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  1. Well it is the main hormone that makes a man, so definitely hard to argue that one!
  2. probably..im an extremist tho...wouldnt last long..
  3. never have ,little to no interest...still love it tho!
  4. Glad to see a newcommer! You will be quite content to say the least!...Ive never had a problem since 2014!
  5. high test deca and the new madol is on my "to do' list..lol
  6. Awesome! These are the best stories!
  7. Thanks Buddy! I try! Lol Hopefully I survive tha banshee this winter and have some good vids of that. Got a 140lb “pilote” as they call it in French , his balls probably weigh 20lb. Holly ol fiddlin fuck he’s not scared of it! Building my 421cheetah so we can go tandem in tha trails with the 4-snow tires. Hopefully 71cc’s makes up for my extra 100lbs! Lol stay tuned for next year too. We have a few animals on the list! They are put off for now. Both of us too busy for fun! Priorities first! Givvin’er Spoonz as always tho! shredzs
  8. He would know more than I would^^, ive never had trouble with anything cloudy tho...so ya..maybe bake
  9. no need to bake..you are safe..cloudy is fine
  10. I Second that! guys are way too paranoid on colour these days, Im no chef...but ive been a BT test pilot for some time now with ZERO issues....ziltch
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