I was helping my sister move some rocks from her backyard. I add at least 60-70 pounds of rocks in a bucket and my shoulder was slightly away from my body, maybe too much pressure in the shoulder for too long? But not sure if that was it
  7. Do you need an AI with that kind of a dose? Still able to put on muscle I guess also?
  8. Yes that's what I was thinking of doing. If my endocrinologist does not put me on IM injections, I will take care of my own trt. And sorry if I was not clear but I am followed by an endocrinologist.
  9. Yeah I know, but my doctor wanted me to try Natesto first, so I did, but I'm never coming back to it.
  10. Well, 2 months later and blood test came back really negative. Still low test and the gel does not seem to absorb well for me. Plus, the stuff cost so much since it is new on the market, I will ask to switch to IM injections. Would not recommend it to anyone, it's a pain in the ass to spread it evenly in the nose, sometimes it will get out of the nose and then you pretty much loose some of the product, my nose is always irritated... Stay away from Natesto.
  11. I would also have a question for the veterans. My doc is putting me on Natesto, 11mg of test 2x per day, so a total of 154mg per week which can be changed to 3x per day if I dont feel anything with 2 putting it at 231mg per week (almost a mild cycle here no?) My question is, will I need an AI with those kind of dose? My doctor did not talked to me about any AI use during my TRT and I am concerned because I am proned to gyno... What should I do? Thanks!
  12. I don't think they should.. At least not here in Quebec, I usually get mine from drug stores also and they give me a weird look when I ask them for syringes but they don't ask me what it's for that's for sure. Maybe you got unlucky, I would try another drug store if I were you or just buy them online and you'd also get a better price most of the time when you get them online
  13. Yeah I think I would prefer androgel too.. Doc told me the issue with Natesto is there's a period where you don't have any T in your system (mostly at night since each shot last for about 6-7 hours).. Annnnd you need to spray the T in your nose 2-3 times a day... Not sure Im gonna like that one. Anyway, I will try this method for a month and then see if its working at all or not for me, but would wayyy prefer to apply some androgel once a day and have T in my system 24/7.
  14. Hey guys, Got a call from the doc and he wanted to put me on Natesto.. It's suppose to be a gel that you push inside your nostril 2 to 3 times a day. Anyone heard of it? Is it something that would work well for TRT or should I get the gel that you apply on your arms since its proven to be at least effective.. Thanks!
  15. Hey everyone! First order with Kratos went really smoothly. The rep responds very quickly and the gear is top-notch. He was not able to ship my order as soon as he got the payment but he made sure I got a little extra for it, which I was really grateful of. My order was 2x Test E 250mg/ml, 1x Nolva and 1x Aromasin. The winstrol was a gift for the delay in the shipping. Overall I'm at 7 weeks in the cycle, made 20 pounds of solid gains, strength is through the roof and the pills are very well pressed. Top quality products! Will definitely order again! Oh also, he ran out of labels for the aromasin and nolvadex... But who cares if the stuff is good right?
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