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  1. Why are people so harsh on first time posters? I havent been a part of this board very long myself but new posters seem to get it given to them pretty hard sometimes, especially if their first post is negative and new members is how the board grows. I'm sure he was scrolling through and saw a section on Transpharma and was so mad about his experience he decided to create an account to let people know. That is why I created my first account on another board. I had such a bad experience I wanted to tell people, until that point I was just a board cruiser, always reading and never posting. But when people have bad experiences and feel they got ripped off, they often times will create accounts or usernames just to share their experience. But first time posters get such a bad rap if their report is negative. A member above said he felt that his was bunk and not even half as effective as the label said. He even compared his useage to what he thought it felt like... but was told that it wasn't a quality review??? I think we need to be easier on new posters and realize that many times the only reason they created accounts was because they are still mad about their poor experience There is a saying in sales that an angry customers always speaks louder than a satisfied one.
  2. I'd love to hear feedback on the injectable-superdrol if anyone has used it yet ?
  3. Use it, your going to get sick from it, in fact i guarantee that 5 year old TBOL wont make you ill from the time thats lapsed...so that being said what is the worst thats going to happen ? You get less than expected results? Isnt that better than nothing still?
  4. 50mg zinc before bed took care of my back acne, now I run it year round everyday and i never get acne anymore from cycles.
  5. yes use low dose insulin, 3-4 iu is all you need, it prolongs the IGF tail, thus giving you more out of your gh shots.
  6. FIrst cycle by far 2iu of underground HGH is useless unless you want better sleep, it will do nothing from a muscular-benefit stand point, youd need 8+ iu to make any differenceand even then I would suggest the first cycle. HGH isnt something you cycle to get resul5s, it is something you need to run for a long time (were talking years)... If you asked me if you should run moderate dosed gear and 12iu underground GH per day for 3 years, OR high dose gear and 0 HGH for 3 years I would say the cycle with the HGH because HGH can cause hyperplasia which is the growth of new muscle cells, whereas your higher dosed cycle will eventually reach a limit when you can no longer develop the muscle cells you have and you need to grow new muscle cells to develop these new muscle cells into mature bigger ones to break past your plateau. But gh for just one cycle wont do much and at just 2iu you might as well give your money to a charity because it wont do a single thing to benefit your physique. Maybe if it was 2iu of real human grade HGH like serostim, then we would have something to talk about lol. and get past your plateau, because the ones you have are at their max.
  7. what do you mean by this... from what you hear its not the case? meaning what? Do you mean its MUCH weaker than ace rather than slightly like you heard or that its stronger
  8. What is your goal? STrength / bulk / cut ? are you running geaer with it? hard to critique a diet not knwing your goal?
  9. it is, by far, but anadrol can add 20-30 lbs and halo adds next to none. but i believe everyone should try halo at least once because its just THAT fun to get so strong so fast without adding size, like "where te fuck is this coming from lol"
  10. halo is my absolute favourite oral, but i only use it oncea year. I never gain much weight maybe 2-3 pounds, but the strength is amazing, nothing compares, not tren, not anadrol, not suspension, nothing comes close to how strong I am when I take halo. I run it like this week 1 & 2 - 20mg Week 3 & 4 - 30mg I split my dose into twice a day doses, all my major lifts go up 30-40 pounds which is alot, I was struggling to get my deadlift past 615 and I took halo and the second week on Halo i pulled 640 which is 25 pounds more than my max that I had been struggling with ... I was shocked,... the next week I pulled 650 and I was the happiest man alive. So thats 5.69 % ... doesnt sound like much eh, 5% sounds laughable but it meant the world to me! fast forward to 2weeks after i stopped the halo an I pulled 622.5...so all-in-all I lost most of the strength but i out on a net increase of 7.5 lbs or 1.2 % lol, sunds even worse when I put it that way but to me, that 7.5 pounds was worth it
  11. I did once, never again, my fingertips were yellow for nearly 2months no joke lol, I basically had to wait for the tips of my fingers to let all the skin cells die and new skin cells to take their place, no amount of scrubbing or bleaching would help. USE GLOVES lol
  12. Are all the BT injectables made with MCT now or just a few?
  13. this is like a trip down memeory lane with all the generations of Bodytech labels you have lol. That ALMERE anavar is amazing, for all the heat Almere received, and deservedly so...his anavar was still the very best I have ever used
  14. How does that Janoshik company test the purity and percentage % of the gear they are sent? I was debating on sending some products there that I am going to use for an upcoming cycle, but I was wondering how they test the quality of all this gear? do they just have a warehouse full of gear? or do they have machines that search for the chemical structure of these drugs like the correct amount of protons / neutrons / etc... I tried contacting the company for this answer but didn't hear back. Wondering if anyone has any experience with this kind of stuff or may know the answer? Because what if their samples are poor quality ? What if their samples of tren are only like 50%? Then basically every item they get sent to test is going to come back as 100% pure as long as its just as good as their tainted sample ? Just a thought
  15. like the new labels, look professional and more "pharmacy" less "underground"
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