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  1. Report-6.pdf Results of sperm analysis, I've been running 500 iu hcg eod and 50mg clomid ed, I do have 2 vials of hmg on hand as well
  2. Do you mind if I dm you to chat ? Also forgot to mention I had bloodwork done in June as well while off everything and my free test was at 74
  3. Hey northernlifters, just got my bloodwork back from yesterday, currently on 200mg test cyp a week, 500iu hcg eod and 100mg clomid eod since Feb 21 previous to was a 12 week cycle of test e 500mg a week amd deca 400mg a week. Me and the wife decided its time to try and have kids, age 27, I have a sperm analysis booked already, I really didn't want to come completely off but I'm thinking it might be for the best, looking for some feedback in the mean time while I wait to hear back from the doc.
  4. Are you guys back to shipping yet ?
  5. Hey guys need to switch it up from lunch meat sandwiches, tuna, and cold chicken, for when I'm at work, I work on the railroad and have no access to microwave or anything and am sick of the staples and need some meal ideas thanks everyone
  6. All your post are literally you complaining about pip, yea sure I've gotten pip with bt, but that was when I switched over to them, and the other times was cause of to much oil in one area, so maybe just maybe its something your doing ?
  7. i found when i tried superdrol, i had a lot of water retentions, gained about 13lbs, and added 30-50lbs on my lifts, then found it was a little to harsh for me the longer i ran it, started losing appetite, felt nauseous, and so on and decided to drop it, id prefer tbol/var over but thats just from my experience, but now i try to avoid orals as much as possible unless i absolutely have to Attached Files
  8. if you know the problem, then you don't need our help, id recommend doing some more research before just jumping into things...
  9. otomix i swear by them, tried a couple pairs of ryderwear and found them to have to much of a heel on them still vs the otomix which are completely flat
  10. by the sounds of things, your best bet would be to completely come off of everything in my opinion do a complete reset, get everything back to where it should be pick up some liv52, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and for the joint pain pick up some sort of joint care, i know truenutrition has one and canadianprotein, ive used both and noticed improvements, you can also throw in 2iu of hgh, or cjc with dac or mk677, which was recommended to me by a phew people, cause ive been going through the same thing with appetite issues. i was running t400, tren hex, tbol and injectable winny, decided to drop the tbol to see if that would help my case which it didnt, and as of this past monday ive dropped everything, doing a complete reset, and going for bloodwork either this week or next.
  11. this is amazing and im looking forward to purchasing!
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